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Good Health PowerPoint Presentation
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Good Health

Good Health

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Good Health

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  1. Good Health Is your most valuable Asset

  2. for maintaining optimum good health the world is turning increasingly to preventative health and wellness solutions, embracing nutritional, therapeutic and alternative methods.

  3. The escalating costs of treating the symptoms of disease are bringing a new awareness of the need for an holistic approach to lifelong fitness and well-being.

  4. New complementary therapies are being used to counter the effects of stress,disease, aging and other health-related problems.

  5. Modicare brings you The Revolutionary “ VIGOR” Elegant and stylish bracelets of lasting value; quality and effectiveness. They not only add to lift your looks & personality but also provide functional wellness benefits

  6. VIGOR JEWELLERY BRACELETS • Reflect modern and classic fashion trends. • Help improve the sense of wellbeing & create a positive aura around you. • Help deal with the challenges of modern living such as stress and low energy levels. • Comes in high quality Ceramic & Tungsten Series. • Gold plated and studded with Cubic Zirconia (CZ) stones. • Made by highly trained and skilled craftsmen. • Suitable for everyday wear and also make an ideal gift to your loved ones for any occasion. • Presented in a unique custom designed pack.

  7. VIGOR JEWELLERY BRACELETS • Ceramic Series : 2 Elegant Designs • Elegant , Stylish and Fashionable • Durable, Scratch resistant, and Light Weight • Ideal for people who want to wear light weight jewellery. • Tungsten Series: 8 Elegant Designs • Polished to a perfect mirror finish & retain the finish for long time. • Hard & heavy and do not loose its lusture. • Virtually scratch proof.

  8. VIGOR JEWELLERY BRACELETS Understanding the functional wellness benefits Unique combination of 5 Healthy Elements ….THE 5 VIGOR JEWELS

  9. What is Far Infra Red (FIR) • Solar Energy covers a broad energy band including infrared, visible rays, ultra-violet, x-rays and gamma rays. • The greatest amount of the sun’s energy output is in the infrared segment of the spectrum. • This band is not visible but can be felt as heat.

  10. What is Far Infra Red (FIR) • The infrared segment of the electromagnetic spectrum is divided into three segments according to wavelength. • Of these, far-infrared rays (FIR) in the wavelength 4-16 micron are the safest and most beneficial and easily absorbed by human beings. • The greatest output is around 9-10 micron, which is very close to the resonant frequency of a water molecule.

  11. What is Far Infra Red (FIR)

  12. How Far Infra Red (FIR) is absorbed by human body • The human body through “resonance absorption” absorbs FIR. • When the FIR comes in contact with bodies of a similar • wave-length, such as the human body , there is resonance. • The resonance of the cells of the body and the FIR rays • are "vibrating" at the same frequency.  • FIR Energy is easily absorbed into the cells. 

  13. How Far Infra Red (FIR) is absorbed by human body

  14. How Far Infra Red (FIR) Benefits “YOU” • Far Infrared Rays are “waves of energy” that are healing and rejuvenating. • These invisible rays are known to improve one’s overall health condition. • Help increase the circulation of nutrient rich oxygenated blood. • Increased circulation will help remove the toxins from the body and improve energy levels and stamina. • Helps relax muscles and increase flexibility, ease joint pain and stiffness.

  15. What are Ions • If an atom losses electrons it has more protons than electrons and so has an overall positive charge. • Positive ions in the atmosphere have very harmful effects on health, while negatives ions are beneficial • If an atom gains electrons, it has more electrons than protons and so negatively charged. • Negative ions in the atmosphere have rejuvenating, refreshing and re-energizing effects.

  16. What are Negative Ions • Ions are molecules that have gained or lost an electrical • charge. • They are created in nature as air molecules break apart due to sunlight, • radiation, moving air and water. • Negative ions are negatively charged particles - formed when • enough energy acts on a molecule such as oxygen and water, • to eject an electron. • The displaced electron then attaches itself to a nearby • molecule, which then becomes a negative ion. • The original molecule is left as a positive ion.

