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Preparing for Foreign Travel

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Preparing for Foreign Travel. Mala Seshadri Travel Manager Rosa Foote Foreign Travel Nancy Penson Dan Ditchman Travel Office. Fermi Travel Policy. All travel for Fermilab business must adhere to Fermilab's travel policies and procedures.

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Preparing for Foreign Travel

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preparing for foreign travel
Preparing for Foreign Travel

Mala Seshadri

Travel Manager

Rosa Foote

Foreign Travel

Nancy Penson

Dan Ditchman

Travel Office

Fermilab Travel Office

fermi travel policy
Fermi Travel Policy

All travel for Fermilab business must adhere to Fermilab's travel policies and procedures.

  • The intent of the travel policy is to effectively plan, book and reimburse travelers for their travel expenses within DOE guidelines and procedures.
  • Fermilab complies with the policies and regulations of Fermi Research Alliance, LLC (FRA), the Federal Travel Regulations and the Department of Energy's Order 110.3A "Conference Management."
  • Detailed information about the Federal Travel Regulations can be referenced at this Department of State website.
  • Where personal travel is taken in conjunction with a business trip, all expenses related to the non-business portion of the travel will be paid by the employee.

Fermilab Travel Office

getting travel authorization
Getting Travel Authorization

To Get Authorization

  • Use the Fermilab Travel Authorization (TA) form for approvals.
  • Provide Foreign Travel Information in FTMS.
  • Submit the TA to Foreign Travel Office for review.
  • Give at least 24 hours before contacting the Travel Office for reservations.

Fermilab Travel Office

fnal doe required forms
FNAL/DOE Required Forms

Required Forms: (if applicable)

  • Travel Authorization (TA) – Hard Copy
  • Cost Estimate Sheet – Hard Copy
  • Non-Doe/Foreign Funding Documentation - Attached in FTMS
  • Exception Waiver (Late Justification Form) - Attached in FTMS
  • Approval Request for Exceeding Lodging Costs - Attached in FTMS
  • CAAR – Conference Attendance Approval Request - Attached in FTMS ONLY (WORD.doc format only)
  • Revision Request Form – Hard Copy or Email, based on Revision Type

Fermilab Travel Office

ftms sections i ii iii section i
FTMS Sections I, II & III – Section I
  • Tips:
  • Put SC for all travel
  • This designates Office of Science
  • Social Security number use last 4 digits
  • Ability to add more than one passport
  • Visa Information- Not Required
  • Local Org/Dept Code Travelers site specific Organization or department code
  • Local Facility- Designates facility at which traveler works - within their site
  • Local ID-Travelers Local ID (badge) number

Fermilab Travel Office

ftms sections i ii iii section i6
FTMS Sections I, II & III - Section I


If not a Fermi Employee-use appropriate Employee Type

Work Phone and Work Fax number are required fields

First Email address is the Traveler’s

Fermilab Travel Office

ftms sections i ii iii section ii
FTMS Sections I, II & III -Section II
  • Tips:
  • Actual departing date from home city – Matches TA Departure Date Return Dates
  • Arrival date into home city (U.S. soil) - Matches TA Return Date
  • If Non-DOE funded - leave Program Office blank
  • (Non-DOE funding is U.S. based)
  • All Foreign Funding (non U.S.) is now captured as Sensitive in FTMS (*)
  • Org. Code -always SC
  • Benefit to Government must be filled out
  • Add Attachments
  • Medical “YES”

Fermilab Travel Office

ftms sections i ii iii section iii
FTMS Sections I, II & III - Section III
  • Tips:
  • Use USMISSION Geneva for all CERN Trips
  • If Destination Country is Sensitive this is “Yes”
  • Embassy Assistance – Leave Blank. Do not enter any information in these boxes.

Fermilab Travel Office

ftms sections i ii iii section iii9
FTMS Sections I, II & III – Section III
  • Tips:
  • Host Information & After Hours cannot be the same
  • Hotel city should be listed if different than business city.
  • Date visited is first day you visit the facility.

Fermilab Travel Office

final check in ftms
Final Check in FTMS

Before submitting the trip –

click on

“Data Review of Entire Trip”

to ensure that all sections are complete.

Fermilab Travel Office

non doe foreign funding
Non-Doe/Foreign Funding

For Non-DOE funding the following documentation will be required to process approval:

  • Proper funding documentation, comes from the paying funding source themselves, either on letterhead from their institution, or on email where the email address of the sender of the statement can be traced to that institution.
  • The document must specify exactly what the source will be paying for.
  • This information is uploaded in Section II “Attachments”      

Fermilab Travel Office

exception waiver
Exception Waiver

Late Justification Form

Should be signed, by Traveler and D/C/S Then scanned and uploaded into FTMS Section II


COO signs electronically

Fermilab Travel Office

lodging rate justification
Lodging Rate Justification

Approval for Lodging Rate above the FTR Maximum (Per Diem Rate)

Should be signed, scanned and uploaded into FTMS Section II

Line 28 -Attachments

Fermilab Travel Office

clearance to russia and ukraine
Clearance to RUSSIA and UKRAINE

*Russia and Ukraine* Country Clearance requires Itinerary & International Cell Phone number

Scan and uploaded into FTMS Section II

Fermilab Travel Office

approval for non conference
Approval For Non-Conference
  • Travel Authorization Form (Conference Regulator must enter exclusion code on TA). See attached Exclusion List.
  • Cost Estimatesheet

Fermilab Travel Office

conference travel
Conference Travel

The Conference Regulators must determine this travel event to be a conference.

