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Cambridge Мedical Group Sculptra

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Cambridge Мedical Group Sculptra - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cambridge Мedical Group Sculptra

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  1. Cambridge Мedical Group Sculptra Cambridge Medical Group offers a variety of products and services for your beauty and good health. You can obtain there all the care for yourself and professional consultancy what would be best for you. It is the best place in Singapore in medical aesthetics. Facelift is extremely popular among all the services of Cambridge Medical Group. Facelift is also known as a rhytidectomy which comes from Ancient Greek. There are 2 methods – surgical and non-surgical. Surgery removes excessive skin, tightening or not the underlying tissue and pulling up the skin on the face and neck. Non-surgical method can be applied either by injection or by exercises. Usually surgery facelift is done with eyelid surgery (so called blepharoplasty) or other facial procedures. For all these procedure one common anesthesia is used. Of course surgical facelift is painful and the patient needs some time to recover. Also sometimes it is necessary to be done some corrections if the surgery has not gone the way it was expected. And it is an expensive surgery. What facelift means? The procedure reduces face and neck wrinkles and sagging skin making your face look younger and fresher. Your face changes with years and weight fluctuations. On its appearance there are traces of all your bad habits, poor nutrition and poor care. This way your face sometimes looks much older than

  2. your real age or the skin is not soft and stretched. That is why many people have low confidence to show their faces like this. Mostly, but not only, these are women who are always concerned about their look. They decide to do facelift because it is fast and working way to get back the young look of your face and neck. This procedure usually consists of excess skin removal, muscles tightening and pulling up the skin. It has many advantages against the wrinkle injections like Botox. There are different types of surgical facelift. Some are less invasive and lighter for the patients. So called mini-facelift is the lightest procedure among all the surgical facelifts. But this facelift is not suitable for all people. It works for patients who although aging still have good contour of the neck and relatively firm skin there. It is important that the mini facelift has temporary effect compared to other types of facelift. Other less invasive type of facelift is so called thread lift. This procedure is again for people who need fewer corrections. Although it is done under local anesthesia there is an unabsorbed thread to hold the skin as there is no cutting. It does not sound that good and light, right? On the opposite Facelift procedure done by injection or so called liquid facelift, has many advantages against the traditional surgical facelift. It has no downtime, the recovery is very fast and it is almost painless. Although again like the other surgical method liquid facelift should be done by professionals who have been trained to do it. Other big plus of this non-surgical method is that it is less expensive compared to the surgical method. And the results of both the methods are long lasting. No wonder why liquid facelift has more and more fans and not only among women but among all who would like to look younger and to get back their natural and fresh look. All surgical facelifts include hematomas and bleeding. That is why this way is not for people who are not ready to go through this. Other thing which people who decide to do surgical procedure often do not know is that surgery changes ears angles and their anatomical positioning. Usually it lowers them with up to 1 cm and change in the angle can reach up to 10 degrees.

  3. And also people should be aware before deciding for this surgical procedure that there can always happen infections and complications. So why to go through all this if there is other way that saves pain, time, money and all the risks? And same time the effect is the same. It sounds like a miracle but indeed Cambridge Medical Group in Singapore brings revolution to the traditional facelift offering liquid facelift. It is named Sculptra. It is based on collagen to stimulate body to produce collagen on its own. This is a natural process and gives really awesome results. It works even with deep wrinkles removing them. The main material of this procedure is poly-L-lactic acid which is 100 % biocompatible and biodegradable being derived from fruit acids. Depending on the problem areas this procedure can be applied to forehead, cheek and facial dents, tear troughs.

  4. It is amazing that Sculptra has long lasting effects though it is very light procedure. And even more – it gradually makes skin looking younger, fresher and smoother. Sculptra also corrects lines, folds, wrinkles and creases. The collagen restores face fullness giving natural volume. Like the surgical method the liquid facelift should be chosen for every patient in order to get the best outcome. Medical doctor would consider your age, your face look, your skin type and, of course, your expectations. Then he or she would recommend the most suitable for you way to complete the procedure. If you choose Cambridge Medical Group for your facelift you can get real top class professional care combined with relaxing and comfortable environment in their clinic. Indeed it does not even look like clinic but mostly like a modern and contemporary place with wonderful architecture and garden where patients feel themselves in peace and relax. Before planning your facelift Do consider that is you choose to do a surgical procedure abroad first it would cost you more money for travelling and for the surgery than the Cambridge Medical Group liquid facelift. Plus if there become any complications after the surgery you should go again to your doctor abroad which are more money and more time. Many people do not calculate this when they take their decisions. Instead if you do the lightest procedure in Singapore at Cambridge Medical Group you would save money, pain, nerves, and disappointments. Plus you can check for all other services offered by the Cambridge Medical Group and to rely on full care. Cambridge Medical Group Cosmetics and Sculptra Procedures in Singapore Phone: +65 6733 0777 Website: Opening Hours: Mo-We 10:00-18:00, Th 10:00-20:00, Fr 10:00-18:00, Sa 10:00- 15:00, Su closed.