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Supply a much larger number of low or no-cost computers and electronic equipment to nonprofits, schools, and low-income individuals anywhere in the world ...

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techsoup and techsoup stock
TechSoup and TechSoup Stock
  • ( is the knowledge base for nonprofit technology. All information on is free and open source. The site has 400,000 unique monthly visitors.
  • TechSoup Stock ( is the technology product philanthropy service for nonprofits. The program supplies donated and discounted technology products from 28 leading providers such as Cisco, Intuit, Symantec, Adobe, and Microsoft.
techsoup stock basics
TechSoup Stock Basics
  • Click on ‘Getting Started’ and read thru pages

  • Need to register yourself and your organization – takes 3 days or so to complete registration
  • Microsoft – Stock carries most products – most are 95% discounted – costs are basically shipping and handling costs
  • All products have different restrictions (some to all nonprofits, some to selected nonprofits)
  • Call 800-659-3579 Ext. 700 Mon -Fri 8 to 5 Pacific
overview of join and registration steps
Overview of Join and Registration Steps
  • Step 1   Join TechSoup Joining TechSoup allows you to post questions and answers in our Community discussion forums and comment on articles in the Learning Center. It is the first step towards requesting product donations.
  • Step 2   Is My Org Registered? Organization registration is a separate step from joining TechSoup. Your organization might already be registered. If it is, you can request to become authorized to make donation requests.
  • Step 3   Registration If your organization is not in our system, fill out the organization registration form. Be sure to check your organization information for accuracy.
  • Step 4   Documentation Most organizations must submit documentation to back up information in the registration form. Qualification TechSoup Stock customer service representatives review all registration forms and documentation and qualify eligible organizations.If you have registered your organization, you can request product donations, but TechSoup Stock will not be able to process the request until we qualify your organization.
view of the tech soup site
View of the Tech soup site
other site
Other site
  • Welcome to the new Consultant Commons!
  • provides an online collaboration space and community for IT consultants who work with non-profits. The system is designed so that consultants can find, contribute and collaborate on tools and information they use to maintain a consultancy and provide services to nonprofits.
  • http://consultant commons/
foundation center
Foundation Center
  • Find Funding
  • Grant seekers
  • Grant Makers
  • foundation center
  • Go to the Local Microsoft Office
  • Non profit page
ne index org
Ne Index Org
  • Founded in 1986, New England INDEX is a provider of technology to nonprofit clients throughout the United States. Until 1999, INDEX was part of an independent nonprofit organization, the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center, dedicated to research, education and service related to developmental disabilities. In 1999, the Shriver Center and INDEX became part of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.
  • The founding mission of New England INDEX was the acquisition and the dissemination of data about programs and services for people with disabilities throughout New England. To accomplish that, INDEX developed in-house expertise in database development. The scope of the data-related activity later focused on Massachusetts
  •    For nonprofits striving to benefit from all that information technology has to offer, yet strapped for cash or short on expertise, the road can be daunting. Showcase makes that path easier by donating hardware, software and training to selected nonprofits in the Tri-State area. Showcase is a joint program of Earth Pledge Foundation, which promotes sustainable development, and Microsoft.
technology for the nonprofit and philanthropic sector
Technology for the Nonprofitand Philanthropic Sector
  • Very little technical knowledge is required in order for nonprofit CEOs to participate actively in strategic IT planning.    As long as you thoroughly understand your organization's overall mission, strategy, and tactics and (are willing to learn a little bit about the technology), you can keep your information technology infrastructure on target
  • Technology for the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector
  • Your Nonprofit Technology Community
  • NTEN is the membership organization of nonprofit professionals who put technology to use for their causes.
  • We enable our members to do their jobs better and help their organizations strategically use technology so that they, in turn, make the world a better, just, and equitable place.
techsoup role in computer recycling reuse
Strengthen the computer reuse sector by identifying & implementing the business management practices necessary to attract a much higher volume of five year old and newer refurbishable computers and other electronic devices mainly from business and government

Increase public & institutional awareness on how to usefully donate or supply equipment in to the reuse sector

Increase public awareness on the environmental value of electronics reuse

Effectively collect and divert a much larger percentage of over five year old and older computers & electronic equipment in to a responsible end-of-life recycling stream

Supply a much larger number of low or no-cost computers and electronic equipment to nonprofits, schools, and low-income individuals anywhere in the world

Administers the Microsoft Community MAR program for North and South America

TechSoup Role in Computer Recycling & Reuse
community microsoft authorized refurbisher program
Is a partnership of TechSoup & Microsoft to supply refurbishers, recyclers, & asset management companies in most countries of the world with $5 MS Windows licensing.

Available to all refurbishers (not just nonprofits)

No yearly limit on number of licenses refurbishers can get.

MAR enabled computers go to schools, charities, and low-income families

No cost to apply and participate

Community MAR serves 1,015 refurbishers in 67 countries currently

Community MAR Refurbishers are listed at:

Community Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Program
community mar numbers
US: 567

Canada: 48 – anchored by the NGO Computers for Schools Canada network

Mexico: 2 Orient Futura (8,500), and Servicios Rescatec (5,000) – both are commercial refurbishers in Mexico City. IQ Electronics - new large asset management company headquartered in Mexico City - partnering with Dell to become their strategic asset management partner in Latin America in 5 countries.

Latin America: 22 refurbishers in the following countries: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil (5), Chile (4), Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala (2), Mexico (2) Peru, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago (2)

Biggest Latin American Community MAR is Computadores Para Educar in Colombia (suppies 16,000 computers per year). They are a government sponsored program. Latin American programs are like most of Community MAR – 60% Nonprofit, 30% commercial, 5% schools, 5% government based

Community MAR Numbers
community mar size of operations paid employees
Community MAR Size of Operations: paid employees
  • Most reuse and refurbishing operations rely on a small number of employees, usually ten or fewer.
size of operations volunteers
Size of Operations: volunteers

The distribution of the volunteers is very similar to that

of employees.

nature of operations
Many of these organizations serve the community in a number of ways, including providing unique employment opportunities.

66% report employing disabled or ‘sheltered’ workers.

Nature of Operations
securing equipment
The top means of securing equipment for reuse or

resale are:

Business donations – 72%

Residential donations – 26%

Through partnerships with municipalities – 12%

Second most commonly cited way of securing equipment for reuse or resale are:

Residential donations – 45%

Business donations – 19%

Partnering with retailer or non-profit – 5%

Securing Equipment
funding sources
Respondents cited a number of funding sources for their operations. The top three funding sources were:

Donations from individuals

Grant money from local or state government or charitable foundations

The sale of used/refurbished equipment on the local retail market.

Funding Sources