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Tomorrow : a new landscape, recombining actors ? France Country Report. Couperin. 18-20/05 ... academic and public librairies, to buy resources for all the country. ...

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SELL 2009

France Country ReportGrégory Colcanap & Catherine Etienne

Consortium Couperin



Brief presentation of the consortium

2009 : a year of change in France ?

May 2008 : a governmental report on scientific information in France

March 2008 : creation of the Council of the book and its working groups

February 2009 : reorganization of the ministry of research and higher education

Tomorrow : a new landscape, recombining actors ?

couperin brief presentation

A non profitable organization.

Created in 1999 by 4 universities, ten years later 211 members (all french universities, high schools, most of the research institutes)

Activity (2007)

114 resources negotiated

1968 contracts signed

164 members had at least one contract

14 grouping orders (10 Abes, 3 universities, 1 CNRS)

Couperin brief presentation

Higher education : 1 326 000 students, 62 000 researchers

CNRS :12 000 researchers

Others research institutes : ? researchers

Budget for scientific information in 2007

Higher education : 56 M€

CNRS : 15 M€

Others research institutes : ?

the salen on s report

This report describes the mechanisms of purchase scientific information in France.

He gives a few recommandations :

a legal obligation to publish in an open archive the results of a public research

a clear and coherent policy for e-journals preservation

same VAT for paper and electronic publications

The Salençon's report
the salen on s report7

a charter between editors and users including those points : open access, institutionnal repositories, transfort of title from an editor to another, preservation...

to use professional negociators and centralize this activity

establish a national licenses program

to seek a coherence in the field a scientific information : structure of the ministry, role of the actors (Couperin, Abes, Inist), national projects of digitalization and edition (Persée, Cairn) and portals in humanities (HAL SHS, Adonis)

create a digital scientific library for all the french research

The Salençon's report
the council of the book

Created on March 2008 to answer one of the proposals of the report “Livre 2010”. The council of the book is a kind of “Parliament of the book”, created to initiate a public debate.

It is an interprofessional and interdepartmental structure attached to the ministry of Culture and charged with discussing great transverse subjects.

Five working groups have been created :

- price of books

- e-books

- french books in foreign countries

- studies on books and reading

- national plan for digital librairies

The Council of the book
the council of the book9

The working group in charge of the plan to digital librairies is divided in 4 groups :


Evaluation, usages and statistics

Preservation and perpetual access

Digitalization plans for librairies

At the end of 2009, the president (Bruno racine : also president of the BNF) will give his report and conclusions.

The Council of the book
the council of the book10

Couperin take part in 2 groups : acquisitions and evaluation.

Groups are still working but a few points are established :

Necessity of a national licensing program to build the french digital scientific library.

Couperin identified two main types of resources and works to list them :

- backfiles of e-journals for the majors editors

- highly specialized ressources for researcher scattered in all the country

The Council of the book
national license

Couperin's approach is based on the german model.

The German Research Agency gives funds to 9 major academic and public librairies, to buy resources for all the country.

National license

2007 a new law for universities : autonomy and responsibility,

2009 a new statut for teachers : more than three months of strike in the french universities,

2009 a new organization of the ministry with a unified structure for scientific information

organize a national policy

The phases :

To select resources

To negotiate

To pay (central funding)

To catalog (national catalog)

Authentication (shibboleth and the research identity federation)

Preservation and perpetual access,

Usage statistics

To develop Open Archives

Organize a national policy
organize a national policy14

Organize cooperation between actors : a big challenge


CNRS-INIST (National Research Center)

INSERM (Research center for medicine)

Abes (Bibliographic National Agency)

Cines (Computer National Center)

BNF (French National Library)

ANR ? (National Research Agency)

Organize a national policy
an advice

Two steps are importants for a promote a high level of research :

First time : to build a system of quality in all the universities by reinforcing collaboration, mutualisation and cooperation

Second time : to promote excellence by the competition

Never do the second before the first

(from Jean-Claude Guédon, canadian researcher)

An advice
2009 important projects

A website devoted to promote open archives and a two days meeting

Couperin shared ERMS project

A new website for the consortium

2009Important projects