rulemaking 07 04 015 emergency backup power l.
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Rulemaking 07-04-015 Emergency Backup Power PowerPoint Presentation
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Rulemaking 07-04-015 Emergency Backup Power

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Rulemaking 07-04-015 Emergency Backup Power - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rulemaking 07-04-015 Emergency Backup Power. California Public Utilities Commission Communications Customer Education and Outreach Workshop Verizon FIOS Battery Backup & Customer Education February 2, 2009. David Henkel Manager-Network Operations Kurt Rasmussen

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rulemaking 07 04 015 emergency backup power
Rulemaking 07-04-015 Emergency Backup Power

California Public Utilities Commission

Communications Customer Education

and Outreach Workshop

Verizon FIOS Battery Backup & Customer Education

February 2, 2009

David Henkel

Manager-Network Operations

Kurt Rasmussen

Vice President-Regulatory Affairs

  • FiOS (FiberOpticService) is Verizon’s fiber optic architecture that delivers a fiber optic connection to the customer’s small business or home.
  • FiOS provides a single fiber optic connection for telephone, high speed data and video services on the fiber optic cable.
  • FiOS includes 3 network components at the customer premise.
    • ONT (Optical Network Terminal) which converts the fiber connection to electrical connections, meaning standard telephone service, Ethernet or MoCA for high speed data and Coax for video and video on demand services.
    • OPSU (Optical Power Supply Unit) which powers the ONT and charges the battery in the BBU.
    • BBU (Battery Back-Up Unit).
  • 1 non-network element required.
    • Battery
visual alarms on bbu
Visual Alarms on BBU
  • The BBU contains the following visual alarms and indicators:
      • Replace Battery alarm LED. Every 45 to 60 days, the BBU tests the battery. Once the battery has degraded to 70% of its service capacity (5.4 aH), an LED illuminates. This failure does not indicate a hard failure, simply a recommendation for replacement. Operating at 70% or less capacity will still provide back up support, but at a reduced capacity.
      • On battery alarm LED. Indicates that the ONT is being powered from the battery and that the AC power source may not be available.
      • Auxiliary battery LED. An auxiliary battery power supply has been connected to the BBU.
      • System LED. Indicates proper operation of the BBU.
audible alarms on bbu
Audible Alarms on BBU
  • The BBU contains the following audible alarms:
      • Missing/Replace battery audible alarm.
      • Low Battery audible alarm. When the battery reaches 50% of capacity, the audible alarm will indicate the condition.
      • AudibleAlarms are 80-85db, “smoke alarm” level.
blue button operation
Blue Button Operation
  • The BBU includes a customer manual initiation button (blue button) to provide up to 1 hour of emergency use of operation:
      • After the initial battery support time (approximately 8 hours), the ONT will shut off.
      • The customer can depress the BBU emergency use button and will have approximately one hour of bi-directional phone use.
      • Once the reserve power is used up, the ONT will shut down until AC power is restored, until the battery is replaced or supplemented, or another acceptable DC power source is connected (for example, a UPS).
duration during outage
Duration During Outage
  • The battery will typically provide 8 hours of support time at room temperature:
      • FiOS has a power down sequence once the loss of AC has been detected. Standard defaults are as follows:
        • Video is shut off after 30 seconds
        • Data is shut off after 5 minutes
        • POTS is supported for the duration of battery back-up support.
      • Testing was performed in accordance with GR-909
        • 8.25 to 10 hours at room temperature
        • 4.25 to 4.5 hours at -20 degrees C (-4 degrees F)
battery specification
Battery Specification
  • The current battery used in the FiOS Program has the following characteristics:
    • Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) non-spillable Battery.
    • 12 VDC nominal Output (Battery output voltage range is 14.5 to 10.5 VDC depending on charge level, temperature, and capacity).
    • 7.2 aH capacity.
    • Dimensions are: 6” x 2.5” x 3.75”.
    • Terminal Size: F2 or 0.25”
  • The battery is expected to last at a minimum of three years.
  • Verizon offers a “no questions asked” warranty for the initial turn up of service.
replacement how where to get a replacement
Replacement – How/Where to get a replacement
  • The 7.2 aH, SLA battery is commonly used in emergency exit signs and home burglar alarm systems. They are commercially available throughelectrical supply providers and several retail locations or websites.
  • Batteries outside of the warranty period are the customer’s responsibility to replace.
  • The 7.2 aH, SLA battery powers the FiOS ONT only.
  • Customers can contact Verizon’s Fiber Solutions Center about battery replacement.
  • Customers can order a replacement battery by visiting and refer to the drop down menus to access the FTTP Battery Replacement menu.
the equivalent battery is available online for as low as 15 75
The equivalent battery is available online for as low as $15.75
  • Price Range: $15.75 — $24.95plus shipping and handling ($10.00 to $15.00, varies by location)
equivalent batteries
Equivalent Batteries
  • Home Depot or Lowes
    • Model FM150
radio shack
Radio Shack
  • Radio Shack
    • Models RS 23-9026 and RS 23-9030
customer education
Customer Education

Battery Backup Procedures and Limitations are thoroughly covered with new FiOS Customers.

  • Customers are educated at the time of the sale by sales representatives
  • Installation: technicians review battery backup unit functions and limitations with the customer
  • FiOS Customer Guide book provides a detailed description of the battery backup unit, its functions, limitations and battery replacement information.

Verizon provides ongoing service support for customers including FTTP/FiOS

  • Verizon’s FiOS customer support website provides information on the Battery Backup unit and its functions
  • Verizon’s Fiber Solutions Center responds to customer questions about all aspects of the FiOS product, including proper use during emergencies and battery backup.
  • The Customer Support number is permanently printed on the front of the ONT only inches from the power alarms.