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Decision based on proximity to regular holiday closing period and savings to the ... If you are in a carpool group already but have not signed up with ...

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HR Forum

November 7, 2007

Human Resource Services

University of Florida

today s agenda
Today’s Agenda
  • Holiday Closing
  • December Leave Benefits
  • Benefits Open Enrollment 2007 – Next Steps
  • GreenRide Carpool Program
  • Retirement Plan Contribution Limits
  • Optional Retirement Plan  Florida Retirement System
  • Policy Guidelines on Lactation
  • Florida’s Minimum Wage Increase
  • Important Dates
holiday closing
The University of Florida will be closed on Monday, December 24, 2007.

No classes will be held.

Various outpatient health clinics will observe this holiday.

Significant cost savings for the university.

Holiday Closing
december leave benefits5
TEAMS December Leave Cash-Out

Employees may cash out up to 16 hours of vacation leave in the pay period of November 16-29.

Minimum balance of 40 hours of vacation leave required after end of pay period.

Payment to be received in December 7 paycheck.

The following instructional guide is available to assist with this process: http://www.hr.ufl.edu/training/myUFL/instructionguides/ReportingDecemberCashout07.pdf

December Leave Benefits
december leave benefits6
December Leave Benefits

Holiday Closing Period

  • December 24 designated a holiday for 2007.
  • Decision based on proximity to regular holiday closing period and savings to the university.
  • Allows the university to be closed for a total of 11 days, resulting in significant cost savings through energy consumption.
december leave benefits7
December Leave Benefits

Personal Leave Days

  • Available for 12-month faculty and TEAMS employees.
  • To be used during the period of December 26-31 unless employees are designated as “essential personnel” by dean or directors working with appropriate vice president.
  • Additional information available via DDD:


open enrollment next steps
Open Enrollment Next Steps
  • Review state confirmation statements carefully!!
  • November 9th at 5:30 pm EST will be the deadline to make any corrections to changes that were made during OE
  • Submit dependent documentation to People First for plans where you’ve added new dependents – include your name and PFID on each document
open enrollment next steps11
Open Enrollment Next Steps
  • Submit company applications for plans requiring medical underwriting– LTD, LTC, Opt. Life, Cancer, STD, Hospital Income to the appropriate companies
  • Beneficiary Designations can still be mailed to Minnesota Life or completed online via their website
  • Look for December payroll deductions for plans effective 1/1/08
greenride program
GreenRide Program
  • Now there is a new reason to sign up for UF GreenRide® carpool matching services. GreenRide® participants–even those who have not yet joined the Carpool Program–are eligible for drawings for special prizes including free meals at campus dining facilities, Gator items from the UF Bookstore and an autographed football from Coach Urban Meyer.
  • GreenRide® helps you find carpool partners by searching for employees who live near you or along your commute path and have compatible schedules. It’s fast, friendly and offers anonymity until you decide to make your contacts formal.  Then join the Carpool Program and enjoy guaranteed parking and substantially lower decal costs, decreased gas and automobile expenses, and help reduce pollution and traffic.
  • If you have thought about carpooling but don’t know where to find a partner, visit GreenRide® to learn more.  If you are in a carpool group already but have not signed up with GreenRide®, please do so now.

The new carpool program requires that both decals be

displayed on the vehicle. We have created smaller

decals so they both fit on a single display device.

greenride program25
GreenRide Program
  • Who Is Eligible to Participate?
  • Carpool groups consist of two (2) registered members. Additional riders are welcome and strongly encouraged, but only two will be registered members.
  • Both registered members must be full time, benefits eligible UF or Shands employees.  Both are required to work compatible day-shift schedules on the main campus and live along a reasonable commuting path.
emergency ride home
Emergency Ride Home
  • The Emergency Ride Home Program allows participants in the Carpool Program to leave campus in the event of an unexpected personal or family emergency.
  • A member of the TAPS or UPD staff will drive you home in an official vehicle, or TAPS will reimburse you for cab fare home upon submission of a valid receipt, as approved by TAPS.  Please obtain cab fare approval prior to 4:00 PM.
greenride program27
GreenRide Program
  • Carpool -- Available to faculty and staff
  • Allows holder to park in carpool zones. Each carpool member is required to purchase their own annual Carpool decal.
  • Annual -- $60.00 -- $2.50 per pay period
elective deferrals for calendar year 2008
Elective Deferrals for Calendar Year 2008
  • Elective deferral limits for 403(b) and 457 plans will remain at $15,500.
  • Age-based catch-up provision will remain at $5,000 for both plans.
    • participant must reach age 50 by 12/31/08.
annual addition limits for calendar year 2008
Annual Addition Limits for Calendar Year 2008
  • $46,000 - limit for the aggregate of employer and employee contributions
  • $51,000 - if eligible for age-based catch-up provision
one time election window
One-Time Election Window
  • Active SUSORP participants will be provided with a one-time opportunity to transfer from the SUSORP to either the FRS Pension Plan or the FRS Investment Plan.
  • Election for change may be made from Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2008. The earliest effective date for change would be 2/1/08.
change to pension plan
Change to Pension Plan
  • Participant will receive service credit for the total number of years in the SUSORP. The cost to “buy back” into the Pension Plan is based upon the actuarial accrued liability for this service.
  • Must first be paid using funds in his/her SUSORP account.
  • Remaining cost must be paid from other resources if SUSORP account balance is insufficient.
change to investment plan
Change to Investment Plan
  • If an SUSORP participant elects to transfer to the Investment Plan, the funds in his/her SUSORP account will remain in the SUSORP.
  • Future employer contributions will be deposited in their Investment Plan account.
orp to frs35
  • If a participant opts to change from the ORP to one of the other FRS plans, he/she may have one additional opportunity to elect to switch to the other FRS plan.
  • This option may be exercised during the participant’s active career under the FRS.
orp to frs36
  • Information will be sent directly to active SUSORP participants by the end of this month.
  • Clinical faculty who are mandatory participants of the SUSORP are not eligible to make this election.
orp to frs37
  • To request an estimate of the Pension Plan buy-in cost, you should contact the Division of Retirement at:

1-866-446-9377, Option 3, prior to making your election.

policy guidelines on lactation39
Policy Guidelines on Lactation
  • Private Office for Activities
  • Flexible Schedule When Possible
florida s minimum wage increase
Florida’s Minimum Wage Increase
  • Florida's minimum wage will go up 12 cents to $6.79 on Jan. 1, 2008.
  • UF Bridges will create a raise file that identifies all affected employees and will generate a job row to increase their hourly pay to $6.79.   
  • Job actions with an effective date prior to January 1, 2008 for employees who currently earn below $6.79 per hour, should be completed as soon as possible.
important dates43
Important Dates
  • November 12th Veterans Day Holiday
  • November 22nd & 23rd Thanksgiving Holidays
  • December 5th Next HR Forum