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A Photo Album

A Photo Album

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A Photo Album

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  1. A Photo Album A Glimpse into the life of James L. (Jim) Taylor

  2. An overview of Jim’s Life • Born in Amarillo, Texas, Jim grew up in southern California until the family moved back to Amarillo in 1944 and then moved briefly to Arkansas. The sojourn in Arkansas lasted less than a year. Then it was back to Amarillo until 1946 or 47 when the family moved to Belleville, Illinois. In 1949, it was back to Amarillo for him and his brother while their parents went to Albuquerque, New Mexico to go into the grocery business. Jim lived in Albuquerque until after he married and began moving wherever his work as an electrical equipment salesman took him.

  3. Continued As an outside salesman, his work took him all over the Navajo reservation in New Mexico and part of Arizona. For a while he worked out of Corpus Christi, Texas, and then moved to northern Colorado where he lived until he retired and eventually moved to San Antonio so that he could be closer to his three daughters.

  4. As a kid, Jim was always active and often scarred from his rough an tumble play.He seldom encountered a challenge that he was unwilling to take on. To some extent, that trait remained throughout his life.

  5. In 2007 he went to the Lost Maples park with his brother and hiked the Maple Trail. The first third of the hike was all up hill and left him tired, but he insisted on going on At the ½ way point, he looked down in amaze-ment and said, “we started down there?” He didn’t know it, but getting to the top was the easy part. He fell 3 times going down. Total distance – 6.11 miles.

  6. In spite of his love of adventure, time with his family gave him his greatest pleasure.

  7. Participating in the wedding parties for his daughters and granddaughters always filled him with happiness and pride.

  8. Birthdays, Christmas and Thanksgiving with his family brought him special joy. Presents for the new baby Jen. Christmas with Scott’s family and friends. Thanksgiving Thanks At Roxanne’s home

  9. Other Generations Mother, Grandmother Moody, Grandmother Taylor, Jean , Cheryl and Colleen. Jim, Jean, Jean’s mother, Roxanne, Mandy and baby Allysa – in 2002

  10. Family Fun Jim Granddaughter Jen.

  11. More Family Fun

  12. Silliness

  13. Adventure

  14. Friends of a special kind

  15. Special Moments

  16. Jim at his best

  17. Like so many of us as we get older, Jim could, at times, be cantankerous , but those moments seldom lasted long. He was seldom without a smile and readily offered kindness to all whom he met. We shall miss him greatly.

  18. From Jim’s family to all of you Thank you for sharing this time of remembrance with us. Jim had a special place in his heart for you, and your presence here today tells us he had a special place in your heart too.