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Packing & Moving Supplies Kit PowerPoint Presentation
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Packing & Moving Supplies Kit

Packing & Moving Supplies Kit

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Packing & Moving Supplies Kit

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  1. Packing & Moving Supplies Kit Mashav Relocation

  2. Relocation of any kind comes with a frown. It is not a happy affair at all, especially because of the share of problems that comes with it and the amount of arrangements that needs to be taken care of.

  3. Apart from providing moving services, Moving MD also provides with packaging services to make the entire process easier for you to deal with. So if you are looking for packing paper or tapes online, you can easily find them on the MD Movers website. The online store also includes other necessary packing materials such as bubble wrap and boxes. You can find boxes designed to accommodate those household items which demand extra care such as television sets and lamps.

  4. Boxes are also available for your chinaware, which are appropriately labeled so that movers can easily know which items are fragile and needs to be handled with care.

  5. By using the various boxes as provided by MD Movers, you can also ensure the proper safety of your pictures, big or small and with their specially designed wardrobe box; you will find it much easier to both pack and unpack your clothes.

  6. MD Moving also provide a crating service in case you have a household item that does not fit into the standard box. Custom wooden crates can be created to fit your needs and is recommended for large fragile items like wall mirrors and extra large television sets.

  7. MD Movers are also affiliated with a moving insurance company so that it is more convenient for you to get the financial security you need while moving. The website makes it easy for you to get insurance quotes for third party insurance and also facilitates getting quotes from the moving company. Regardless of your needs, MD Movers aim to provide a trustworthy and dependable service.

  8.  Contact Address: Corporate Location: Mashav Relocation 5508 Amesfield Ct Rockville, MD 20853  Phone number: Local- 240-669-6506 Fax- 240-558-3788 Toll free- 1-866-775-3121  Email Us: For any sales relation questions: Customer Services: We are at: