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Management of PR & RD Programmes for ABDOs/ GPEOs/ PAs 10 th August 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Management of PR & RD Programmes for ABDOs/ GPEOs/ PAs 10 th August 2010

Management of PR & RD Programmes for ABDOs/ GPEOs/ PAs 10 th August 2010

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Management of PR & RD Programmes for ABDOs/ GPEOs/ PAs 10 th August 2010

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  1. Management of PR & RD Programmes for ABDOs/ GPEOs/ PAs 10th August 2010


  3. Job Chart of Additional Block Development Officer-cum-Accounts Officer In order to make the Addl. B.D.O-cum-Accounts Officer more effective and accountable in respect of day-to-day administration of the Block Office, following administrative and financial functions are entrusted to them for better utilisation of their services vide letter No.41656/PR dated 24.10.08. Administrative Functions :- • The Addl. B.D.O-cum-Accounts Officer shall exercise the powers and discharge the duties and functions of the Block Development Officers when the B.D.O. remains absent due to transfer, leave or any other reason. • He shall work under the administrative control of the B.D.O. and assist the B.D.O. in supervision of all the Welfare Schemes like MGNREGA, SGSY, BRGF, GopabandhuGraminaYojana etc. and ensure monitoring and follow up arrangement in respect anti-poverty programmes in Block.

  4. He shall conduct half-yearly inspection of Block Office and annual inspection of the work of as many VLWs as may be specified by the B.D.O. • Verify the Stock and Stores of Block Office at an interval not exceeding two months. • Assist the B.D.O. in conducting regular Staff Meeting to monitor activities and progress of Extension Officer / VLWs and conduct the Staff Meeting on specified dates in absence of the BDO. • Visit each Gram Panchayat at least once annually and tender advice on better performance of functions assigned to the Gram Panchayat. • Function as the Officer-in-Charge for all Social Welfare Schemes and in particular shall make every endeavour so that pensions payable to the destitutes, aged and widows and disabled persons are paid to them punctually.

  5. Visit and inspect the progress of schemes and work according to the directions of the B.D.O. • Approve tour programmes and tour diaries of VLWs. • Ensure timely distribution of Salaries of Primary School Teachers and supervision of Public Distribution System. • Look all establishment matters under the supervision of B.D.O.

  6. Financial Functions • The power of Drawing and Disbursing Officers shall be delegated to the ABDO-cum-Accounts Officer under SR 102 of Orissa Treasury Code by the BDO so that he can function as Drawing and Disbursing Officer and double lock officers in respect of cash. • He will be responsible for daily maintenance of Cash Book and Accounts. However monthly cash verification would be done by the BDO and ABDO jointly. • All the files/case records relating to accounts shall pass through ABDO-cum-Accounts Officer and he shall submit utilization certificates and compile audit reports subject to over all control and supervision of the Block Development Officer.

  7. Financial Functions • Take up regular analysis of Cash and P.L. Account of the Block. • Be In-charge of Computer Cell in the Block and will ensure daily maintenance of PAMIS and weekly up-datation of PRIASoft and RuralSoft. • And shall perform such other duties as the Block Development Officer may assign to him from time to time under Sub-rule(xv) of rule 14 of Orissa Panchayat Samiti (Administration of Affairs) Rules, 1987.


  9. JOB CHART OF GRAM PANCHAYAT EXTENTION OFFICERS Administrative Functions • Maintain Orissa Gram Panchayat Acts / Orissa Gram Panchayat Rules / Orissa Gram Panchayat Election Rules / Guard Files / Registers / Statement of Reports & Returns relating to Panchayat matters up-to-date. Ensure that the Panchayats have the relevant reference books and circulars. • Responsible for maintenance of guard file, submission of Reports & Returns, inform BDOs / Sub- Collectors about irregularities committed by GPs, scrutinize all GP level resolutions, report to Sub-Collectors through BDO regarding disqualification of members, ensure submission of Quarterly Reports on scrutiny of GP proceedings, ensure expeditious transfer of public property to GPs, ensure maintenance of detail and up-to-date register of public property transferred to the GPs and compliance of Gram Panchayat Circular No. 18605-G.P. dated 14-12-1968.

  10. Exercise effective vigilance on utilization and management of properties transferred to the Gram Panchayats and report to the BDO on any dispute or bad management in respect of these properties. • Bring the case to the notice of Tahsildar in respect of encroachment to public properties managed by Gram Panchayats and pursue the case till a final order of Tahsildar is received. • Recommend in suitable cases, provisions of legal assistance to the Gram Panchayats concerned. • Take up intensive inspection of each Gram Panchayats covering all aspects at least once annually and submit copies of inspection note to BDO and Sub- Collector. • Attend meetings of the Palli Sabha, Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat during tours and render such advice and instructions to the Gram Panchayat authority as necessary.

