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Animation Principles

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Animation Principles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Animation Principles. - Advertising, Banner Ads & Animations. Feedback from last week. Please STICK to the conventions of webpage design – many of the designs DO NOT LOOK like WEBPAGES. Consider the impact of the imagery and language you use. Don’t underestimate the audience.

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Animation Principles

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    1. Animation Principles - Advertising, Banner Ads & Animations

    2. Feedback from last week • Please STICK to the conventions of webpage design – many of the designs DO NOT LOOK like WEBPAGES. • Consider the impact of the imagery and language you use. • Don’t underestimate the audience. • Be careful about sizing & spacing – it’s not a childrens book. Again, look at the proportions used (of navigation to content) on existing webpages.

    3. Animation & Advertising • Advertising – AIDA principle: • Awareness – get their attention • Interest – say something relevant to your target audience • Desire – create a need for personal investment, or instil motivation • Action – initiate change

    4. Look at other nfp campaigns:Anti-Smoking • We want you to be aware of the fact that smoking damages your heart and arteries. The message is clear - if you smoke you risk clogging up your arteries. • And every single time you pick up a cigarette we want you to remember this fact. • Our campaign is based on extensive research with groups of smokers to find the most effective approach to making the link between smoking and coronary heart disease. • As a result of seeing this approach, some smokers who took part in our research groups have already decided to give up cigarettes.

    5. Types of Advertising on web • Banner Ad (Flash or GIF file). • Positioned ‘above the fold’, beforescrolling. • Limited emotional impact due to scale. • But can still possess shock tactics, intriguing copy, humour, surprise etc.

    6. Standardized Sizes

    7. Statistical Success of web-based ads • Measured in ClickThroughs – each time a person clicks on a banner ad. • Average banner ad is clicked on only 0.4% of the time. • Traditional direct mail = 1%-1.5%(see • So the pressure’s on to make a banner ad have some punch, to get noticed….

    8. Rich Media Advertising • On-line advertising that involves dynamic movement outside the banner – intruding on actual page. • Could include video and sound also • More reading about Rich Media:

    9. Florida Citrus • Florida Citrus Case Study – available at • Increases in awareness, likeability, purchase intent. • 77% more memorable than the average web ad.

    10. Types of web ads • Expand Banner – rollover it and it expands • OverLays – overlays over the webpage • Interstitial – appears between webpages • PopUps – appears in separate pop up window •

    11. The Banner Ad • Needs to LOOP • Needs to include the phrase ‘CLICK HERE’ • The word ‘FREE’ increases click-through…but clever use of image or text will help. • Consider Size of Images – have to have impact!

    12. Formal Properties… • Is it legible?Needs to run slowly and be short – allow people time to readIs the text big enough to glance at?Needs to pause at end for URL and call for ‘action’. • Is it readable?Are elements consistent, does space guide the eye around – is there an area of focus?Use grids

    13. DOES YOUR BANNER… • A. Use intrigue/shock/humour to catch the users attention – either through clever copy or image? • I. Speak directly to the target audience? • D. Help the audience to appreciate the personal benefits of your message • A. Lead the way towards changed behaviour?

    14. Working from Storyboard to Flash • Keep it simple – simple animation routines • Simple, short phrases for text • Keep it consistent • Building up your movie using simple tweening….