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Connection to the Microsoft Web Site requires an Internet connection and a ... Tip: There are lots of extra clip art, textures, design templates, and other goodies ...

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Quick Start

Jump Start










Guided Tour



First Time Visitors

Getting More Information


Your one stop for all the best information and content available for PowerPoint

Repeat Visitors

Updated Tips & Tricks

What is PowerPoint Central?

The “Four P’s” for Better Presenting

- by Dale Carnegie Training®

Information about SR-2

Using Color to to increase the effectiveness of your presentation

- by Pantone®

Tips and tricks to make you more


Check out the NEW animation effects

FREEclipart, sounds, textures, videos,

and photographs on Clip Gallery Live

“Internet, Past, Present and Future”

- by Gordon Bell, Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research

(with voice narration!)

Directions:Choose one of the categories on the top to browse and install content onto your hard drive

Last updated: December 8, 1998

free stuff
Free StuffFree Stuff

Connection to the Microsoft Web Site requires an Internet connection and a browser, such as the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. If you don’t have a browser, click here to install the Microsoft Internet Explorer.


  • See the free stuff on my Office 97 CD-ROM

Connect to Microsoft Office Update on the web for more free stuff

Find out about PowerPoint add-ins and patch information

Connect to the Microsoft Web Site for Technical Support

-- FAQ's, Downloads, and Drivers

QuickStart is an easy-to-read tutorial that quickly teaches you the fundamentals of using PowerPoint and will save you time when you create presentations.

Star t

free stuff3
Free StuffFree Stuff
  • Microsoft Service Release 2
  • Office 97 SR-2 is a free update to Office 97, consisting of a series of recent fixes, and designed to make it even easier for customers to deploy Office 97.
  • SR-2 will include currently available downloads such as the Microsoft Excel 97 for Windows Auto-Recalculation Patch, as well as a Microsoft PowerPoint 97 file that correctly formats dates when saving presentations to PowerPoint 4.0.
  • SR-2 will not be a re-release of Office 97, nor will it include any new product features
  • Click here to see more details and download SR-2 from the Microsoft Web Site

Microsoft Camcorder

The Camcorder is a free utility that makes it easy to capture screen events in the form of a movie. The camcorder enables you to easily create a slide show, demo a feature, or conduct a tutorial or training session. The completed movie file can easily be distributed by posting on the Internet, Intranet, or sending as an attachment to an email.

Click here to install it from the Microsoft Web Site

Microsoft NetShow

Use the NetShow PowerPoint add-in to web broadcast your presentation using live audio and video in conjunction with your PowerPoint slides. NetShow enables you to broadcast the presentation live, schedule it to broadcast at a specific time, or make the content available on-demand.

You will need the NetShow server and free add-in.

Click here for more information on the Microsoft Web Site

Comments or suggestions about PowerPoint? Just email [email protected]



For the very latest news about Microsoft Internet tools, click here

Microsoft PowerPointAnimation Player for ActiveX

The Animation Player, a free Internet browser extension to view PowerPoint animations and presentations, is now available. Use the Animation Player and PowerPoint for the fastest and easiest way to animate your web pages.

Click here to install it from the Office CD

Click here to install from the Microsoft Web Site

Microsoft PowerPointInternet Assistant

Microsoft PowerPoint Internet Assistant is an add-in that lets you easily convert presentations from slides into HTML format for easy viewing on the Internet.

On the File menu in PowerPoint, click “Save As HTML”

more news

More News

Enhance your PowerPoint 97 skills:

Click on the following links for Microsoft Press books that will increase your productivity. Follow step-by-step or visual instructions to learn the easiest way to get desired results from PowerPoint 97.

Microsoft® PowerPoint® 97 At a Glance

Microsoft® PowerPoint® 97 Field Guide

Microsoft® PowerPoint® 97 Step by Step

Quick Course® in Microsoft® PowerPoint® 97

Running Microsoft® PowerPoint® 97

Microsoft® Office 97/Visual Basic® Step by Step

Microsoft PowerPointViewer

PowerPoint 97 users can share their presentations with people who do not have PowerPoint installed on their computer. The Viewer allows users to view and print PowerPoint presentations exactly as they appear in PowerPoint, but it does not allow them to edit the presentation.

Please copy and distribute PowerPoint Viewer to your friends and co-workers.