  17. What are Negative Ions Negative ions are created naturally in nature by energy associated with waterfalls, rolling surf and lightning, but are also generated by static electricity.

  18. How Negative ions are absorbed by human body 80% of these are absorbed through the skin and 20% by inhalation of air.

  19. Approx. Levels of negative ions (Ions per cubic centimetre) Base of waterfall - 3000 Mountain air - 2000 Countryside air - 1500 “Vigor “– 200-500 (per insert) Office – 150 Home - 100 Car - 50

  20. What are Negative Ions Negative ions have an invigorating & refreshing effect on the human body, as can be experienced standing close to a waterfall, while positive ions have the opposite effect, quite often inducing a feeling of tiredness.

  21. Negative Ions ( - ) Positive Ions ( + ) (Supports well-being) (Drains energy) What are Negative Ions

  22. What are Negative Ions Our current lifestyle exposes the human body to harmful positive ions generated from… Poor Diet Stress Pollution Computers Mobile Phones Electrical devices

  23. What are Negative Ions Electric fields from overhead cables and even our own home lighting have depleted our own natural energy

  24. How Negative ions Benefits “YOU” • Cells are building blocks of our body • Healthy cell = healthy body

  25. How Negative ions Benefits “YOU” • Body needs support to function well and stay healthy • Cells get nutrients from the blood. • Cells remove toxins • More negative ions increases cellular metabolism process and its efficiency • More positive ions make cellular metabolism less efficient and slower. • Positive ions leave human cells to become weak and the body is more susceptible to sickness and ageing.

  26. How Negative ions Benefits “YOU” • Often referred as the “Vitamins of Air” • Believed to give an energising and refreshing effect on the human body as can be experienced by standing close to a waterfall, beach etc. • They have been shown to lift mood and give a “happy feeling”. • Help decrease tiredness & drowsiness and provide greater physical & mental energy. • Believed to improve metabolism, detoxify body & strengthens immune system. • Believed to protect against germs and dust by purifying air. • They may counteract the negative effects of toxic electromagnetic sources.

  27. What is Magnetism • Magnetism is a phenomenon involving magnetic fields and its • effect on other materials exposed to magnetic field • A magnetic field is the force that exists around the magnet • The earth also acts as a large magnet • Its hot liquid center core contains iron, and as it moves, it creates an electric current that causes a magnetic field around the Earth.

  28. What is Magnetism • It is believed that the earth’s natural magnetic field strength has decreased over a period of many years • It is believed many of today’s modern ills are a direct result of this. • It is also commonly believed that this “Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome” can be relieved to some extent by the direct application of a supplementary magnetic field to the body.

  29. How Magnet Technology works • It is believed that applying magnetic fields to an injured area improves • blood flow and oxygen to enhance the body's natural healing process. • Magnets create a magnetic field believed to attract and repel charged • particles in the blood creating movement and heat. • This causes increased blood circulation which is believed to accelerate the • healing process by allowing more blood to pass through the capillary thus • improving blood flow, which takes away the toxins in the system and brings • in nutrient rich blood to the affected area. • The improved blood flow and fluid exchange to the injured tissue helps • reduce discomfort and inflammation.

  30. How Magnet Technology works

  31. How Magnets benefit “YOU” • Neodymium magnets have greater magnetic strength than ordinary magnets. • Neodymium magnets are sometimes referred as “King of magnets” because of their strength. • Magnets are said to help maintain good health and wellbeing. • It is believed that applying magnetic fields improves blood flow and oxygen supply to enhance the body's natural healing process and aids in the removal of harmful toxins. • The improved blood flow to the injured tissue helps reduce pain, discomfort and inflammation. • Unipolar Neodymium magnet inserts emitting powerful magnetic field of • 2000 – 3000 guass are used in Vigor Bracelets

  32. What is Germanium? • Discovered in 1886. A brittle, crystalline, gray-white metalloid element, widely used as a semiconductor, as an alloying agent and catalyst, and in certain optical glasses. • It is important of primary importance in the manufacture of transistors and of components for other devices such as diode and photocells. • Germanium has gain importance as a , health-giving substance that can act as an oxygen catalyst, electro-­stimulant and immune enhancer.

