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Caribbean Water Initiative (CARIWIN) PowerPoint Presentation
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Caribbean Water Initiative (CARIWIN)

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Caribbean Water Initiative (CARIWIN) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Caribbean Drought and Precipitation Monitoring Network: Adrian R. Trotman Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology Creating a culture of rainfall monitoring to combat the negative impacts of climate extremes and future climate change. Caribbean Water Initiative (CARIWIN).

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Caribbean Water Initiative (CARIWIN)

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The Caribbean Drought and Precipitation Monitoring Network:Adrian R. TrotmanCaribbean Institute for Meteorology and HydrologyCreating a culture of rainfall monitoring to combat the negative impacts of climate extremes and future climate change

caribbean water initiative cariwin
Caribbean Water Initiative(CARIWIN)
  • Launched in February 2007
  • Implemented jointly by McGill University, CIMH and 3 partner countries (Grenada, Jamaica, Guyana)
  • Goal of CARIWIN is to increase the capacity of the Caribbean countries to deliver equitable and sustainable IWRM by
    • Improving the capacity to meet water management needs
    • Integrating IWRM approaches into CIMH
    • Build national capacities of meteorology and hydrology
  • CDPMN launched under CARIWIN in January 2009
  • CDPMN expected to be fully operational by 2010
cdpmn on two scales
CDPMN on two scales

Caribbean Basin Monitoring

Country-level Monitoring

Precipitation status monitored using a number of indices

Final precipitation status determined, by consensus, by a network of persons from different sectors, institutions and communities embracing the diversity in definitions and impacts of drought

Short term and seasonal rainfall forecasts to provide a projection of future drought (1 - 6 months possible)

prediction precipitation outlook
Prediction - Precipitation Outlook?

Drought prediction and alerts based on the final Monitor Index and the PO.

April, 2010

cdpmn being put to the test
CDPMN – Being put to the test
  • In January 2010 specific drought alerts were issued for Barbados and Grenada with general alert for the southern portion of the eastern Caribbean
outcomes of the cdpmn
Outcomes of the CDPMN

Through the hydrometric stations and sensor data, monitor hydrological indicators, climate indicators...

Trend analyses of rainfall and temperature

Projection of future status (using precipitation forecasts and drought indices

Early warning information through CIMH website and networking with key agencies, governments

Build adaptation and response strategies to drought and flooding events – collaboration with a network of communities, researchers and decision makers

Developing robust drought and flood plans


2009 2010 drought
2009-2010 Drought
  • Began during the 2009 rainy season (in particular the month of October)
  • Stations in Trinidad, Grenada, St. Vincent, Barbados, St. Lucia, Dominica Jamaica, recorded their lowest ever February rainfall totals
  • Stations in Anguilla, Grenada, Trinidad, Dominica and St. Vincent recorded their lowest ever 3 month (January to March)
  • Stations recorded their lowest six month (October 2009 to March 2010) totals. These included stations in Tobago, Grenada, Barbados, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Guyana
  • Over 24 years of record at Point Saline Airport in Grenada, 2009 lowest annual total
  • Determination of end of drought
some impacts of 2009 10 drought
Some impacts of 2009-10 Drought
  • 25 % loss in onion crop, 30 % loss in tomato crop in Antigua
  • Prices of Tomatoes rose from $2.35/ pound in Feb 2010 to $6.00/ pound in Mar 2010.
  • Hydro power contribution in St. Vincent dropped from 28.69% in Feb 2009 to 12.01% in Feb 2010
  • Flow at Mirabeau, Grenada was 60 % below average
  • Record bush fires all across the Caribbean
worst ever drought
Worst ever drought?
  • Analysis to compare with other droughts in region’s history
  • For worst ever may need also to consider duration and expanse
  • Need also to consider the factors involved (ENSO & NAO)
  • Climate change or climate variability?
other considerations and work
Other considerations and work
  • More time intervals 2, 9, 24 months?
  • Did recommended SPI, Decile classes really reflect the drought impacts? Need to modify classes?
  • Include more land stations from the non-English speaking territories
  • Other non-rainfall indicators
  • Through a rejuvenation effort of RCOF improve rainfall outlook products
  • Impacts portal (drought and flood)
caribbean drought and precipitation monitoring network cdpmn
Caribbean Drought and Precipitation Monitoring Network (CDPMN)

Caribbean Water Initiative (CARIWIN)