Click here to install it from the Office CD

Click here to install from the Microsoft Web Site

tips tricks
Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

“Bill can’t make it to my presentation. Now I’ll have to repeat my presentation another time...”Try Voice Narration

“Help! My presentation won’t fit on a floppy.”Use Pack & Go

“How can I give the same presentation to two different audiences but change it slightly?”Create Custom Shows

“I want some cool tunes to play along with my presentation, but I don’t want any choppy, cut-off transitions.”

Try Custom Soundtracks

These were some of the requests we heard from you, our customers, which have been answered in PowerPoint 97. If you’d like to request a feature, send mail to:

[email protected]

“How can I make my presentation always open in slide show view when I open it?”

Save it as a PowerPoint Show

“My colleague is on the other coast. How do I show him my presentation?”

Use Presentation Conferencing


tips tricks7
Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

“I am creating a web page, how can I highlight specific text and diagrams to get people’s attention?”Try different features in WordArt and AutoShapes

“I see lots of cool designs with PowerPoint but I want a design template that’s ‘me’.”

Learn to Create a Design Template

Tips to make you more productive and increase the effectiveness of your presentation.

“One of my colleagues had a really cool animated presentation. He had an airplane fly right off the slide. What other effects can I create?”

Learn to useAnimation Effects

“I'm creating a project summary presentation and need ideas on how best to show data”

Try these techniques

voice narration
Tips & Tricks

Voice Narration

Recording voice in your PowerPoint presentation is now simple and painless, and it is one of the best ways to improve communication in your company and to reduce training costs.

Here are some of the ways you can use voice narration:

Record the presentation as you’re giving it, so people who could not make it to your presentation can still see your presentation and listen to it.

If you can’t make it to a trade show or customer meeting, you can send them your presentation with your voiceguiding them through it. An ideal solution for your presentations on the Web.

Cut down on training costs. For example, whenever a new employee joins your company, someone has to teach the new person simple things like where the fire exits are, how to use e-mail, etc. How much do you pay for this repetitive task? Now, if you record the instructions once in a presentation, think of how much money and headaches you could save.

Click here to learn how to use voice narration

voice narration9
Tips & Tricks

Voice Narration

To reduce the size of your sound files, check out the free add-ins available for PowerPoint, including one from RealAudio®. Click here.

Using voice narration is very simple and unobtrusive.

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open a presentation.

Step 2: On the Slide Show menu, click Record Narration.

Step 3: Click OK on the next dialog.

Step 4:Now just talk naturally and move through your presentation.

Step 5:After you finish, PowerPoint will place your recorded voice into the slides. Now, when others view your presentation in slide show, they will hear your voice and the slides will automatically advance.

You can also add voice narration to different elements of a presentation -- bullet point, table, or graph -- by recording a sound from Insert Movies or Sound.

creating a design template


Tips & Tricks

Creating a Design Template

Tip: There are lots of extra clip art, textures, design templates, and other goodies to work with in the ValuPack folder of the Office 97 CD-ROM.

  • “You’ve got lots of cool designs, Mr. PowerPoint, but I want a design template that’s ‘me’. How can I create an original masterpiece?”
  • Well, pull up a chair. This is going to take a few slides to explain.
  • First, create a new presentation. You can start with a design template that might be close to the look you want, or you can start with a blank presentation and build one on your own.
creating a design template11
Tips & TricksCreating a Design Template

Tip: Use color schemes when you create your drawings, change your text color, etc. That way, if you want to use a new color scheme (maybe one section of your presentation is in a cool blue scheme, another in an attention-getting red), all your text and objects will adhere to the new color scheme.

  • Now, on the View menu, click on Master and then on Slide Master. This takes you to PowerPoint’s Master layout, where you will work. Here you can put any drawing, photo, logo, or whatever you want on your background. You can change bullets, fonts, font sizes, colors, etc. Whatever you do here will show up on every slide in your presentation.
  • Read on…we’re not done yet!
creating a design template12



Tips & Tricks

Creating a Design Template

Masters define the look of your presentation including background, fonts and text color. If you have text or graphics that repeat on every slide (e.g., your company logo), you can put them on the master so you only need to edit it once.

  • Now that you’ve created your Slide Master, it’s time to create your Title Master.

On the Common Tasks toolbar (if you can’t find that toolbar, right-click any toolbar and select it), select the New Title Master command.

Notice that the Title Master has the design elements you already created. But you can change anything or everything here to create a totally different look for your title slides.