  33. How Germanium Benefits YOU? • Natural ability to emit negative ions & helps remove harmful positive ions. • Natural ability to emit a high percent of FIR rays thus improving one’s overall health condition. • Helps increase blood circulation & raising oxygen supply. • Helps to balance body’s disorderly bio-electricity and chemical imbalance. • Supposed to improve the immune system. • Believed to make a person feel more energetic & alive by eliminating toxins. • May help to relieve stiffness, joint and muscle pain. • Vigor Jewellery Bracelets uses Solid germanium of 99.99% purity.

  34. Germanium’s Ion Balance

  35. Germanium’s FIR Emission • Germanium has the ability to emit a high percent age of FIR. • FIR Improves blood circulation. • FIR activates, revitalizes and strengthens the body. • Promotes micro circulatory flow within the body • Improves one’s overall health condition.

  36. What is Tourmaline & How it can Benefit You • Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral stone well known to aid in the detoxification process of the human body. • Have the ability to emit negative ions, far-infrared rays and alpha rays that are believed to promote good health. • Believed to help in improving the body’s aura or energy field. • Believed to aid in relieving stress, increase mental alertness, improve circulation and strengthen immunity, faster muscle repair & recovery, reducing anxiety and nervousness. • Can increase the alkalinity of water as well as bodily fluids. Boosting alkalinity can help improve health. • Tourmaline is also believed to help calm nerves and provide a peaceful night’s sleep.

  37. What are Alpha Rays • Tourmaline has the ability to emit alpha rays that are believed to promote good health. • The human brain generates several types of energy waves which pulsate at different speeds. Alpha brain waves are slow, and it is said that when people are in the “alpha state”, they receive more oxygen return to the brain, allowing them to rest or sleep more peacefully and deeply. • It is believed alpha state may have many health benefits such as • Brain strengthening and an increase in intellect • Improvement in mental clarity and focus • Delay of the brain aging process • Improvement in the body’s ability to heal itself

  38. VIGOR JEWELLERY BRACELETS 5 Healthy Elements FAR INFRARED RAYS (FIR): “Waves of Energy” helps to heal and rejuvenate. NEGATIVE IONS: “Vitamins of Air” helps decrease tiredness & drowsiness MAGNET: Helps Improve blood flow and oxygen supply TOURMALINE: Helps de-stress and improvealertness GERMANIUM: Helps maintain body balance


  40. VIGOR JEWELLERY BRACELETS Tungsten Series ALPHA - VB0003 BRAVO - VB0004 ECHO - VB0005 GOLF - VB0006

  41. VIGOR JEWELLERY BRACELETS Tungsten Series FOX - VB0007 HELEN - VB0008 IVY - VB0009 JULIE - VB0010

  42. Note Modicare Vigor Jewellery Bracelets are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information given in relation to various elements present in Vigor Jewelry Bracelets is widely-available on public domain. Modicare doesn't recommend this product for people with pacemakers, who have undergone open-heart surgery or for pregnant women. People on medication should consult their physician before using the bracelets.

  43. Good Health Is your most valuable Asset THANK YOU

  44. Bio – ceramics Modicare uses “bio- ceramics” inserts in Vigor Jewellery Bracelets Bio-ceramic is made from various kind of ceramic mixed with mineral oxides like silica oxide (SiO2), aluminum oxide (AI202),etc. The mixture is preheated at 1600 degree centigrade and than allowed to cool down. After it has cooled down these bio-ceramics have a property to emit Far Infra Red (FIR) rays and to ionize the air. Far Infrared Negative ions