  11. Financial Functions :- • Maintain a guard file of all sanction orders and ensure disbursement of funds to concerned G.Ps after collecting utilization certificate in respect for the previous years. • Assist G.P. in timely preparation of budget estimates and obtaining approval of the PanchayatSamiti as provided under relevance provisions of Orissa Gram Panchayat Act & Rules. Ensure proper scrutiny of G.P. budget received by the Samiti. • Assist GP in fully tapping the fees and other miscellaneous revenues available to G.Ps under the Act.

  12. Financial Functions :- • Assist G.Ps in recovery of arrear dues by issue of distress warrants. Where such measures do not prove successful, assist G.Ps in sending requisitions to the Sub-Collectors for recovery by certificate procedures. • Render advice help to Panchayats for obtaining loans, advances and grants under various schemes for agricultural and other developmental purposes. • Verify cash balance once in every month. Verify loan bonds purchased by G.Ps and advise to collect interest falling due there on.

  13. Report to BDO / Sub-Collector on shortage of cash, unnecessary withdrawal of cash from pass book or retention of heavy balance of cash by secretary. • Report to BDO / Sub-Collector regarding cash in excess of the prescribed limit in the hands of the Sarpanch / Secretary. • Keep a close watch on timely repayment of Government loans by the G.Ps. • Ensure compliance of Rule 87 of Orissa Gram Panchayat Rules and assist BDO at the auction sales relating to Gram Panchayat properties. • Obtain list of properties of the persons under surcharge proceedings from the concerned Revenue Inspectors and Tahsildar and furnish the same to the District Panchayat Officer as and when required by him.

  14. Legal & Election Matters : • Render all possible advice regarding legal and election matters to the G.Ps, maintain close contact with the authorities of the G.Ps in particular and villagers in general. • Explain revision of Orissa Gram Panchayat Acts & Rules and instructions issued from time to time to the G.P. members and other persons interested in the matter specially at Panchayat, Grama & Palli Sabha meetings and ensure that proceedings are maintained as per rules. Bring the same promptly to the notice of the higher authorities whenever there is any violation of the provision of law and misuse of powers by the G.Ps. • Report to BDO / Sub-Collector about casual vacancies occurring in G.Ps. • Responsible for arrangement of election materials and forms etc., for conduct of election in G.Ps.

  15. Development Functions • Responsible for successful working of G.P. administration. • Render active assistance to G.Ps for drawing up suitable programmes of local development works. • Assist G.Ps for preparation of Plans & Estimates relating to the works and measurement / check measurement / physical check of the works as per the Orissa Gram Panchayat Rules. • Inspect work sites while works are in progress and indicate lacunae in the works, if any, and suggest how best it be improved upon in the larger interest of G.P.s • Take up at least one pisciculture tank with the approval of the Sub-Collector and see that appreciable income accrue from the scheme. • Ensure that each Panchayat member receives a copy of the ‘Panchayati Raj’ Journal and Panchayat members are encouraged to write articles for this journal.


  17. JOB CHART OF PROGRESS ASSISTANT • Collect data and reports of rural development programmes of the block, analyse and process the data and put up to BDO for follow-up action. • Ensure timely submission of reports and returns relating to Poverty Alleviation Programmes to proper quarters and maintain a copy of all reports & returns. • Maintain registers containing basic data and inventory of resources of the Block required for formulation of annual and perspective plans and registers on identification of beneficiaries and assistance given to them under various Poverty Alleviation Programme as well as follow up action /monitoring done through the field staff of the Block. • Assist the BDO ,in proper follow up and monitoring arrangement prescribed for all Poverty Alleviation Programmes in the Block.

  18. JOB CHART OF PROGRESS ASSISTANT • Remain in-charge of papers, records and files in connection with monthly review meeting taken by BDO,/meeting on 20-point programme of the Block, B.L.C.C /B.L.B.C meetings /staff meetings and such other meeting concerned with poverty alleviation and rural employment programmes. • Undertake tour not more than six days per month out of which at least four days tour with two night halts will be devoted for adopted Gram Panchayat for monitoring all Poverty Alleviation Programmes of the G.P., supervise working of the concerned VLW organize contacts and group meetings with beneficiary and give feed back to BDO on different development Programmes. • Remain in-charge of periodicals, magazines and all literature relating to developments, study and disseminate the contents to the Block Staff. • Discharge other functions relating to Poverty Alleviation Programmes as directed by the BDO.

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