When you’re done, click the Close button on the Master toolbar. Now, delete the one slide you have in your presentation.

creating a design template13

Tips & Tricks

Creating a Design Template

You can share your template with your co-workers or use it as the standard template for all your team’s presentations.

  • Finally, click Save on the File menu, and then click Presentation Templates in the Save as type list. Give your template a name and save it in the Presentation Designs folder in your Office Templates folder.
  • You’re done. Now create a new presentation. On the Format menu, click Apply Design. Pick yours and you’re off to the races!

Click here to view a few examples

Tips & Tricks

Slide Title

  • Slide text here

AutoShapes were used to create the design template examples.

1) AutoShapes with Gradient fills to create unique backgrounds

2) Rectangular shapes to give structure to the slide layout

3) Shapes of different sizes and colors layered over one another to create an informal template

Tips & Tricks

Slide text and data here:

Subtitle or section heading here

Logo or graphic to reflect presentation topic here

text or data here
Tips & Tricks

Slide Title Here

Text or data here

pack and go
Isn’t that

where I buy my


Pack and What?

Tips & Tricks

Pack and Go

OK, so the name is not great. But the functionality is very useful.

Say you’re going to a customer in Albuquerque and you try copying your presentation to a floppy you can take with you. You find that it doesn’t fit. What do you do?

1. Remove big pictures and the video of your company picnic

2. Try to buy a bigger floppy. The freckle-faced kid in the store looks at you as if you’re from the 19th century.

3. Use Pack & Go

Pack & Go can also be used to combine your presentation with any linked files (e.g., videos) into one package that you can send to other people.

pack and go18
Tips & Tricks

Pack and Go

Pack & Go compresses your presentation as well as the sounds and video you linked to it and then spreads it across multiple floppies. When you get to your destination, you just run pngsetup.exe on the first floppy and your presentation is restored.

To pack a presentation:

1. Open your presentation.

2. On the File menu, click Pack & Go.

3. Follow the instructions on the Wizard.

4. When you get to your destination, just run pngsetup.exe.

custom shows
Tips & Tricks

Custom Shows

The Custom Shows feature was designed in response to user requests. If you would like to request a feature, visit our Web page

OK, so you finally finished giving your presentation to your supervisor. Now she wants you to give the presentation to the Board of Directors and then to the Sales team. Except, she tells you, the Board doesn’t like details, but the Sales people love them. What do you do?

1. Create a separate presentation for each group.

2. Modify your presentation each time you give.

3. Use Custom Shows!!!

custom shows20
Tips & Tricks

Custom Shows

Use the Setup Show dialog box to specify which Custom Show to run in slide show. You can also right-click during a slide show and choose a different Custom Show to jump to.

Custom Shows are different versions of the same presentation tailored for different audiences. You choose the slides you want to show each audience and PowerPoint will show only those slides.

The following steps will create a Custom Show:

Step 1: Open your presentation.

Step 2: On the Slide Show menu, click Custom Shows.

Step 3: Type a name for your custom show, and then select the slides you’d like to show.

Step 4:Click Show.

presentation conferencing
Tips & Tricks

Presentation Conferencing

Presentation Conferencing can save you a bundle on travel costs, especially if your company has offices in multiple places.

“Jim just called from San Diego. He wants me to show him the presentation I’m going to give to the School Board tomorrow. I think the sun and sand has finally gotten to him; he wants me to show him the presentation right now!”

“See this number, Mary. This is what I think we need to fix.” What’s so strange about this conversation?

1. Mary is an alien who uses telepathy to communicate and lives on discarded fast-food wrappers.

2. This sentence is grammatically incorrect. And no, I’m not a bitter English teacher.

3. The speaker and Mary are on different coasts but looking at the same presentation simultaneously

presentation conferencing22
Tips & Tricks

Presentation Conferencing

Presentation Conferencing also works on the Internet! You can connect to your colleague over an Internet connection.

Presentation Conferencing empowers you to give a presentation over the Internet or over your local network to people across the country and even across the world. Think about how much time and money you could save by not sending your people scurrying through overcrowded airport terminals. You could buy a new set of golf clubs!

To use Presentation Conferencing:

1. Open your presentation.

2. On the Tools menu, click Presentation Conferencing and then follow the instructions in the Wizard.

save as powerpoint show
Tips & Tricks

Save as PowerPoint Show

Tip: You can also send a file saved as PowerPoint Show to a colleague via e-mail. Your colleague can then double-click on the icon and view the slide show.

