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  1. Seniors #1 Goal: GRADUATE Then what…?

  2. Today… • Fill out the Notice of Senior Graduation Status • Review your transcript • Discuss post secondary plans • Fill out the Diploma Cards • Questions???

  3. Diploma Card SENIORS: PLEASE LIST YOUR NAME BELOW AS IT WILL APPEAR ON YOUR DIPLOMA. DO NOT USE NICKNAMES!! PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY __________________________________________________ FIRST NAMEMIDDLE NAME LAST NAME, JR., III, IV TYPE OF DIPLOMA: _______ Advanced Studies _______ Regular _______ Special Diploma ***NO CHANGES WILL BE ALLOWED***

  4. Advanced Diploma 4 English 4 Math 4 Science 3 disciplines 4 Social Studies 3 Foreign Language or 2 years of 2 different 2 PE 1 Fine or Practical Art 2 Electives Verified Units of Credits (SOL’s) 2 English 1 Reading/ 1 Writing 2 Math 2 Science 2 Social Studies 1 Student Selected Diploma Types

  5. Standard Diploma 4 English 3 Math 3 Science 3 Social Studies 2 PE 1 Fine or Practical Art 6 Electives *Must include at least 2 sequential electives Verified Units of Credit (SOL’s) 2 English 1 Reading/ 1 Writing 1 Math 1 Science 1 Social Studies 1 Student Selected Diploma Types

  6. Diploma Seals(Page 23 of 2008-2009 course guide)

  7. Student Appointment Slip (Bright Orange) Guidance Appointment Slip Date: ____ Counselor: __________Grade: _______ Name: Last First Middle Home Phone Number: Block 1A Class: __________________________ Block 1B Class: Study Block (circle all that apply) 1A 2-1A 2 -2A 3-1A 3-2A 4-1A 4-2A 1B 2-1B 2- 2B 3-1B 3-2B 4-1B 4-2B If you do not have a study block, check here If you prefer to come at another time check any of the choices below that apply. (We cannot send for you during a class). Before school ___ During lunch ____ After school Date appointment needed: Reason for appointment or message for counselor. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Parent Message to Counselor (Green Slip) Counselor’s Name: _________ Parent’s Name: _________ Your Student’s Name: _________ Message for Counselor: ___________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Best Way to Contact You? Home Phone Number: Cell Phone Number: E-Mail: Work Phone Number:_____________ Guidance Appointment Slips

  8. Early College Scholars Program • Have a “B” average or better • Pursue an Advanced Studies Diploma • Complete college level course work that will earn at least 15 transferable college credits • Additional information:

  9. GRADUATION Life After High School • College • Military • Technical and Career Education • Tidewater Community College

  10. SENIOR YEARfall • Make a final list of colleges you will apply to and obtain application materials • Make a calendar of deadlines • Re-take the SAT/ACT if necessary • Fill out financial aid information • Scholarship Search

  11. CAMPUS VISITS • Meet with an Admissions Counselor • Take a campus tour • Attend a class • Eat in the dining hall • Talk with students and faculty • Go on an overnight visit if possible

  12. ADMISSIONS DECISIONS College counselors typically consider: • GPA • Class rank • Strength of schedule • Test scores • Extra-curricular activities • Essay • Letters of recommendation • Interview

  13. TIPS STRAIGHT FROM ADMISSIONS COUNSELORS: • Be careful how you present yourself online! Admissions counselors are looking at and Don’t put anything on the internet that you wouldn’t want your dream college to see! • Admissions counselors read thousands of applications… Stand out from the crowd! Be creative! • With rolling applications – earlier is better. • If you get wait-listed at your dream school, write a letter! The more you make the admissions office aware of your interest, the better your chances of being admitted if a slot opens up. • Challenge yourself junior and senior year. Colleges want students who will succeed and increase retention rates. Taking honors and AP classes proves your ability to work at the college level.

  14. 1. Applications • Visit the university website to apply online or • Fill out a transcript request card- available in the guidance office for $2.00 • Please allow at least 2 weeks • If your school requires a secondary school report, please attach to transcript request card • When requesting a written recommendation, please give your teachers, coaches, counselors at least 2 weeks notice. Also, be sure to include an academic and activity resume

  15. Example of Transcript Card Transcript Request Card Year of Graduation____ Student # Number______ Name of Student___________________________ Last First Middle College__________________________________ Address of College_________________________ ________________________________________ Check to with hold AP scores______ Date Due___ Type of Transcript:______ official _____ unofficial Date Mailed (for office use only)_______________

  16. 2. Make a Calendar of Deadlines • Be sure to have materials in early • If you are applying early, be sure to check if admissions is Binding • Early decision is binding • Early action is not binding • Most early admissions dates are November 1! • If you are applying for scholarships through the colleges, check their dates. • Be sure to give transcript deadlines and recommendation deadlines at least 2 weeks notice!

