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Brian Kerschbaum

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Brian Kerschbaum. 4:00-4:50. Dan Miller. My Life. Outline. -Introduction -Interests -Interests cont. -Timeline -Elementary/Junior High -High School -College -Random Pictures. Introduction.

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Brian Kerschbaum

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Brian Kerschbaum


Dan Miller

My Life





-Interests cont.


-Elementary/Junior High

-High School


-Random Pictures



Hello, my name is Brian Kerschbaum. I am currently a freshman at Western Michigan University. I was born and raised in Ann Arbor and still currently live there.

My mission statement is to be successful. By successful I mean getting through college fine, getting a well paying job that I enjoy doing. Also to raise a family while maintaining good friends and live a happy life.



Paintball would be the sport that I am currently most active in. When I first got into paintball I was in 9th grade, played for a couple of years, then dropped it because it was too expensive. As of this year, I am playing again and love it. I now play a lot more competitively then I used to; I play in many tournaments now. Paintball is a very exciting and adrenalin filled sport even though it is very expensive to play.


Interests cont.

The feeling of just going out on the slopes with the freedom of going so fast anywhere on the mountain with only a few centimeters in between the ground and the rider, there is nothing like it; snowboarding. I have been snowboarding now for eight years and absolutely love it.

Another interest that I have is wakeboarding. Since I started, 3 years ago, I have gone out countless times in the summer to improve and enjoy the sport.


Elementary/Junior High

I was very active in elementary school and junior high. Recess was my favorite time of day where I would enjoy just being outside with my friends. During elementary school and junior high, I played football, soccer, lacrosse, and ran track. As I expected, towards the end of junior high, I would get very nervous to think that I would be in high school the fallowing year mostly because there were going to be kids there a lot older then me and I knew that I was going to be intimidated by them.


High School

High school was a big step in my life and even though it seems like it went by fast, so much happened. I will never forget any of the great times that I had in High School. I went to high school in Saline where I played football all four years. I would attend as many sporting events as possible to support the school also. After the school year would be over, I would work landscaping and even though I am now done with high school, I will continue with landscaping in the summer.



Since I’ve been here at Western Michigan, I have been having the time of my life. I was nervous right before moving in for welcome week but that quickly turned into excitement. I have met so many friends here and because of coming here, I have a girlfriend who I am very much in love with. It is also nice being on my own as well. I feel like I have so much more responsibility to achieve academic goals.