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FBI Science & Technology Branch

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FBI Science & Technology Branch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1. FBI Science & Technology Branch. MISSION To facilitate the application of innovative scientific, engineering, and technical solutions in support of intelligence and investigative requirements. 2. FBI Science & Technology Branch. VISION

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fbi science technology branch
FBI Science & Technology Branch


To facilitate the application of innovative scientific, engineering, and technical solutions in support of intelligence and investigative requirements


fbi science technology branch3
FBI Science & Technology Branch


Discover, develop, and deliver world-class science and technology capabilities that enable and enhance intelligence, lawenforcement, and national interests



S&T Branch Vision Pillars

“Going Dark”

Automated Analysis of ELSUR and seized Electronic Data

Consolidated Collection Architecture



S&T Branch Vision Pillars

Biometric Center of Excellence

Forensic Services

“r”esearch, Development, and Delivery


cjis strategic themes
CJIS Strategic Themes

Know Your Person

Information Sharing

Dee Person

Age: 21


operational results cjis services
Operational Results CJIS Services
  • Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS)
  • Quick Capture Platform (QCP)
  • National Crime Information Center (NCIC)
  • National Instant Background Check System (NICS)
  • Law Enforcement OnLine (LEO) including National Dental Image Repository (NDIR)
  • Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR)

New Initiatives

  • Initiative Update
    • Biometric Center of Excellence (BCOE)
    • Next Generation Identification (NGI)
    • Biometric Interoperability
    • Law Enforcement National Data Exchange (N-DEx)
    • Secure Architecture for International Fingerprint Exchange (S.A.I.F.E)

BCOE - Overview

  • Establishes FBI Science & Technology Branch biometric and identity management partnering with other agencies incorporating other biometric systems
  • Goals:
    • Provide “One Stop Shopping” for biometric services
    • Promote system interoperability
    • Drive technology
    • Leverage academic research
    • Develop real-world application and training for new biometric technologies
    • Lead standards development, testing and certification for biometrics

BCOE - Development

  • 10 month State-of-the-Art Biometrics Roadmap (SABER) Study – initiated on 09/12/2007 to identify emerging biometric technologies
    • The strategy and details for training of new NGI biometric modalities plus a framework for establishing a Certification Program (products and personnel)
    • Partnerships with other agencies, academia, and independent laboratories in the context of a BCOE
  • Signed a Cooperative Agreement with West Virginia University (WVU) in February 2008 establishing WVU as the academic arm of the BCOE
  • Recently awarded a contract to Booz Allen Hamilton to develop the concept for the BCOE


  • Protest resolved – relaunch project on 06/06/2008
  • Privacy Threshold Analysis – 4 Components
    • National PalmPrint System
    • Interstate Photo System (IPS)
    • Enhanced IAFIS Repository (EIR)
    • Automated Fingerprint Identification Technology
  • Privacy Impact Assessment for IPS and EIR

NGI Quick Win

  • The Repository for Individuals of Special Concern (RISC)Operational Prototype has been accepting submissions from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to test functionality (not returning results to officers at this time)
    • Minnesota statistics from 11/16/2007 to 04/30/2008:
  • Total Submissions: 53,608
  • Red Responses: 3,554 (6.6 %)
  • Yellow Responses: 1,252 (2.3 %)
  • Green Responses: 47,330 (88.2 %)
  • Rejects: 1,472 (2.7 %)
  • Next - Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation

Interoperability - Interim Data Sharing Model (iDSM)

  • Datasets included
      • IAFIS Want and Warrant records (DOJ)
      • IDENT Expedited Removals records (DHS)
      • Category 1 Visa Critical Refusals records (DOS)
      • Known and Suspected Terrorists added 08/09/2007
  • Pilot agencies
      • Boston Police Department on-line 09/03/2006
      • Dallas County, TX Sheriff’s Office on-line 11/01/2006
      • Office of Personnel Management on-line 12/01/2006
      • Harris County, TX Sheriff’s Office on-line 02/01/2007
      • Department of Defense on-line 04/03/2007

Interoperability - Interim Data Sharing Model (iDSM)

  • As of 05/09/2008, over 2 million fingerprint submissions were processed against the DHS provided data within iDSM, with nearly 470 positive identifications since September 2006
  • In October 2008:
    • Participating Interoperability agencies will have access to full IDENT gallery, rather than a subset of data that currently exists with iDSM
    • Basic immigration identity information (including a photograph) will be returned along with the immigration status response from the Law Enforcement Support Center (LESC)

Interoperability - Composite Model

  • Shared Data Component – Each agency provides access to copy of “high priority” fingerprint records for other agency’s search process
  • Shared Services Component – Each agency submits fingerprint transactions to the other agency for search of that agency’s complete data utilizing a mutually defined service level agreement

Interoperability - Initial Operating Capability

  • Basic functionality of the Composite Model
    • Increase IDENT searches of IAFIS data throughout the services framework
      • CBP Pilot and DOS
    • Initiate IAFIS searches of IDENT data throughout the services framework
      • Participating agencies will gain access to entire IDENT repository

Interoperability - Full Operating Capability

  • Full Operating Capability will be achieved through NGI development contract
    • External Biometric Search Capability
    • External Repository Record Link
    • Enhance IAFIS to Support Interoperability


  • Operational – 03/19/2008
  • First search query by the state of Delaware – 03/25/2008
  • User data will continue to be loaded
  • Award Increment 2 (option year 1) contract to Raytheon – 03/01/2008 with design, develop, deliver in 16 months

S.A.I.F.E. Data Sharing Relationships

  • Bilateral data sharing agreements with 40+ partner nations
  • Advancements in technology and policy are changing the data sharing landscape
  • Acceptance and success of biometrics has increased law enforcement enrollments, both nationally and internationally

S.A.I.F.E. Benefits

  • Provide both IT infrastructure and intelligent business processes to facilitate multilateral data sharing
  • Architecture will allow nations to control own data and partner nations to search their holdings
  • Expand law enforcement model that has proven successful in the states

Final Thoughts

  • Questions?