  17. 3. Testing Information SAT Testing

  18. CEEB CODE 472293

  19. 3. Testing InformationACT

  20. 4. Financial Aid Info • Kevin Cenedella is our Access Advisor • His office hours are Monday and Tuesday all day • Financial Aid Night is December 2 at 6:30 in the KHS Auditorium • Mr. Cenedella will help your parents fill out their FAFSA Form • He will also help with college applications and SAT registrations and waivers

  21. NEED BASED AID • Requires you to fill out FAFSA • File online at • The FAFSA determines how much money your family can contribute to your education for one year (EFC) • To determine your need, colleges will subtract your family’s contribution from the cost of attendance: TOTAL COST – EFC = NEED

  22. 5. SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarship Central: • Most often awarded on the basis of academic achievement, athletics, or talent (art, music, writing, etc) • Start your search EARLY • In addition to Scholarship Central you can find these awards in many places: • Bulletins (on the scholarship board, english/govt. classes) • College websites • Guidance office • Employers • Community organizations • Church • Civic groups •

  23. SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED BY COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES • Check with each college about the application process for these awards. Some colleges offer scholarships with their Financial Aid packages, while others require an application • Also check directly with your specific department

  24. HOW TO KNOW IF YOUR AWARD PACKAGE IS GOOD • Look at the bottom line! • A large award package does not necessarily mean it is a good deal • Total Cost – Award Package = Your Cost • Look at details – compare gift aid, merit aid, and loans • Total cost includes: • Tuition/fees • Room & Board • Books • Transportation • Personal Spending Money

  25. College Visits • Colleges visit KHS weekly • Visits are scheduled for 12:20 in the guidance conference room • The dates colleges are visiting: • Announced on the morning announcements • Listed in Smoke Signals • Posted in English and Government classes • Posted on the TV in front of the Library

  26. College Night is October 30

  27. NCAA ( • College bound Athletes • Division 1 or Division 2: Must register with the clearinghouse after the completion of their junior year • There is a worksheet available online • Must complete 16 core class for D1 and 14 core classes for D2 • Core classes are English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language)

  28. Clearinghouse Calculator Go to Enter School ID and School Code: School ID: 472293 School Code: 716055221

  29. MILITARY CAREERS • Recruiters from all branches of the militaryvisit Kempsville High School on a monthly basis • See the recruiters or Mr. Leonard in the guidance office for any questions • The ASVAB is required for all Enlisted Military • The test will be December 2nd at 12:20 pm. • Sign-ups will be in mid-November

  30. TIDEWATER COMMUNITY COLLEGE Main Number (757) 822-7100 Admissions Center (757) 822-7172 Counseling and Disabilities Services (757) 822-7211

  31. Applying to Tidewater Community College • Apply after the 1st of the Year • Application packages will be available in the guidance office • Apply Online at • Or call (757) 822-1122 • Completed applications can be returned to the Admissions or Enrollment Office at any of the TCC campuses

  32. Services Available for Students with Disabilities • Campus Disability Services • (757) 822-1213 • If your student has an IEP or 504 Plan, contact TCC early in the application process. • Do not wait until summer!!! • The TCC admissions office will direct you and your student on what to do

  33. Technical and Career Education

  34. Career and Technical Education • Tidewater Community College has several Career and Technical Training programs • The programs vary in length: one semester to a two year degree • Agricultural business technology • Arts and Design Technology • Business Technology • Engineering and Industrial Technology • Health Services • Public Service Technology

  35. Careers • There are many career opportunities available for students just out of high school • Jobs are advertised on the bulletin board across from the guidance office • Career Connection in the spring

  36. APPRENTICESHIPS • Apprenticeships are available in the construction and ship building industries • See Mr. Ed Leonard in the guidance office for applications

  37. IMPORTANT DATES • October 21- Senior Parent Information Night 6:30 pm • College Night Virginia Beach Convention Center- October 30 5:30 pm • Financial Aid Night- KHS Auditorium December 2 at 6:30 pm • ASVAB Test December 2 at 12:30 pm • Senior final exams will be scheduled early- LISTEN for annoucements • Graduation practice- June 16 at 2:00 pm • GRADUATION!!!!!!!!! June 17 at 7:30 pm

  38. Remember… New information is always coming out. Please check your planner, listen to announcements, check the announcement board, and subscribe to Smoke Signals. It is ultimately your responsibility to meet deadlines! Do not forget to order your cap and gowns and graduation announcements!!!

  39. One last thing… Enjoy your last year of high school!