“I want to send a presentation to a colleague but he gets confused when it opens in slide view and doesn’t know what to do. Plus I don’t want him seeing how I created these cool animations.”

“When I’m in front of a large audience, I tend to get nervous. I just want to click and start my slide show.”

To do this, I will:

1. Watch over the individuals’ shoulder as they open your presentation. Make sure they go directly into slide show.

2. Remember that software is too hard and accept defeat.

3. Save the presentation as a PowerPoint Show

save as powerpoint show24
Tips & Tricks

Save as PowerPoint Show

Tip: You can create a shortcut to your file and place it on the Windows desktop. This way you can just double-click the icon and not have to remember where you saved your presentation.

Saving your presentation as a PowerPoint Show tells PowerPoint to always open this presentation directly in slide show view.

To save a presentation as a PowerPoint Show:

1. Open your presentation.

2. On the File menu, click Save As.

3. In the Save as type list, click PowerPoint Show.

4. Now, when you double-click this file in Windows, it will automatically open in slide show view.

Tips & Tricks


Tip: Your audience will retain your message better if you use graphics (diagrams, images, charts and tables) in addition to text in your presentation.

“I’m creating a project summary report and need some great ideas for showing my data”

Click here for some diagramming ideas






project schedules and timelines
Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Task 1

Task 2


Task 3

Task 4























Tips & Tricks

Project Schedules and Timelines

Created using AutoShapes and lines with various fills - color and gradients.

Group objects to retain placement and you can still edit text.

defining and prioritizing customer requirements
Text 1

Text 2

Text 3

Text 4

Text 5

Tips & Tricks

Defining and Prioritizing Customer Requirements








Mass Market/Followers





Early Adopters/


End of Life



Tips & Tricks

Life Cycle and Competitive Position

give your charts character use clipart
Housing Sales










Tips & Tricks

Give Your Charts Character -- Use ClipArt

Tip: Don’t forget to check out the Custom Chart Types including:

bar of pie, timescale, and floating bars.

You can also design any chart to add to the list or set as your default chart type.

custom soundtracks

Tips & Tricks

Custom Soundtracks

Tip: Custom Soundtracks feature composes the music differently every time so your audience will never be bored.


  • “I want some cool tunes to play along with my presentation, but I don’t want any choppy, cut off transitions. Can you help me?”
  • Of course. What you need is our very hip Custom Soundtracks add-in, available on the ValuPack on the Office 97 CD-ROM.
  • Click here to install it
  • And then learn more about it
custom soundtracks31
Tips & TricksCustom Soundtracks

Tip: Use Custom Soundtracks to set the mood of your presentation. Music relaxes people and gets them in the right mode of thinking.

  • OK, now that you’ve installed the add-in, go to the Slide Show menu and click the Custom Soundtracks command (this won’t show up until the add-in is installed and PowerPoint is restarted). From here you can select the style to accompany your slides, assign motifs to your build effects, change to new styles from previous ones, etc.

You can also play tracks from a favorite music CD. Play for one slide or over the entire presentation. Insert Play CD and configure play settings via Timing and Play Settings in Custom Animations.

animation effects


Tips & Tricks

Animation Effects

This section gives you some tips and tricks for creating animation effects with PowerPoint.

  • “One of my colleagues had a really cool animated presentation. He had an airplane fly right off the slide. What other effects can I create?”
  • We’re so glad you asked. Try this:
  • Select your picture, clip art, or whatever.Now, pull it off your slide into the gray area to the left or right of your slide (or top or bottom).
animation effects33
Tips & TricksAnimation Effects
  • Now, with the object still selected, go to the Slide Show menu, click Preset Animation and then select the Flying Effect (it’s the star). On the Slide Show menu, click Animation Preview to see what you’ve done.
  • You can really go wild with this by using the Custom Animation command on the Slide Show menu.

This file can be found in the Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office directory. Open the file ppcentrl.pps from within PowerPoint and explore these great effects and use in your presentations.

Click here to view a few examples

path animations
Look Here

Tips & Tricks


Path Animations

“Sales are Sky Rocketing!!”








