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Good Sleep & Good Oral Health PowerPoint Presentation
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Good Sleep & Good Oral Health

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Good Sleep & Good Oral Health
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Good Sleep & Good Oral Health

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  1. Good Sleep & Good Oral Health It is a fact that our oral health has some connection with the overall health. Even it applies to your sleep. It is accepted that having a 7 to 8 hours good sleep energizes all the organs. So, let's get out of the distraction from everywhere, which affects our beauty & healthy sleep. Healthy sleep is always a benefit I heard it from the aged people. If you sleep disturbs, it even lead to a sleeping disorder or sleep apnea. I wish to adopt healthy habits in my routine because that will lead to a happy sleep. Quality sleep emphasizes the activity of the organs. Not only it improves your lifeline, reduces stress and anxiety. Okay, let's know why sleep is connected with your oral health. Brush your teeth daily Brushing your teeth is a common routine. But following it twice a day matters. When we go for sleep without brushing, the plaque formed with 300 plus bacteria will slowly affect your teeth. Later, it will create tooth sensitivity or cavities. More than 90% of people feel dental pain during nighttime. Your sleep gets affected, as we fail to brush our teeth. Whatever the work scheduled in your routine, never skip your dental care. Do not forget to floss your teeth Most of the people's logic is, brushing is ample to protect your teeth from dental problems. But the food stuck between the teeth enjoys eating up your teeth. So, to avoid the condition, do not forget to floss. Flossing is as important as brushing. It takes hardly 3 minutes. Skip eating unhealthy foods during nighttime Today food is big business in any country. Food industries have come out with varieties of dishes in different cuisine. We always tempted to eat more unhealthy food than healthy choices. Eating occasionally is fine to take up. Rather than that, people prefer eating junk whenever they feel hungry and satisfy their mood. So, eating more junk food will lead to several dental issues. Only your food choice will help you to extend the future of your dental health. Try to avoid eating outside and picking healthy food.

  2. Bruxism (Teeth grinding) Most of the human faces this issue. Right from the kid to the adult has this habit of grinding the teeth during nighttime. They need a dentist to help the issue. Normally, Bruxism will never create big harm, but the recurring action affects the strength of the teeth and makes it complicated. Besides, it is considered as the sleep-related movement disorder and loosens your teeth. Check with the dentist, and he can guide you with a mouthguard. Dry Mouth Dry mouth, sometimes we used to breathe using our mouth. In the middle of the night, we sometimes wakeup due to dry throat, and you run for water. Practically, the mouth is larger than the nose, so when the air flows through your mouth, bacteria also enter your mouth. The bacteria will affect not only your teeth but also your throat. So, stop breathing through the mouth, or consider visiting your dentist today to help yourself.