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A Reed Family Photo Album

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A Reed Family Photo Album. A photographic journey through the lives of Bob, Mary, Dan, Ruth, and Mark Reed. Mary Reed’s Iowa roots . . .

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a reed family photo album

A Reed Family Photo Album

A photographic journey through the lives of

Bob, Mary, Dan, Ruth, and Mark Reed

Mary Reed’s

Iowa roots . . .

Clockwise, starting upper left: Owen G. Jones, Mary Reed’s maternal grandfather; Cecile Jones, Mary’s mother; Eunice Jones, Mary’s aunt; Mary Elizabeth Jones, Mary’s maternal grandmother; young Burton Jones, Mary’s uncle

Circa 1921, Williamsburg, Iowa

Here are Bob

Reed’s Oklahoma

roots . . .

L to R: Bob’s maternal Grandmother, Addie Mae McPherson

(one half Creek Indian), Bob’s mother, Maggie Reed, Bob’s

father, Morris Reed. The baby is Daniel Reed, born December

7, 1951.


L to R: Maggie (Bob’s mother); young Daniel; Little Sue (Bob’s sister); Shirley (Bob’s sister); Bob; Morris (Bob’s father)

Circa 1952

More of Bob Reed’s Oklahoma roots . . .


Mary Reed’s mother, Cecile Jones Frazier.

“Aunt Cele” taught kindergarten in Williamsburg, Iowa for 30 years. She was one of the few women who were not forced to quit teaching when she had children. Her husband, Paul, was off working construction for the War Department in Alaska, so Cecile was a single mother during much of World War II.

Circa 1955


Bob and Mary Reed, immediately after their wedding service on June 17, 1949 at the First Presbyterian Church in Iowa City, Iowa.

Mary passed away in June 2005, 11 days before their 56th wedding anniversary. Bob passed away 3 months and 3 weeks later. They were still very much in love.

Mary Reed’s father, Paul,

holding her son Daniel,


In the background: Cousin

Susan Yearian holding her

brother David Yearian


Mary Reed, with her mother-in-law Maggie Reed, holding young Daniel


(boy, everyone wants to hold young Daniel, huh?)


After young Daniel, along came Baby Ruth. She is being held by Bob and standing in front of them is Daniel the Indian. Even at a young age, he was proud of his Native American roots.



While teaching high school Biology in Monticello, Iowa, Bob Reed attended night school to earn his Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Iowa.



Bob Reed, Dean of Men, Parsons College

Fairfield, Iowa


Bob was in his early thirties.

A History of Higher Education Trivia Tidbit

Source: http://www.eric.ed.gov/ERICWebPortal/search/detailmini.jsp?_nfpb=true&_&ERICExtSearch_SearchValue_0=ED454787&ERICExtSearch_SearchType_0=no&accno=ED454787


After Baby Ruth came Little Mark. He’s being held by his big sister.

Check out Mary’s snazzy hat!

Circa 1959


The Reeds, all gussied up.

Mary sure liked her swanky hats.

Circa 1963


The Reed family with Mary’s parents, Paul and Cecile Frazier, circa 1960. For you Stochls, Yearians, and Calvins: this photo was taken in front of the old Jones Funeral Home, (which is now the Williamsburg Library) – it was directly across the street (northwest) from Jon’s Pizza Haus (which is adjacent to the now defunct Jones Furniture Store) – the Jones’ businesses were started by O.G. Jones, father of Cecile, Eunice, and Burton Jones - to learn more about your heritage, go to: http://iagenweb.org/iowa/hist/1915/2_383-index.htm and click on“Jones, O.G.”


Bob, working at an Orientation event


Circa 1967


All dressed up for church – that’s when our parents always pulled out the old Kodak instamatic.

Top to bottom: Dan, Ruth, and Mark Reed



Hobknobbin’ with the big shots

Bob Reed


Circa 1968


Bob playing horseshoes at one of the dozens of student events he helped organize.


Circa 1968



Bottom: Dan, Mary, Bob, Mitch (Craig’s son); Top: Dora (Mark’s wife), Mark, Ruth, Craig (Ruth’s husband)


Yearians and Jones


Bottom L to R: Eunice Jones Yearian, Burton Jones, Ramona (Burton’s wife). Top: David Yearian, Susan Yearian Stochl, Bronlyn Jones Bauer, Rhys Jones


One of the last photos in which most of us were together before mom and dad passed away in 2005. Dan was there in spirit.

Dad’s birthday, April 2005


Nowdays . . .

Ruth and Craig in Illinois, 2009

And… next page

Dan with Cousin Maude in Oklahoma, 2009


Mark and extended family, 2009

In Arizona – Left top to bottom: niece Taylor, Wanda (Dora’s sister) Mike (Wanda’s husband). Right top to bottom: Mark, Dora, Bill (Dora and Wanda’s dad)