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Divinely guided evolution. PowerPoint Presentation
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Divinely guided evolution.

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Divinely guided evolution. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Divinely guided evolution.

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    Slide 1:Divinely guided evolution. Who are we, what are we And where are we going The New Human!!!

    Understanding our multidimensional and GOD Selves

    Slide 2:Descending in order to Ascend.

    One of the most popular and recent statements in spiritual communities is: Creating Heaven on Earth In all that we talk about today it will be clear that we are indeed anchoring the energies into Mother Earth. This is the descending that we are talking about. Creating heaven on Earth is the ascension process.

    Slide 3:A guide through this seminar!

    1. Descending in order to ascend.The logic behind it. Having provided proof in the previous slide, you can now see the logic of descending in order to ascend. 2. The 7 inner dimensions. What is happening with the 4 body system with regards to our multi-dimensionality and our levels of consciousness. 3. Past, Present and Future A must for people interested in regression therapy. Past present and future all merged into one makes this a new tool for healing old sores. 4. A journey through the 15 dimensions in our universe! After hearing this information you will never doubt your success as a lightworker again. 5. A boost for light-workers everywhere. The information we are sharing right now and after the break will provide you with so many new insights to assist you to create your heaven on earth. 6. Symbols and the purpose behind them? ( a blend of inner and outer dimensions.) 7. The state of the world today and why. What can you do? We will share with you the 100th monkey affect and this will clarify even more for you as to what is happening right now on our beautiful planet. These are the steps in this seminar. We will touch on inner and outer dimensions. The purpose of which is encouragement to all lightworkers every where.

    Slide 4:The 7 inner dimensions.

    The four body system and the 3 consciousness levels. Resistance is futile Super Conscious mind The ALL knowing mind Conscious mind The NOW knowing mind. Sub Conscious mind Programming & ancient knowledge. To understand what we are sharing in this slide it is essential that you fully comprehend what the 3 minds are and how they work! Please ask questions if you are not fully clear. As you grasp the theory of descending through the spirit body down through and into the physical body you will see that you are indeed creating heaven on earth.

    Slide 5:Inner Dimensional (Time) Pathways! Past Present Future.

