ethiopian mine action office background l.
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Ethiopian Mine Action Office

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Out of all the conflicts which left Ethiopia with huge scattered landmines and mine fields was the Ethio-Eritrea conflict. Only In this conflict ...

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ethiopian mine action office background
Ethiopian Mine Action OfficeBackground
  • It is since 1995 with support of the united states that mine action was established in Ethiopia
  • It was established under the ministry of defense
  • Until 2001 de-mining had been the responsibility of the defense
  • It is later that with the advent of Ethio-Eritrea conflict that a civilian national mine action authority, EMAO, was established
  • The purpose of establishing the new mine action authority was due to different circumstances
problems encountered
Problems Encountered
  • Ethiopia has been in a conflict for many years
  • Out of all the conflicts which left Ethiopia with huge scattered landmines and mine fields was the Ethio-Eritrea conflict.
  • Only In this conflict
    • About 364,000 people were displaced
    • Houses and infrastructures were destroyed
    • lands bordering with Eritrea were planted by mines extensively
practical effect
Practical Effect
  • Right after the cessation of hostilities between the two countries
    • Displaced people rushed to their homes and became victimized-high number of victims registered
    • Those who managed to reach homes could not resume life due to the fact that their houses were destroyed, infrastructures were either destroyed or blocked by mines
    • To the same reason people could not utilize their lands for cultivation as well as for grazing
    • Returning the people back to their homes were also economically, socially and politically viable to the government
seeking solutions
Seeking Solutions
  • Therefore the government decided to take loans from the WB for
    • Household rehabilitation
    • Maintenance or reallocation of roads and power
    • Construction of community infrastructures
    • Supporting the family of deceased
    • Supporting the deportees from Eritrea
    • Demobilization of troops
  • The WB agreed to give more than 300 million USD as a soft loan for all projects
the necessity of mine action in ethiopia
The necessity of mine action in Ethiopia
  • When government planned to take the loan it was realized, by both parties, that almost all components in the plan can’t be executed with out mine action involvement
  • Therefore de-mining became a prerequisite and 15 million USD has been allocated for de-mining.
  • As a result of this EMAO was established as an autonomous office to assist the implementation of the projects as well as to build its own capacity in order to address all landmine related problems all over the country
  • As a result of this mine action implementation has been fully integrated to all the the project components since inception.
  • The whole operation was financed by the loan
  • Due to this effect, about 90% of the displaced has returned home
  • 24 out of the 30sqkms immediate suspected land is cleared
  • A Capacity of fully equipped and qualified six national manual de-miners (748) and three machines exist.
  • 6 MDD were contracted for a year
  • In addition to this, recently,there are 15 MDDs imported and 8 dog handlers trained by NPA.
  • The MDD will be extended to 25 and a full scale training center will also be established
  • The UN also assisted in the technical capacity building since start.
  • More than 80% of the population of the area were made aware of MRE and victims of the unaware has reduced dramatically
pros and cons of the loan fund
Pros and Cons of the loan Fund
  • Ethiopia has taken its initiative to tackle its own problems
  • That helped not only to address the problems but also to the quick development of its own capacity
  • Operation started fast, all went smooth, and the capacity established was as desired
  • On the other hand Ethiopia did not receive enough donations compared to many other countries
  • Thanks to the EC now there is money plugged for the next two years to continue operations.
future plans
Future plans
  • In order to have a reasonable and well planed de-mining operation that suits to the country
    • We will have 5 technical survey and RRTs which will be budgeted by NPA
    • We will have a full scale training center which will be mobilized jointly by NPA and THE UN
    • We will increase the capacity of machines from 3 to 6 which will be resource mobilized by the UN
  • We will strengthen the existing 6 manual de-mining Coys through the EC budget
  • Then life is simple for the next two years
  • The big head ach is what would happen after two years. I know the government will say we have allocated 15 million USD, Capacity is build to full scale,----- a lot a lot