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Brian Swaw

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Brian Swaw

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  1. Brian Swaw As an Operations Manager at Partners Warehouse

  2. About Brian Swaw Brian Swaw has been working as Operations Managers of Partners Warehouse in Elwood, IL since 2006.Brian Swaw has successful, hands-on experience in logistics and transportation management. He brilliantly performs his job responsibilities at Partners Warehouse, a family owned logistics company.

  3. About Partner Warehouse Brian Swaw has been working as Operations Managers of Partners Warehouse in Elwood, IL since 2006. The company is committed in providing quality and flexible services to the customers. It is a full service warehouse company and offers complete rail trans-loading services, asset based transportation and brokerage services and intermodal services. Brian Swaw ensures quality control of daily pick/pack, order processing and inventory control. He also trains and evaluates performance of all workers. He has extensive years of experience in both Logistics and Transportation management and he also possesses three years of experience in implementing WMS system in various facilities.

  4. Business Experience A humanitarian, Brian Swaw is actively involved in activities of St. Dennis School and Church. He is the head of fundraising at St. Dennis and is also the Chairman of Pioneer Club. Last year, they raised over 150K. He and his wife, Jennifer have been involved with St. Dennis for last eight years and their six- year-old son, Logan, is entering into the first grade.

  5. Experience He has created an ultimate fantasy football website,, where football fantasy never ends. This site has been well-acclaimed by many and there are over 200 articles written on web regarding his company. He is a keynote speaker and has appeared on more than 100 radio shows and on several different TV shows for fantasy football.