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WELCOME TO J.O.T.A. Patch ordering info. Badge and Patch Activity Presented by: Mark Spencer, WA8SME. Overview. Junior Girl Scout Amateur Radio Patch The who, what, how, and fun of Amateur Radio How radio waves travel Use of “codes” to expedite communication

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welcome to j o t a


Patch ordering info

Badge and Patch Activity

Presented by:

Mark Spencer, WA8SME

  • Junior Girl Scout Amateur Radio Patch
    • The who, what, how, and fun of Amateur Radio
    • How radio waves travel
    • Use of “codes” to expedite communication
  • Cadette or Senior Girl Scout Amateur Radio Patch
    • Journey inside of a radio
    • Open, closed, and short circuits…a shocking experience
    • Call signs…radio names
    • On-the-air
what is amateur ham radio government definition
What is Amateur (Ham) Radio(government definition)
  • Amateur Radio is a radio communications service for the purpose of self-training, intercommunication and technical investigations carried out by amateurs, that is authorized persons interested in radio technique solely with a personal (non-business) aim.
        • FCC Rules Part 97.3
ham radio operators
Ham Radio Operators
  • Come from all walks of life: young and old, boys and girls; without regard to ability.
  • Shared interest in many things including:
    • Communicating and meeting new people
    • Talking to new places around the world, around the block, or in space
    • Science and technology
    • Computers
    • Community service and helping others
    • Competitions
    • Learning new things and applying what you learn
how do i become a ham
How Do I Become a Ham?
  • Takes a few hours to study for a Ham Radio Operator’s exam
    • Study by yourself, with a group, or both
    • Books are available that have all the information you need, INCLUDING THE EXAM QUESTIONS
  • The entry level (Technician) exam is 35 questions, multiple choice
    • Exams are given frequently in this area
  • When you pass the exam (and you will), the FCC will issue you your own, unique radio name…your call sign
local radio clubs
Local Radio Clubs
  • Newington Amateur Radio League (NARL)
    • The local Ham Radio club that meets once a month
    • Participates in community activities and events
    • Holds Ham Radio classes throughout the year
  • Connecticut Amateur Radio League of Youth (CARL)
    • Ham club who's members are primarily young Ham Radio Operators
    • Participates in community activities and events
    • Conducts a weekly net (on-the-air gathering for chat)
    • Have their own club call sign K3KID
  • American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
    • National organization that supports Ham Radio
communication with codes radio shorthand
Communication With Codes(Radio Shorthand)
  • Morse Code abbreviations
  • “Q” Codes
  • Phonetic Alphabet
  • Signal Reports…”I read you 5 by 5.”
the journey inside a radio
The Journey Inside a Radio
  • Major Radio Station Components
    • Transceiver
      • Transmitter
      • Receiver
    • Antenna
      • Antenna feed line
    • Input device
      • Microphone
      • Telegraph key
      • Computer
      • TV camera
station block diagram

Mic or Key


T/R Switch




Station Block Diagram


Antenna Feed Line

basic electricity
Basic Electricity
  • The fundamental principle of electronics
    • Moving electrons create a magnetic field
    • Changing magnetic fields cause electrons to move
  • Electronics is how we manipulate moving electrons to create the desired effect
the three parts of electricity
The Three Parts of Electricity
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Resistance
the three parts are related by ohm s laws
The Three Parts are Related by Ohm’s Laws
  • Voltage = E
  • Current = I
  • Resistance = R
  • Ohms law is the most important relationship (formula) in electronics
two types of electric current
Two Types of Electric Current
  • Direct Current
    • Electrons flow in only one direction
    • Batteries
  • Alternating Current
    • Electrons flow back and forth in a conductor
    • Electricity from your wall sockets
electronic circuits pathways for electrons
Electronic Circuits(pathways for electrons)
  • Complete (Closed)
    • Proper circuit to cause electrons to do something useful
  • Short
    • Direct path that bypasses a portion of a circuit (usually a bad/dangerous thing)
  • Open
    • A broken circuit with no completed pathway for electrons (usually a safety condition)
electronic schematics
  • Roadmaps of the inside of a radio
  • Used to build, trouble- shoot, and repair electronics
the resistor
The Resistor
  • The component that impedes or restricts the flow of electrons in a circuit
the capacitor
The Capacitor
  • The component that acts like a very small battery. The capacitor temporarily stores energy in an electrostatic field between two metal plates
the inductor
The Inductor
  • The component that stores energy by creating a magnetic field. The inductor is a coil of wire
the transistor
The Transistor
  • Think of the transistor as an electronic valve that we use to control the flow of electrons
the vacuum tube
The Vacuum Tube
  • The predecessor of the transistor. Also a valve used to control the flow of electrons.
  • Not very energy efficient, used a lot of energy in heat
  • Some tubes still in use today (your computer/TV monitor)
  • Many kinds and types of switches. Opens and closes a circuit to either stop or allow the follow of elections.
  • Here a just a few symbols for various switches
integrated circuits
Integrated Circuits
  • Integrated means to “place together”
  • Integrated circuits are collections of electronic components put together to do a particular task
ham radio call signs
Ham Radio Call Signs
  • WA8SME
    • W (A, K, N) = United States
    • 8 = from the 8th call district (MI, OH, W.Va)
    • SME = The next letters in line when issued
ham radio call signs34
Ham Radio Call Signs
  • DA1OY
    • D = West Germany
  • G5EPV
    • G = England
  • HL9AW
    • HL = South Korea
ham radio call signs35
VE = Canada

XE = Mexico

U = Russia

BY = China

J = Japan

VK = Australia

ZL = New Zeeland

I = Italy

F = France

CO = Cuba

PY = Brazil

4X = Israel

5V = Togo

8Z = Saudi Arabia

Ham Radio Call Signs
operating a ham radio station
Operating a Ham Radio Station
  • Calling any station “CQ”
  • Talk like you normally would except…only one person can talk at a time, that is called half duplex
  • Non Ham Operators talking on the radio is called “third party” traffic…some minor restrictions
  • Give your station call sign each 10 minutes
  • Contacts will be “logged” (recorded) so that QSL cards can be issued if requested
operating a ham radio station37
Operating a Ham Radio Station
  • Don’t be afraid to talk, you won’t break anything!
  • Have fun meeting new people…across the street, around the world, or in space:

Ham Radio