    Regression = Past Soul/body expansion = Present.. Soul/Body transformation = Future Searching your past for clues to transforming the blockages in the now. By looking at the now and connecting to your over-soul we find out what benefits are to be gleaned from your experiences. By traveling inwards, and to your future we can seek out splinters of yourself that have successfully transformed the experiences you are working with! An exchange can be made which will benefit both parts of SELF. This too is creating oneness through the dimensions. These inner-dimensional expansions are a wonderful added tool for regression therapists and those seeking soul healing/expansion.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 1 2 3 5 4 6 Dimensionsional Structure Explained. The five soul evolutionary segments of the 15 dimensions. The central point by which one can step outside the dimensions. Each segment of the ring represents a dimension. As you can see in the previous slide each ring takes us from the 1st to the 15th dimension. 1 through 15 This is the depiction of the dimensions as we know them. 1 through 5 This shows how each set of dimensions is divided into energetic soul evolutionary sections. The five soul evolutionary segments of the 15 dimensions. It is our interpretation that there are three dimensional stages in each soul evolutionary segment for the purpose and the level of mastery. You could perhaps see it is as the following in each level: 1,4,7,10,13. = beginner. 2,5,8,11,14. = intermediate. 3,6,9,12,15. = Master. We were hesitant at first to use these descriptions because of how humanity places value on this kind of label though from our perspective we feel this is the most accurate way to describe for you where you are. For instance in level 4,5 & 6 which is the angelic realm it could perhaps be viewed as 4. Just got my wings. 5. Adept. 6. Arch Angel 6 as it merges with the 7th would be the beginning of the integration of the Masters energies and so it would be with all the other merging levels.. We have described it this way to give you some kind of reference point so that you can understand how you are now learning (remembering how) to walk through the dimensions. The Levels Within the Dimensions. 1,2, & 3 are obviously the most familiar because that is where most are at, at this point in their souls evolution. These are very much the dimensions of duality and separation from Mother Father God Creator Source. 4,5 and 6 are the angelic realms where most of the angelic, cherub etc dwell. This is the most reachable for most of humanity, not only for guidance and communication purposes, also for the purpose of humanity's ascension. More on this later. 7, 8 & 9 are the realms of the Masters, these are our teachers when we are able to go within and find the deeper answers we seek. 10, 11, & 12 are the realms of the Ascended Masters, most of which know no limitations or boundaries and have evolved through the other dimensions to this ascended state. 13,14 & 15 are the highest dimensions within this known universe and are the realms where Avatars (12 thru 13 D) dwell. The 13th, 14th & 15th dimensional beings are generally forms of pure energetic matter/consciousness and are often known as the Rishi. Touching lightly on each of the dimensions, what we will/have share(d) with you during this seminar will surprise and delight many of you. Particularly light-workers, for you will be able to see that your work has not been in vain and that you have achieved a great deal together. These remarkable successes would not have been possible without any of you. Now we revealed the facts, you will be able to see and recognize by your own experiences that it is indeed Truth and you are now learning to walk the dimensions. As is with Mother Earth, so it is with Humanity. All is evolving and ascending. Many will know and be aware of the term The Shift. As we have revealed all these facts to you, you will see very clearly that we are already going through the shift and that we are already descending/ascending. Anyone who has already worked with the following symbols will have noticed a quantum leap in their earthly and souls evolution. Each one represents an energy shift in consciousness and an expansion of the souls journey. We are blessed to have them in the form of jewelry, postcards, coasters, etc and they can be ordered via our website: The following are all symbols given to humanity to assist when using them to merge with the energy or consciousness level. This symbol represents The Twin Flame energy or the consciousness of Triality. For more information see: This symbol was given to assist in the healing of the original separation of the divine masculine (electric) and the divine feminine (magnetic) within self. This symbol was given to connect to the divine masculine (left horizontal), divine feminine (right horizontal), Divine Gaia (vertical bottom) and Divine Source. (vertical top) The explosion of new Universal Consciousness is depicted by the bright jewel in the center. Omniversal Consciousness. Above-below. Within-without. Electric-Magnetic. This symbol represents Time. When observed and or meditated on, it shows 8 active infinity symbols. It also connects to the main Earth Crystal after which it reveals the 12 other on planet crystals that are now activating our Christ consciousness and 12 DNA strands. We are ready!!! All of these images have been provided as tools to assist humanity to move through the vibration shifts enabling you to be in multiple dimensions. With the exception of the TIME symbol. This one assists in expanding your DNA, unlocking portals and doors that have been locked for eons of time. All of them, just as this seminar is, is a step by step graduation towards remembering your (natural) divine enlightened state of being. The One Hundred Monkey Theory The 100th monkey effect? What does that mean for us and how does this fit into our New Human theory? Creation! Every action results in a reaction. Are you creating what you desire? What does it have to do with Heaven on Earth and Ascension? What can and are you doing to assist? What is the collective consciousness and how does that affect us? Share recent examples? What does this have to do with dimensions?

    Slide 15:Potentials2007

    As the OPOMs around you begin to travel the journey you have already ascended too. As they may go into their period of chaos! If this happens it is important that you rise above yourselves and remain in your higher vibrational state. Be the masters!!! Having traveled this journey yourselves, you can in total faith and trust KNOW that they too will transcend chaos and find peace, inner knowing and Mother Father God Creator LOVE!!! It is essential dear hearts that you especially see through the illusion of the upcoming chaos.

    We thank you for having watched these slides with us either online or during a seminar/reading. If you are interested in what the power symbols can do for you? You can order them in the form of Jewelry, Postcards, Coasters and Wishcards. The accompanying Triality CD with 7 powerful meditations is also available. Ask Ian about them or email:

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