Illuminate your Parking Lot with
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Illuminate your Parking Lot with LED Lights - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Illuminate your Parking Lot with


Nowadays, everyone is looking for energy efficient light

solutions. These highly durable power saving lights can

withstand external shocks and damages. They have a life span of

30,000 hours and can brighten your home with up to 1100

lumens of light.

LED lights provide a greater color rendering index than a HID

counterpart that helps in making the cars look better with more

accurate colors. LED lights are quite suitable for parking lots

and come with a variety of applications and benefits. So let’s

take a look at few of them.

Benefits of LED Lights


LED bulbs are environment-friendly as they are mercury-free.

You also don’t have to concern about the disposal of these bulbs

as mercury is not present in these bulbs. Incandescent bulbs

contain toxic mercury waste so even if you are disposing of

incandescent bulbs, then you are unintentionally contributing to

toxic mercury waste and hampering the environment.


The long-term cost of LED lights is comparatively lower than

incandescent bulbs. You also do not need to replace the LED

light bulbs on a frequent basis.


LED lights are known for its durability and sturdiness. These

lights provide 30,000 hours of lighting or more as per the

average usage per day. Their life-span is 10-times longer than

normal CFLs and incandescent bulbs. These lights are known

for their resilience power and they can also tolerate any contributing to

accidental bumps without stoppage.

Longer Life

The longevity of LED light fixtures is much longer than any

traditional HID sources. You don’t have to spend time in

changing lamps which means less manpower, and less cost.

Working of LEDs

LED is just similar to a computer rather than a traditional lamp.

This chemically treated semiconductor diode emits light when

attached to a power source. These LED lights focus in one,

single direction. The LED light fixtures comprise of numerous

rows of small diodes that are grouped together very tightly.

These fixtures redirect the lights in a direction where it is needed

and thus reduces the waste associated with Omni-directional

HID lamps.


As conversed in the article, these are some benefits of LED

lights. It is better to use led parking lot light fixtures and

LEDhigh bay lights to brighten the parking area in an

environment-friendly manner.