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Diversity Peer Review Group PowerPoint Presentation
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Diversity Peer Review Group

Diversity Peer Review Group

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Diversity Peer Review Group

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  1. Diversity Peer Review Group Peer Review & Development Group set up and functional from February 2008 Encouraged to bring WBL providers together to join group – 6 diverse providers Picking a theme for review that would not be seen as contentious – E & D Objects of Group: Moving towards Self Regulation in the sector Building trust in a competitive market Sharing Good Practice throughout Consortia Getting “buy in” from senior management – bringing Quality Managers on board! Group members need to be encouraged to be fully involved with process and to take ownership of tasks

  2. BCTG’s role as PRD lead: Persuading, encouraging Maintaining momentum Attending meetings with Deloitte on behalf of Group and feeding back Doing the “boring bits – updating required documentation to secure funding Best Practice – links with other groups, sharing documentation on LSIS website

  3. Julia HackettJuniper Training Ltd

  4. Involvement Became involved last year Opportunity to work with other local Training Providers Focus on Equality and Diversity within our organisation Free consultancy service! Development of robust Action Plan

  5. Experience Development of clear criteria and Protocol – all involved in developing Lead Reviewer on first Review Took an “Inspection” approach, reviewing documents and interviewing staff and learners Own organisation reviewed in July Identification of areas for development Ensured that own staff understood what the PRD group would be doing Positive Experience

  6. Why is it Working? Transparent Process Well organised and co-ordinated Experienced, professional group members – lends credibility to whole process Criteria and process understood by all Honest, constructive feedback – reviewed organisations able to listen to feedback without taking offense! Looking forward – Group to identify further areas of activity that could be reviewed.

  7. Mark IngramWalsall Hospitals NHS Trust

  8. What is it like to be reviewedBEFOREHAND Apprehensive Will I measure up to my peers? How do I fit in preparation? How do I stop my team from killing me for volunteering?

  9. PREPARATION Focus on the specific area for review e.g. Equality & Diversity Prepare as for an inspection Don’t prime your learners Remember how you felt when you were part of a review team. Don’t forget to order the catering!!

  10. DAY OF REVIEW Have your information ready, it helps the process run smoothly Treat the team as allies/friends Make the review as interesting and diverse as possible Go with the flow – relax – remember the aim is to help one another Be receptive at feedback – don’t perceive injustices or be defensive

  11. AFTERMATH Read your action plan and implement it If the team identifies areas of best practice then share it. This is a useful and fun experience, get involved – the benefits are great Sharing best practice Greater understanding of others areas of practice Raising your own quality standards Setting up a great support network with other providers.

  12. Margaret Pincher Future Skills Sandwell

  13. What effect have PRD reviews had on the learner and employer? Mixed occupational areas Different learning programmes Different strengths in the staff involved in the reviews However - we all have the LEARNER at the heart of the process

  14. What does it mean for the learner? A more positive experience in their time with us. Marketing Induction Staff Training Examples of good practice Learner voice at the heart of improvement

  15. And what does it mean for the employer? Key relationship Organisational support Breaking down the barriers by challenging discrimination and prejudice In doing so we are responding to the diverse needs of the communities we are serving.

  16. Sue Tipton Protocol Consultancy Services

  17. The journey so far Self invite to PRD Group Contribution to action plan, criteria for review & conducting reviews Protocol Consultancy Services review due 5 Feb 2009 but…

  18. PCS Review Day Snow stopped play!

  19. Plan B EO& D 6 monthly Staff Workshop Brought forward and covered: Actions last workshop Review of Policy doc and summary Action Plan update inc MIS Data Support Log, Verbal complaints log, Value Added Log updates EO & D Champions group progress EDIMS update Staff Training and views of SIMDIS and One World Review of Employer Checklist & Learner Recap questionnaire PRD Review now scheduled for 29 April 2009

  20. Motto for the dayLook for the good in everything Highlight of my day Journey Home On M6 & M42 Clear!

  21. Preparation Checklist Examples Policy – check up-to-date and includes recruitment, induction, training and promotion. Action Plan - update with quarterly data and set targets with team Training/Workshops/Refreshers - essential to ensure everyone understands the importance of EO & D Additional training for individuals who have the responsibility to recruit, train and manage employees. CPD Updated/Minutes of workshops Job Descriptions – check for clear and justifiable job criteria that are objective and work related. Review - making sure recruitment, selection, promotion and training procedures are revised regularly to ensure they are delivering policy.

  22. Examples of Evidence to present SAR & QIP with Data Employer documents/checklists and mentors guidelines Learner Files, ILP & Handbook Training Materials/Lesson plans Obs T&L Surveys/Feedback – scope and trend info Case Studies & visual evidence of EO&D

  23. Protocol Consultancy Services regard Equality of Opportunity & Diversity as A legitimate business activity which is fully integrated to: Flow from the strategic plan Form an integral part of vision, mission and values Provide key measures of success Provide strategies, tactics, polices and processes to achieve key objectives Deliver real bottom line benefits.

  24. PRD Group Benefits to Protocol Consultancy ServicesInspiring a shared vision Envision the future by imagining exciting and enabling possibilities (learner booklet – next employer booklet?) Enlist others in a common vision by appealing to shared aspirations (whole organisation approach) Search for opportunities by seeking innovative ways to change, grow, and improve Foster collaboration by promoting cooperative goals and building trust Strengthen others by sharing power and discretion

  25. Quotes – Confusious: Churchill: Anne Frank • When you meet someone better than yourself, turn your thoughts to becoming his equal. When you meet someone not as good as you are, look within and examine your own self. • I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals. • We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same