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Kayla's Life!

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Kayla's Life! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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All about me

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Kayla's Life!

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Presentation Transcript

Kayla’s Life!

By Kayla Fiscus



  • Snowboarding
  • Wake boarding
  • Decorating
  • Diving
  • Rugby
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Walking
  • Reading
  • Painting
career goals
Career Goals

My Career Goal is to become a successful Occupational Therapist. I want to help and work with people of all ages and with varying degrees of disability. Ranging from someone with a soar wrist to someone who had a stroke and is paralyzed. I want to not only help those in need, but also teach people about my profession to better educate them on the different health options available to them.


Random Facts

  • My favorite color is green
  • I did gymnastics for 12 years
  • I LOVE dogs
  • My favorite band is Hawk Nelson
  • I have a dog named Patches and a kitten named Honey
  • I work at Chae’s as a server
  • I’m majoring in Psychology
  • I have 5 older brothers and sisters
  • I wish I could save the world and everyone in it
  • I’m a Christian, but don’t like the word “religious”
  • I want to travel the world and see everything I possibly can before I die
  • I hardly ever cry
  • I don’t like fake people
  • I love chocolate milk

Ten Years from now

I hopefully will still have my dog and my cat. My cat will probably be very fat by this time as I just found her as a stray and play on fattening her up. I will hopefully be a part of some organizations to help save the world, and have a lot of friends whom I go get coffee with often. I want to have a boat by this time and have a lake where I can go to use this boat on the weekends with my new family and friends, maybe even the dog.

Ten years from now I’ll be 30years old and hopefully live somewhere awesome. Probably somewhere like Colorado. Somewhere where there are beautiful mountains. I’ll probably have just had my first child, thinking about going for number two, and hopefully be married to the man I had the child with. I’ll probably have been working as an Occupational Therapist for about four years, as I plan on travel for a couple years after I finish graduate school.



An 80’s Party where I worked

Me and My Sis at a Luau

Good Times


St. Louis Root Beer Factory

My Birthday


A Night On The Town

Olive Garden Friends

Rivercade Royalty Friends


My Mom, my Brothers, and I camping at Ft. Randal

My sisters and I at Walmart


Dad relaxing at the Niabrara

Awaiting the Riverade Ceremony