top 5 reasons to go for led wall pack light n.
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Parking Lot Led Retrofit

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Parking Lot Led Retrofit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to, Top Rated LED Lights including LED Corn Bulbs, LED High Bay and LED Parking Lot Lights. Trust the LED Exerts.

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top 5 reasons to go for led wall pack light

Top 5 Reasons to Go For LED Wall Pack Light

LED Wall Pack Light is used in many commercial buildings for outdoor lighting purposes, and

are only a variation of wall pack or wall light fixtures. These fixtures are mounted on walls

and are mainly used to make the external environment secure and safer. Before this type of

light was used, commercial wall light fixtures were powered by fluorescent, incandescent,

metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) technology. These days, wall pack lights

are mostly powered by the LED technology - which has helped take care of many common

wall LED Retrofit Kitproblems that plagued customers in the past. Find out about the top

5 reasons to go for this type of light.

Savings in Energy

When it comes to conventional wall pack lights, common wattage is in the range of 70 – 400

watts. If this is compared to common wattages for LED-powered fixtures for walls, the

range is within 24 – 82 watts. These lights help reduce anywhere between 40 and 60%

energy consumption. When this is considered from the cost angle, it can help reduce as

much as 300 USD per fixture annually in energy bills.

Stronger and Sturdier

these are usually made of heat and impact proof

These are usually made of heat and impact proof prismatic or borosilicate glass lenses that

can resist high pressure activities, as occurring in self-storage areas, warehouses, loading

docks and factories. Some LED Wall Pack types like cutoff wall packs have die-cast

aluminum casing. These come with the twin convenience of die-cast aluminum housing and

stainless steel hinge pins for additional protection from potential damage in the external

surroundings. Such lights can withstand various external impacts, severe weather

conditions, rough vibrations and more. This makes them perfect as an outdoor lighting


Very Bright Lighting

LED technology offers higher light output, which helps reduce shadows as much as possible.

Illumination is optimized in recessed or concealed spots. As these wall packs offer high-

powered and reliable illumination, these are ideal for installation in public areas such as

hospitals, hotels, schools etc that are frequented by a number of people.

More Uniform Light Distribution

The lighting performance is much superior with LED-powered wall packs. As these lights

have a multi-point design, the light distribution is more uniform. The level of light in a given

area tends to differ less between the locations where the fixture is mounted. When

compared to HID fixtures that produce a „bright spot‟ right under the fixture, there is

significant reduction in the level of illumination with increasing distance between the

fixtures. As opposed to HID, LED lights can offer a more uniform foot candle distribution.

No Toxic UV Emissions

These lights are completely “green” illuminants and are 100% recyclable. As compared to

fluorescent bulbs, these do not contain any toxic elements such as mercury that can harm

the environment. As there is almost no UV emission and production of infrared light in only

minimal amounts, these are very useful for lighting up areas such as museums or art

galleries where light or heat sensitive goods and materials are kept in.

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