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Corn Earworm Project By: Gause Elementary Problem 1: What type of animal is eating the corn? Should it be eliminated? Hypotheses Life cycle of Heliocoverpa zea Conclusion

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Corn earworm project l.jpg

Corn Earworm Project

By: Gause Elementary

Life cycle of heliocoverpa zea l.jpg
Life cycle of Heliocoverpa zea

Conclusion l.jpg


The corn earworm moth is food for bats and other animals. If the moth is completely eliminated, it could seriously affect the animals that rely on it for food. Before eliminating the moth, research should be done on the animals that feed on the moth.

Conclusion10 l.jpg

Conclusion cob?

The corn earworms are cannibals. The larvae eat each other.

Problem 3 which of the crops listed below can earworm larvae survive on l.jpg

Problem 3: Which of the crops listed below can earworm larvae survive on?






Green beans

Conclusion13 l.jpg

Conclusion: larvae survive on?

We need to retest and change the food every day to prevent rotting or retest using live plants.

Problem 4 l.jpg

Problem 4: larvae survive on?

Will corn earworm moths drink Sweet-n-low and water, Equal and water, and sugar water?

Conclusion15 l.jpg

Conclusion larvae survive on?

(12 moths tested)

7 Sugar

2 Sweet-n-Low

1 Equal

Resources l.jpg
Resources: larvae survive on?

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Slide show created by: larvae survive on?

Alton Bryant

Cody Wall

Kelsey Robertson

And Micah Burns