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Soldiers' Angels PowerPoint Presentation
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Soldiers' Angels

Soldiers' Angels

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Soldiers' Angels

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  1. Soldiers' Angels

  2. Words from a Soldier • It's not the "things" that are sent that matter to us, it's the thought. That's the power ALL of you have who take the time to send things. You can change the worst day into the best day, in a split second. - MP in Iraq

  3. Three Options • Adopt a Soldier • Monetary Donations • Item Donations

  4. Adopt a Soldier • When you adopt you are committing to sending a card or letter each week, and a minimum of 1 or 2 care packages a month. This is one of the most important things that can be done to help bring home a healthy hero; it is so very important for each of them to know they are loved and supported, and your letters and care packages prove just that.  • Care packages do not have to be expensive: you can put together your own (we have a detailed list of the most-requested items for you--snacks, hygiene products, and games or magazines). 

  5. Monetary Donations • Angels have premade care packages that can be purchased. • As with all donations to Soldiers' Angels, your donation is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax adviser for further information.

  6. Item Donation List Sports Equipment Baseballs Baseball gloves Soccer balls Basketballs Volleyballs Squirt guns Frisbees      Entertainment AA & AAA batteries Craft kits Scrapbooking crafts Books (mysteries, action, drama, science fiction). Magazines – new or nearly new -(sports, news, entertainment, travel, nature) Playing cards Small hand-held games Crossword puzzles CD's\DVD's Food Powdered Drink Mixes (individual packets are best) Cookies Crackers Pretzels Tuna in a pouch Beef, chicken or turkey jerky Cheese spread (no aerosol cans!) Ramen noodles Snack cakes Gum Nuts Granola bars Pop Tarts Dried fruit Trail mix Pistachios Raisins Red licorice twists Tootsie Rolls (both candy and lollipops) Peanut butter Triscuits Wheat Thins Canned meats (no pork products) Hard candy (individually-wrapped)

  7. Donation Items (cont.) Hygiene Supplies Facial cleansing pads Moisturizing lotion Wet Wipes Eye drops Lip balm Toothpaste Toothbrushes Soap Body wash Shampoo and conditioner Deodorant Sun block Foot powder MiscellaneousBlank cardsStationary, paperPensLettersZiploc bags (sandwich, qt., gal. sizes) Please keep in mind that all food items must be in the manufacturer’s original packaging. NO chocolate - 110 degree heat and chocolate do not mix well, though M&M’s are fine. Ziploc bags make sure that potentially leaky items don’t make a mess during shipping, and service members use them to keep sand out of their things while in the desert. Soldiers' Angels is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Upon request, we will be happy to provide you a tax receipt for your donation. If you have any questions, please email Soldiers' Angels or call us at (615) 676-0239.