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Fashion Bloopers – How to Avoid? PowerPoint Presentation
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Fashion Bloopers – How to Avoid?

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Fashion Bloopers – How to Avoid? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We all love to style in the latest fashion but sometimes a little negligence can turn this dream into a nightmare. Even celebrities are not untouched of this fever. Here are few common fashion bloopers that you can avoid to maintain your classy taste the talk of the town.

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Fashion is something that prescribes your style and doing it in the right way can make you the star of the event. Not only girls but boys too do such fashion bloopers that make them the topic of fun amidst their family and friends. Well here are some tips that you can consider while getting ready for a party or official meeting:


It is good not to follow the trend but wearing a flowy gown at the office party or at an informal meeting with friends at a café will make you look funny and topic of discussion among others. Always stay casual or formal according to the demand of the event.


A girl looks sexy wearing body-fit clothes that reveal all her assets in the right proportion but imagine a guy wearing skinny jeans with a body hugging t-shirt or shirt. Well same goes with girls facing the overweight issue or have a beer belly. Choose clothes you are comfortable in!


In case of girls, their lingerie plays a vital role in giving your attire a perfect fit. Ill-fitted lingerie is one of the biggest fashion faux pas one can ever face. Invest in lingerie that gives your assets the best fit and are of proper size.


Girls generally don’t pay focus on the selection of their footwear according to the dress they are wearing. Remember wearing a pair of sneakers with ethnic dress will make you look left out and weird. There is a great variety of sandals, heels, wedges and slip ons for women available online from where you can do the right selection.


If you are the owner of a perfect figure and want to look glamorous, don’t ever go for too much of pee-a-boo, especially in official parties and social get-togethers. However, combining a low-cut top with skirts having longer hemlines can make you look sexy yet elegant.


Avoid too much of fashion accessories such as bangles, earrings, anklets, necklace etc. for formal or official parties. Also if your outfit is heavy, then match it with a simple set of earrings and pendant rather than going for a heavy or gaudy one.


Wearing wrinkled or wobbled clothes in any occasion will lose all the charm no matter how costly or trendy your new shirt or dress is. Always make sure that your clothes are well pressed and haven’t lost their natural shine.


Makeup is the best friend of girls but too much of it can make you look awkward and will ruin your aura and personality. Always go for a light make-up at formal parties and official get-togethers whereas in weddings or other such grandiose events, a heavy yet elegant makeup may add appeal to your beauty.


While it is a good idea to have a shimmering top or dress when you are out on a holiday or a night out party with friends but then putting sparkle everywhere right from your hair to your jewellery and footwear will look a bit too over-the-top.


We can understand the love you have for your favorite pair of shoes but wearing the same shoes with every dress or worn out shoes at parties or social events will affect your personality negatively.


It’s good to have a matching set of clothes, jewellery and footwear but matching doesn’t mean of same color from tip-to-toe. Go for complementing shades to offset the complete appearance of yours.


Be it any occasion, chipped nails, fingers and toes, won’t look good and might affect your overall impression on others. Always keep your nails clean, properly shaped and painted with color suiting your outfit. In case you don’t want to apply any nail paint, it’s better to take it off rather having a chipped one.


A sweet fragrance makes your presence in a room or gathering wanting but overdose of it might make even your close friends to shy away from you. Ideally, the odor of a perfume should only be felt by someone at an arm’s distance only.


Attracting other’s eyes with wrong sense of fashion can disrupt your image forever but if you choose to select the right fashion for you suiting your style and personality, you can become the star of the evening at the party or official events.


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