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Careers in fashion

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Careers in fashion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Careers in fashion
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  1. Careers in fashion

  2. Trend Analyst • Your job is to spot trends before the trend happens

  3. Fashion Trends of the 60’s

  4. Your job is to buy the fashions that a store or company will sell. Fashion Buyer

  5. Fashion Designer • The person that designs the piece of clothing

  6. A person who creates the outfits that will be worn in a movie or TV show Costume Designer

  7. Costume Designer • creates the look of a character in film, television or in a stage production and in a play. • Read and analyze the script. • Work closely with the director and other designers (set designer, lighting designer, make-up artist) on the production team to develop design concepts. • Do research to flesh out design concepts. (for example, geographical setting, time period, characters and their relationships and actions) • Produce drawings and colour renderings of costumes. • Meet with the wardrobe manager and head cutter to discuss each design. • Purchase fabrics, new or used clothing and accessories.(Along with prop ideas) • Develop and implement a budget for costume-related expenses. • Develop patterns for costumes if it is necessary. • Attend fittings and rehearsals. (for theatre, dance or opera productions).

  8. Costume Designer

  9. Pattern Maker • The person who makes the pattern that everyone will follow in order to make the designed clothing

  10. The person that wears the clothing as it is being made Fit model

  11. model • A person that will wear the finished clothing for a fashion show

  12. Apparel Business Owner You own your own boutique

  13. This person draws the picture of the clothing for sales or patterns Sketch artist