Bulgaria national status report 2004
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Operational changes. BULGARIA NATIONAL STATUS REPORT 2004. The operational suite was switched to the new SELAM coupling domain and new coupling files (41 levels) on 06.07.2004

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Operational changes


  • The operational suite was switched to the new SELAM coupling domain and new coupling files (41 levels) on 06.07.2004

  • The Al25t1 second export version is running on the ALADIN-BG integration domain (90x72 points, 41 levels) on two processor LINUX PC

  • The visualization tool is GRADS v1.9xp5 for LINUX

  • References

  • ALADIN Newsletter 26 January – July 2004, p.10

  • More details [email protected]

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Research activities

  • VarPack

  • The purpose of the work, done during the stay of L.Taseva in CNRM/GMAP , under the tution of L.Auger, has been to study the possibility of implementation of the CNRM/GMAP,/3DVAR/Aladin scheme for diagnostic and nowcasting purposes and to develop an analog of the CNRM/GMAP/Diagpack/Aladin, based on the CANARI OI scheme. Some modifications of 3DVAR scheme have been done to improve the fit to the observations (increase of the SD for background error statistics, modifications of surface temperature). The main differences between VarPack and DiagPack are:

  • The analysed variable is specific humidity instead of relative humidity;

  • The diagnostic CAPE and MOCON fields can be derived either from the fields at the lowest model level or from the re-computed 2m(T,q) or 10m(V) fields, whereas in DiagPack they are computed from the analysed screen-level fields.

  • Case study for two synoptic situations (09.10.2001,18.08.2001) and validation tests have been performed. It has been shown that:

  • MOCON fields obtained by DiagPack and Varpack are similar, but MOCON fields by Varpack are smoother;

  • the comparison of the MOCON and CAPE fields with the hourly radar images has shown that both fields obtained by VarPack correspond better to the radar pictures than those obtained by DiagPack.

  • References

  • L.Taseva,L.Auger – Varpack . Technical report (10th of May – 19th of June 2004). MeteoFrance/CNRM/GMAP Available at: http://www.cnrm/meteo.fr/aladin/publications/report.html/

  • ALADIN Newsletter 26 January – July 2004, p.27