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Jack loves cranking up his favorite classic rock music while driving to and from work... Louisville is 12% more likely than other U.S. cities to listen to Classic Rock Music! ...

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Presentation Transcript

Do you Know Jack?

But here’s how you can!

You Don't Know Jack...

meet jack
Meet Jack
  • Jack is 40.
  • Jack’s wife Diane is 38.
  • Jack loves driving in his Volkswagen Jetta with his golden retriever in the back seat.
  • Jack loves cranking up his favorite classic rock music while driving to and from work… By the way he is a manager at the local bank down the road.
jack loves
Jack Loves
  • Diane
  • His three kids ages 7, 9, and 16
  • Snow-skiing
  • Camping and Power-boating
  • Budweiser and Corona
  • Of course Bourbon
  • Penn Station and Wick’s Pizza
  • College Basketball- Go Cards
  • Motorsports, and extreme/action sports
  • Bahama Breeze and TJI Fridays
jack has jack to spend are you getting your share
Jack has “jack” to spend!Are you getting your share?

Two incomes in the household allow Jack and Diane to spend some “jack” and here’s how they spend it…

  • Updating their home with renovations such as a new kitchen, landscaping and new siding
  • Shopping at Pottery Barn and Target
  • Buying new appliances at Lowe’s and Smith Appliances
  • Traveling to St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis
  • Getting Groceries at Sam’s Club
  • Visiting their Dentists
  • Using online services to download and watch TV programs
  • Playing Black Jack and Poker on the computer
jack spent over 1 9 billion annually in kentuckiana retail stores
$365.2 Million in New & Used Car Dealers.

$189.4 Million in Eating & Drinking Establishments.

$17.7 Million in Beer, Wine & Liquor Stores.

$132.4 Million in Department Stores.

$30.9 Million in Furniture Stores.

$371 Million in Hospitals.

$98.5 Million in Pharmacies & Drug Stores.

$41.1 Million in Electronic & Appliance Stores.

165.4Million in Warehouse Clubs and Superstores.

$15.7 Million in Sporting Good Stores.

Jack Spent Over $1.9 Billion Annually in Kentuckiana Retail Stores!
1077sfr has
1077SFR has…

(Arbitron:FA06/SU06/SP06/WI06 Cume M18+ & Cume W18+)

53,494 Jacks


41,173 Dianes

Now that you know Jack…

Let help you reach him!

are you lost in the mix
WSFR MAY 12 08

9am Hour:



Ron Paul Political

KY Dept of Transportation

Anheuser Busch


Kentucky Lottery


WQMF MAY 12 08

9am Hour:

Louisville International Airport

Panera Bread

Blue Bell Creameries

Ford Genuine Parts & Service

Briggs & Stratton

Speedway SuperAmerica

Big Red Soda

Music Go Round

Caesars Indiana


John Deere




At&T Real Yellow Pages

Are You Lost in the Mix?
and 1077sfr is louisville s rock leader
And 1077SFR is Louisville’s Rock Leader!

Louisville is 12% more likely than other U.S. cities to listen to Classic Rock Music!


And WSFR’s listeners are 19% more likely than the market to be self-employed and 89% more likely then the market to be a small business owner.