mackinaw city mummies l.
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Mackinaw City Mummies

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Mackinaw City Mummies. By: Matthew. Summary.

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  • Josh is going fishing with his dad in two days so Josh goes to find some bait. He suddenly hears snapping twigs behind him. He turns around, nobody was their. Then he saw a white speck come running after him! He stands up and starts to make out a white person running after him like a zombie!Then he finds out it was his cousin Robyn. Josh keeps digging and finds a pice of stone with hieroglyphics on it! Then they saw something glowing in the sky. It was a huge eyeball. They keep digging. They suddenly find a huge rock and it had moved all on its own. Right in front of them! Their was a cave under it. That was what the rock was hiding! They went down the stairs and the rock covered them up in the cave in the ground and no body knew where they were. And it was getting harder to breath! Will they get out? Read the book to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p roblem
  • They are trapped in a cave in the ground.
  • No body knows where they are.
  • It is pitch black
  • It is getting hard to breath.
  • They fin a button on the wall, they push it.

The rock moves away.