debugging the scientific method and mastermind l.
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Debugging, The Scientific Method, and Mastermind

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Debugging, The Scientific Method, and Mastermind - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Debugging, The Scientific Method, and Mastermind. The Scientific Method Building a Model of Our World. Getting inside the black box. Building a General Model. What causes cancer?. We ask a series of questions, conduct experiments, and try to associate cause and effect.

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building a general model
Building a General Model

What causes cancer?

We ask a series of questions, conduct experiments, and try to associate cause and effect.

diagnosing specific cases
Diagnosing Specific Cases

What is wrong with this patient?

Now, in a specific case, we conduct tests and compare the answers to the disease model that we have already built.

diagnosis a different domain
Diagnosis – A Different Domain

What’s wrong with the car?

what s common to these examples
What’s Common to These Examples?
  • There’s some underlying situation.
  • We cannot directly observe the entire system.
  • But we can “probe” it with specific questions. The answers we get help us to build a more and more complete model of the system.
  • We want to ask as few questions as possible in the process.
    • Why?
so how should we choose our questions
So How Should We Choose Our Questions?

We want to find a specific location in this territory. What’s the most efficient way to proceed?

with each answer we get a better model
With Each Answer We Get a Better Model
  • Begin with an initial model that is as rich as possible.
  • Loop until only one possible answer remains:
    • Based on what we know so far, choose a question that cuts out as many possibilities as we can.
    • Use the answer to build a better model.
how to play
How To Play
  • Player 1 creates a pattern of colors in her 4 holes (the inside of the black box).
  • Player 2 must discover the pattern through a series of guesses (experiments) and replies (results). At each move:
  • Player 2 puts down a candidate pattern.
  • Player 1 replies with a set of black and white pegs:
    • Each black peg corresponds to a peg in the right place.
    • Each white peg corresponds to a correct peg in the wrong place.
you can play online
You Can Play Online