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Ethiopian Telecommunications PowerPoint Presentation
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Ethiopian Telecommunications

Ethiopian Telecommunications

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Ethiopian Telecommunications

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  1. Corporation Ethiopian Telecommunications (ETC) Application of Broadband Infrastructure For E- Health Mandefro Tiruneh Mar,2006

  2. Broadband ICT Infrastructure For E-Health In Ethiopia

  3. E-Health/Telemedicine • E-Health is the process of using information and communications technologies (ICTs) to deliver health information, services, and expertise over short andlong distances. • E-Health is a more inclusive term than telehealth and represents the use of both telecommunicationsand information technology. • E-health is not a replacement of existing medical and health care services, but it is an additional tool to improve access to existing facilities and resources. • E-health or Telemedicine – strategic tool for facilitating the health care delivery. • E-health is a trend that follows the broader development of the information economy.

  4. Health Telematics • Health telematics is a composite term for health-related activities, services and systems, carried out over a distance by means of information and communication technologies, for the purposes of global health promotion, disease control and health care, as well as education, management and research for health.

  5. The potential benefits of E-Health • Improves survival rate • Improves care outcomes with lower cost of care • Immediate response • Expands geographic coverage • Reduces operating costs (mainly transportation) • Increase access to continuing medical education and training • Reduce professional isolation among doctors and other health care staff located remote and rural areas • Patient satisfaction = worker/professional retention • Provide an advanced medical services in emergencies • Equity is an issues : access to high quality care whether in urban or rural areas • Part of e- government

  6. E-Health settings • Rural • Schools • Clinics • Hospitals • Prisons • Nursing homes/ Assisted living

  7. Infrastructure Requirement to address those settings • High quality patient data, video and images to be exchanged between different medical institutions • ICT (Infrastructure) to connect geographically dispersed institutions, nation wide or world wide • The infrastructure should support data, video and voice/audio (multimedia) services • Quality, secured and fast delivery medical information • High speed (BW) connectivity or Broadband Infrastructure required • Part of ETC’s Vision and Mission :broadband initiatives for socio-economic development

  8. Vision ETC envisionsan information-based Ethiopian society where all our people have access to information infrastructure on equitable basis. ETC shall be an internationally recognized agile, strong and vibrant world-class ICT infrastructure and services provider

  9. Mission • Develop and maintain a modern information and communications network infrastructure capable of supporting voice, data and video services, equitably across the country and with high capacity digital connectivity to the rest of the world. • Provide world-class telecommunication services including basic telephony, mobile and Internet and Multimedia Services. • Provide training, education and conduct research in the field of ICT for effective utilization telecommunications infrastructure.

  10. Broadband NetworkInfrastructures: Mission/Vision Deliberation • ETC started constructing end to end broadband infrastructure that can enable ETC to provide integrated services (Voice, Data and Video) to demanding customers, through multiple access means. • This network will have a great role for the overall development of the country in general and nationwide ICT development program in particular. ETC is making Broadband Services a reality!

  11. Continued… • ETC’s understanding of broadband is that it is the ability to provide a multiplicity of services, whether data, voice/audio or video, at any speed • Broadband networks and interactive multimedia applications are providing the foundation for the transformation of existing social and economic relationships into an “information society”.

  12. Broadbandfor socio- economic development • Modern, on-line public services Realization: • e-government • e-learning • e-Health, etc • Dynamic, e-business environment • Widespread availability of broadband access at competitive prices • Secure information infrastructure • broadband delivers the needs of the information society and governments socio-economic objectives

  13. Critical Factors/Challenges for Broadband Access Realization • Reaching multiple Locations / Geographies • Using Multiple Access Technologies • Delivering Multiple Services • Addressing Multiple User Markets

  14. Addressing Challenges: ETC’s Perspective • Broadband Multimedia Network • Broadband VSAT • Broadband Internet • National Fiber Backbone

  15. Broadband Multimedia Network • The Core Broadband Infrastructure: Terrestrial • Capable of providing data, video, and voice services • 24 Point of Presences – covering business sites • With Multiple Broadband Access • ADSL • FWA • WIFI • Fiber • This network enables ETC to provide a reliable, flexible, scalable, secure, cost effective and fully managed IP /MPLS VPN solutions for customers like: • Governmental and Non-governmental organizations • Private Business/Organizations • Academic Institutions • International Organizations • Residential • Medical Institutions, etc ETC is making Broadband Services a reality!

  16. Broadband VSAT • A Broadband VSAT Network is platform which supports integrated services such as video, Data /Internet, and voice on a single infrastructure. • Has country wide coverage (450 + schools and 550+ weredas) as part of schoolnet and weredanet deployments • Integrated with the core multimedia network, also used as broadband access means

  17. ETC’s Broadband IntegratedInfrastructure :e-Health Applications (1)

  18. e-Health Applications (2) ) ) ) )))))) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )))))) ) ) Hub Site Remote Site Broadband connection

  19. Shashemene Gonder CPE’s Jijiga Harar Dilla Nekempte E1’s over SDH STM-4 TR/ITE Filowha STM-1 7301 VPN’s VPN’s 7301 Internet ADSL Access over Copper (Telephone Wires) High Speed (8Mb max) Internet & VPN Internet DSLAM (6015) Local n*E1 (8 Max) Remote E1 via SDH Sidistkilo Arada Bole Katema e-Health Applications (3) :Coverage Yeka OldAir irkos Nifasilk Dessie Jimma Awassa Nazareth Dirediwa Debrazeit B/Dar Mekele

  20. e-Health Applications (4): Multiple use of broadband accesses Yeka DSLAM 6015 4 Wireless E1 Sites(n*E1, n=1,2,4,8) DSLAM(Repeated at every MGX) STM-4LH DSL CPE’s (soho97) Kolfe IMA STM-1SH P Cable CPE’s (ubr9x5) 42xE1 ubr&7246 Repeated at 5 sites BOLE 84xE1 ARADA Katema STM-16LH SIDISTKILO Internet Old Airport TR/ITE 7401 FOLIWHA STM-4LH 3745MPLS/PE 84xE1 STM-16SH STM-16SH P 126xE1 Network Management System V 168xE1 84xE1 LE LE PE Kirkos V VISM(64E1) LE P OC3/ATM STM-4LH One 2950 per site 802.1q 7401 This scenario represents part of the Broadband Multimedia Network at the 8 regional sites. Nafasilk 3745MPLS/PE Internet

  21. BMN: Premium Services ETC Making Broadband Services a Reality!!!

  22. Virtual Private Network Simply Defined as Customer Connectivity Deployed onaSharedInfrastructurewith the Same Policies as aPrivate Network • Intranet Site-to-Site VPN • Branch offices • Access VPN • Telecommuters and Traveling users • Extranet VPN • Business-to-business SP Shared Network VPN B VPN A

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