1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr

Tips & Tricks

Animations upon Animations

supply demand frame animation37
Tips & TricksSupply & DemandFrame Animation

Manufacturer availability

Addtnl availability

supply demand frame animation38
Consumers wanting model #1

Wanting model #2

Tips & Tricks

Supply & DemandFrame Animation

Manufacturer availability

Addtnl availability

supply demand frame animation39
Consumers wanting model #1

Wanting model #2

Tips & Tricks

Supply & DemandFrame Animation

Manufacturer availability

Addtnl availability

wordart autoshapes


Click Here

Tips & Tricks

WordArt & AutoShapes

Hint: Great for highlighting an action button on a web page

  • “I am creating a web page, how can I highlight specific text and diagrams to get people’s attention?”
  • Try these:
  • Highlight text with AutoShapes. Some of the WordArt and AutoShapes have the same form so they can be used together to enhance your text. Some to try: Wave, arc, circle, button, or star.
  • Select objects and use the Align or Distribute command from the Draw menu to align the centers or middles of the WordArt and background shape objects. Select the ABC icon from the WordArt toolbar to adjust further.

Tips & Tricks



Hint: Make a custom frame on a photograph. Put a picture of your pet in a heart shape for example.

Create your own text effect -- try filling your text with a picture. Use a font with lots of “surface area” like Impact or Arial Black. Use a photo that has simple details in it, like a picture of clouds, a sunset, or fireworks.

  • Click on the WordArt button on the Drawing toolbar
  • Select a WordArt shape and type your text
  • From the WordArt toolbar, click Format WordArt
  • On the Colors & Line tab, click Fill Color
  • Choose Fill Effects from drop down menu
  • Click the Picture tab
  • Select a file from the Office CD, from the web, or a scanned photo
  • Click OK


new animation effects
AnimationNew Animation Effects
  • Spiral
  • Swivel
  • Zoom
  • In
  • In from Screen Center
  • In Slightly
  • Out
  • Out from Screen Bottom
  • Out Slightly
  • Stretch
  • Across
  • From Bottom
  • From Left
  • From Right
  • From Top

You asked for them and we included them: new animation effects to help you keep your audience focused and make your point effectively.

You can find these great effects in Custom Animation on the Slide Show menu.


Use Spiral to introduce a new topic or a solution.




s w i v e l

s w i v e l



Use Swivel

to add suspense or a whimsical touch.



Or by

Or by




Use Zoom In From Screen Center to display a revelation.

Use Zoom Out to emphasize a point.



I n f r o m C e n t e r

I n f r o m C e n t e r


from Bottom

Use Stretch to visually compare data.

p r o f i t s

m o n t h


Multiple Versions of PowerPoint

Working in an environment where multiple operating systems or versions of PowerPoint exist.

Intranet Presentations

Create a successful Intranet presentation so viewers will want to visit your site time and time again.


Presenting with a Projector

Don’t get caught in front of your audience with a blank screen. Configure your laptop and projector for on-screen viewing.

Kiosk Presentations

Make your computer work for you. Kiosk presentations are an ideal way to get your point across when you can’t be there in person.

Create your own PowerPoint Central

Learn the techniques used to create this online magazine. Create an interactive department newsletter or project status report.

Internet Past, Present, Future

Gordon Bell, senior researcher in Microsoft’s Telepresence Research Group discusses the Internet.

Color Assistance from Pantone ®

The company that has over 30 years experience in the color business helps you choose colors that will add impact and help you communicate effectively.

Dale Carnegie Training

Training experts provide guidelines for giving a successful presentation.

create an on line magazine
MagazineCreate An On-line Magazine

PowerPoint Central simulates an on-line magazine or newsletter that provides up-to-date information about the product. PowerPoint Central is essentially an interactive PowerPoint file that enables users to link to pages within the file, other files, and Internet sites.

  • Create a unique look - design your own template
  • Add Section headings and navigation buttons to the Slide Master
  • Add Action Settings or Hyperlinks to navigate through presentation or jump to web sites
  • Set transparent overlays over Action Settings object and text for consistency
  • Create interesting page layouts - multiple text blocks or column layouts
  • Add graphics and photos to help communicate content
  • Test all links, navigation buttons, and spell check prior to distribution
  • Change content regularly to keep readers’ interest peaked
  • Save as HTML and post to your Intranet site

Create Your Own PowerPoint Central

Have an in depth look at PowerPoint Central. From the File menu open the ppcentrl.pps file in Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office directory


Supporting Multiple Versions of PowerPoint

  • Have you tried to share a PowerPoint 97 presentation with vendors, customers or co-workers who have a prior version of PowerPoint installed or are running a different operating system - Mac, Windows 3.1 or UNIX while you are using Windows 95? Read on to learn how to cope in an environment where multi versions of PowerPoint exist.
  • Sharing presentations across operating systems and versions:
  • Even though the file format differs between versions of PowerPoint, PowerPoint 97 can open presentations created in a previous version, Mac or Windows. However, when a PowerPoint 97 presentation is saved in a previous version of PowerPoint, the presentation is converted to the other format and data and formatting may change or be lost.
  • When should you save your PowerPoint 97 presentation in a previous version of PowerPoint?
  • You know that your presentation is intended for someone who does not have the latest version of PowerPoint and you are not sure whether they have the converters.
  • You want to send a presentation to someone with a previous version of PowerPoint, but because you used a lot of the new drawing functionality in PowerPoint 97 you want to be sure that your presentation is visually maintained.
  • (more for saving as HTML)

Multiple Versions of PowerPoint

supporting multiple versions of powerpoint
MagazineSupporting Multiple Versions of PowerPoint
  • When should you save your PowerPoint 97 presentation as HTML?
  • Your presentation will be viewed by someone who is running a different operating system or using a different version of PowerPoint. This feature is useful when sending a presentation to a large audience and there is a good chance multiple platforms are running.
  • Save as HTML Internet Assistant walks you through the steps of creating an HTML presentation that can be posted to a web site or attached to an email. All that is needed to view the presentation is an Internet browser* installed on the system.
  • Which graphic type to use when you Save as HTML?
  • GIF: When converting a mostly text presentation you want people on every platform to view. This setting will strip all special effects.
  • JPEG: When converting a graphical presentation you want people on every platform to view. This setting will strip all special effects.
  • PowerPoint Animation: When converting a presentation and want to display full animation, transitions, and multimedia effects for users with Windows 95. Works with either browser listed below.
  • (more for tools)*Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator

Multiple Versions of PowerPoint

supporting multiple versions of powerpoint51
MagazineSupporting Multiple Versions of PowerPoint
  • Tools to assist with multi version environment:
  • Converters
  • Converters are available for users with prior versions of PowerPoint installed on their machines. Converters are used to open and save presentations from one file format to another. The converters preserve the data and much of the formatting of the PowerPoint presentation. Converters are available through the Microsoft Web Site at:
  • Dual format Save
  • You can save your presentation as both PowerPoint 95 & 97. Dual format works best if not all users have installed PowerPoint 97 and you want to make sure everyone who sees the presentation will get the best possible rendition of it. This is the best solution as long as a larger file size is not an issue.
  • PowerPoint Viewer
  • The Viewer allows you to share PowerPoint presentations created in any version with anyone who does not have PowerPoint installed. The PowerPoint Viewer can be freely distributed without any additional license. The Viewer can be downloaded from the Microsoft Web Site at:

Multiple Versions of PowerPoint




Use PowerPoint to create web pages on an internal web site so team members can view project status, learn more about team members, and identify areas of responsibilities. PowerPoint makes it easy to publish the presentation with the Save as HTML Internet Assistant.

Create a Successful Online Presentation

  • Use one of the online templates to help design the presentation for online viewing.
  • Include action buttons so viewers can maneuver within the web site.
  • Add hyperlinks so viewers can link to related web pages.
  • Include content that speaks for itself: text, graph, and notes in an outer frame.
  • Include content that compels the viewer to interact with the web page.
  • Use Save as HTML and follow the Internet Assistant instructions.
  • Choose PowerPoint Animation graphic type to display full animation, transitions, and multimedia effects.



Kiosks are an ideal way to maximize your exposure at trade shows, advertise your products or services in waiting areas, or provide assistance and information to those visiting your business. PowerPoint provides you with everything you need to make compelling self-running presentations for kiosk stations.

Kiosk Checklist

  • Click Setup in the Slide Show menu. Select “Kiosk” for Show Type. Your show will loop continuously.
  • Select Action Buttons from AutoShapes to make your presentation more interactive. Provide at least forward, back, and home keys.
  • Insert graphics, animation and transitions. Remember, in kiosk mode the screen is all they’ll see - make it exciting!
  • Use Voice Narration to add comments and instructions.
  • Use PowerPoint’s powerful Visual Basic tools to create a “feedback screen.” Take orders, get names, and run surveys all from within PowerPoint.

Using A Projector for

On-Screen Presentations

  • Setting up a projector to work with your laptop computer can be tricky especially if using a projector from a hosting facility. Try the following steps to successfully configure your laptop to work with an on-screen projector.
  • 1. Make sure the projector cables are connected to the computer.
  • 2. Turn on the power for both the projector and the laptop.
  • 3. Wait 30 seconds for your desktop image to appear on the projector screen.
    • If the image does not appear on the projector screen after 30 seconds, activate the external video port by following the keystrokes for your laptop computer.*
  • 4. If the image on the projector screen doesn’t look just right, adjust the laptop’s resolution to match the projector’s resolution. The majority of projectors have a a 800 x 600 resolution.
  • Changing the laptop’s resolution is done through Windows by clicking Start, Settings, Control Panel, Display, and Settings tab.
  • *Know your laptop’s external video port activation keys ahead of time by consulting the user’s guide or contacting the vendor. The keystrokes to activate a laptop’s external video port differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, even model to model.

Using A Projector for

On-Screen Presentations

Two other steps to ensure you don’t end up with a blank screen in the middle of the presentation:

1. Disable Power Management

2. Disable the Screen Saver

To change these settings, double-click the Display icon within the Control Panel menu (Win95 or NT).


Dale Carnegie Training®

Presentation Guidelines

Dale Carnegie Training© was founded in 1912 by Dale Carnegie, author of How To Win Friends and Influence People. Today, the organization has a network of over 3,000 instructors in more than 70 countries around the world. It offers training in leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills essential to improving the performance of individuals and teams.

Dale Carnegie Training®

communications skills

Communications Skills:

Dale Carnegie Training®

Tips fromDale Carnegie Training®

Communications skills are vital to success in today’s fast-paced work environment. You need skills everyday when you

  • Contribute in team meetings
  • Motivate teams and individuals
  • Persuade others to take an action
  • Deliver bad news to workers
  • Facilitate meetings
  • Work with customers and suppliers
  • And so much more

Dale Carnegie Training®


Dale Carnegie Training®

The “Four Ps”for Better Presenting

“Many people think good communicators are born, but the truth is that anyone can learn the tricks of the trade,” says J. Oliver Crom, President and CEO, Dale Carnegie Training®. “With practice and feedback, even the most timid person can look like a professional.”

Dale Carnegie Training has a “Four-Ps” communication process to better presenting:




Dale Carnegie Training®


Dale Carnegie Training®

The “Four Ps”for Better Presenting

Describe your audience, including knowledge, experience, needs, and goals.

Define the purpose of your talk based on the outcome or results you seek with your audience.



Motivate to action







Dale Carnegie Training®


Dale Carnegie Training®

The “Four Ps”for Better Presenting

  • Illustrate and support key points with
  • Evidences and visuals
    • Statistics
    • Analogies
    • Demonstrations
    • Testimonials
    • Incidents
    • Exhibits
  • Develop transitions or bridges between key points
  • Prepare a memorable close
  • Establish a positive mind-set
      • Value your message
      • Visualize yourself succeeding
      • Visualize your audience responding
      • Give yourself pep talks




Dale Carnegie Training®

  • Prepare an attention-getting opening
      • Use a question related to audience need
      • Pay a sincere compliment
      • Relate a relevant incident

Dale Carnegie Training®

The “Four Ps”for Better Presenting

Build your confidence and effectiveness by establishing for yourself

Why you Earned the right to deliver this talk

Why you are Excited about the subject

Why you are Eager to share with your audience

Review your presentation visuals for




Visibility and readability



Dale Carnegie Training® has found that the three Es are fundamental to successful presentations




Dale Carnegie Training®


Dale Carnegie Training®

The “Four Ps”for Better Presenting

Before an audience, coach or video camera, practice and review your presentation

Strong opening

Clear key points

Logical flow

Credible evidence

Memorable close

Distracting mannerisms identified

Results achieved




Dale Carnegie Training®


Dale Carnegie Training®

The “Four Ps”for Better Presenting

Assume the attitude of a PRO in delivering presentations




Rely on the fundamentals

Own your subject

Feel positive about your talk

Project to your audience the value of your message




Dale Carnegie Training®


Dale Carnegie Training®

The “Four Ps”for Better Presenting

  • Make a positive first impression
      • Establish eye contact
      • Display poised, confident body language
      • Be relaxed
      • Be well groomed
  • Hold the attention of the audience
    • Be enthusiastic
    • Use vivid words
    • Express yourself clearly and concisely
    • Tell a story
    • Have an upbeat voice
    • Have proper body animation
  • Close your presentation to make a favorable lasting impression




  • Build rapport with the audience
      • Be sincere
      • Be yourself
      • Say “we” not “you”
      • Talk in terms of your audience’s interest
      • Involve your audience

Dale Carnegie Training®


Dale Carnegie Training®

The “Four Ps”for Better Presenting

Strive for continuous improvement

Measure the success of your talk

Identify strengths as well as areas to improve

Decide how you will improve the next talk




  • The Plan, Prepare, Practice, and Present cycle repeats
  • “These Four P‘s are the basis of all the Dale Carnegie Training® in presentation skills,” says Crom. “More important, however, is the fact that anyone can learn them. They represent an approach that has been proven with thousands of people from all walks of life.”

Dale Carnegie Training®

autocontent wizard and dale carnegie training
Mastering nonverbal cues that show self-confidence

Closing a meeting so the participants leave knowing what was discussed and decided upon

Showing concern for the audience or team members

When to listen instead of talk. When and how to convey the strength of your convictions


AutoContent Wizard and Dale Carnegie Training®

AutoContent Wizard and Dale Carnegie Training®

  • How to motivate a team with effective listening skills
  • Stating ideas in a clear, focused manner
  • Presenting benefits and recommendations to maximize impact
  • Discussing ideas in a persuasive manner

The PowerPoint AutoContent Wizard includes even more detailed advice from Dale Carnegie Training® such as:

autocontent wizard and dale carnegie training67
MagazineAutoContent Wizard and Dale Carnegie Training®
  • “By following the guidelines provided by Dale Carnegie Training® in the PowerPoint AutoContent Wizard, anyone can put together a solid presentation or communication effectively in a setting such as a team meeting,” says Crom.
  • So look for the Dale Carnegie training topics in the PowerPoint AutoContent Wizard, or visit Dale Carnegie Training at:

Color & Business

Why use color?Color can reduce error of interpretation, identify salient features, trigger associations and highlight trends. Studies show that visual images, especially those in color, help the presenter convince an audience, encourage involvement, peak interest and improve understanding and memory retention.

Optimizing color choices.On-screen presentations work well for any audience size, especially large audiences in darkened rooms. You’ll want to choose a dark background to provide your presentation with an extra punch.

Choose dark backgrounds with light colored text for best visibility.

If you decide to use overhead transparencies, you’ll want to make sure to choose light color backgrounds.


Contrast the light colored backgrounds with dark colored text for increased clarity.

creating color schemes
MagazineCreating Color Schemes
  • • Use color purposefully by applying the same colors to recurring elements.
  • • Organize the flow of information by grouping related information by color.
  • • Know your audience and choose a scheme that may appeal to their professional and cultural expectations. Pay attention to corporate or national colors as well as those with sociological connotations.
  • • As text charts comprise at least 70% of a presentation, the colors you choose will set the tone for the entire presentation. Use them consistently. Use only a few lines of text written in phrases instead of sentences. Keep uncluttered and maximize use of “white space.”
  • • Decide on a basic text color, allowing one or two accent colors for emphasis. Maintain contrast with pale text colors on dark backgrounds or dark text on pale backgrounds.
  • • Restrain yourself to two easily readable fonts - one for the title and one for body text.


color in images
MagazineColor in Images
  • • Avoid a “circus” effect by overuse of color. Three colors are usually sufficient, five often too many. Use of several vivid, highly saturated colors can be annoying.
  • • Use color to focus on one concept per image. For example, highlight one phrase in a text chart by changing its color.
  • • Emphasize key data with bright accents to draw attention to significant data and possibly make bolder as well.
  • • Prioritize data with color. Add boldness and clarification to your most important data by contrasting light and dark luminances. Conversely, use dull, low-saturation colors to play down unfavorable or less important information.
  • • Use color to show change, differentiate or group data.



The Golden Rule

Keep it Simple

• Make one simple statement per graphic.

• Keep font styles, line weights, patterns, colors and special effects to a minimum.

Content presented was derived from PANTONE® ColorUP® Explorer which ships free with PANTONE OfficeColor Assistant™. Use PANTONE OfficeColor Assistant to add professional PANTONE Colors to presentations, proposals and other corporate documents created in Microsoft® Office 97/98. ColorUP Explorer provides expanded information and examples of the principles stated here, as well as chapters on Color Science, Color Harmony, Color Models, Color Illusions and Color Reproduction. For more information onPANTONE OfficeColor Assistant,


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