Submit the Following:

  • TA
  • Cost Estimate
  • CAAR (Conference Attendance Approval Request (Only required when DOE funds are used) - Uploaded into FTMS Section II Line 28 Attachments (Do not send via email)

Estimate amount on CAAR, cost relates ONLY to the conference mentioned

Comply with the DOE Conference submission guidelines.

Fermilab Travel Office

doe deadlines non conference
DOE Deadlines – Non Conference

DOE requirement is

30 days prior to departure for

Non-Sensitive countries


30 days for Sensitive countries

*Please submit within set time frames

40 days prior to departure

The Foreign Travel office must receive the trip paper work at least 10 days prior to the DOE requirements to facilitate approvals.

Fermilab Travel Office

doe deadlines for conference
DOE Deadlines for Conference

DOE requirement

is 45 days prior to conference start date for Non-Sensitive


Sensitive countries

Fermilab Travel Office

sensitive country list
Sensitive Country List
  • Algeria
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • China
  • Cuba
  • Georgia
  • India
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Libya
  • Moldova
  • North Korea
  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Taiwan
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan

Revised October 2009

Fermilab Travel Office

u s visa applications abroad
U.S. Visa Applications Abroad

Non-US Fermilab employees who have to renew their US visas when outside the US and are on

official travel status cannot be certain of the length of time this process will take. Many have requested that during

this wait period they be able to work on their Fermilab work assignment at some institution near the US Consulate

that is processing their visa. Such an assignment must be approved by the Chief Operating Officer (COO), and the

COO or his/her designee will make arrangements with collaborating institutions, under the following circumstances.

  • The employee is on official foreign travel
  • The institution agrees that the employee can work at the institution on the employee’s Fermilab activity, and provides facilities such as a desk, computer link, etc.
  • The employee’s Division/Section/Center Head agrees that the employee can accomplish work valuable to Fermilab while away from the Lab.

Arrangements will be made for 30 days with the possibility for extension in 30-day increments. Financial support for

the duration of such assignments will be provided up to the normal travel policy.


  • The employee will be given a letter specifying the duration and location of the assignment.
  • COO approval on the TA is required prior to submission of Foreign Travel Trip Request.
  • Travel arrangements should not be finalized until COO approval and collaborating institution agreement have been obtained.
  • D/S/C Head approval of a travel request will be considered concurrence for such an assignment for up to 90 days. D/S/C re-approval of travel Authorization/assignment will be sought quarterly should the needed visa not be approved/issued.

Fermilab Travel Office

travel planning
Travel Planning

Prior to submission of paperwork check for:

  • Passport Validity - Make sure Traveler’s current passport is valid at least 6 months from date of return of current trip
  • Visa Requirements – Check Entry Requirements for country being visited (use link below for guidance)

Fermilab Travel Office

passport visa services support cibt
Passport & Visa Services & Support - CIBT

Service Directory

  • U.S. and Non-U.S. Passports
  • Recent Passport Updates
  • Visas
  • Visas - Quick Check (U.S. Only)
  • Australian ETA's
  • Traveling with Minors
  • Rates
  • International Driving Permits
  • Russia Business Invitations
  • Russia Tourist Visa Support Letter
  • Document Authentications:
    • Birth Certificates, Marriage, Divorce and Other Documents

Service Directory

  • Status Check
  • Package Tracking
  • Global Cell Phone Rental
  • Travel Arrangers
  • Tour and Incentive Groups
  • Outsourcing
  • Additional Online Resources
  • Glossary of Terms
  • FAQ's
  • Weekly Updates


Fermilab Travel Office

passport visa services support cibt24
Passport & Visa Services & Support - CIBT

How Do I Contact CIBT to Obtain Visa and Passport Information as a Fermilab Client?

All CIBT customer service is handled out of the National Customer Service Center. This Center features a toll-free customer service line to make it easy for you to access the travel document experts. Regardless of your location, CIBT's National Customer Service Center can answer your questions by using the toll free number and/or via e-mail.

When you contact CIBT for visa and passport information and requirements on behalf of your traveler, please have the following information available:

  • Traveler's nationality (i.e., country of citizenship and type of passport)
  • If the traveler is not a U.S. citizen, please ask the traveler what type of U.S. visa or work permit he/she holds
  • State of residence
  • Destination (s) including any countries that will be transited
  • Purpose of trip (business, tourism or other)
  • Length of stay in country

Fermilab Travel Office

passport visa services support cibt25
Passport & Visa Services & Support - CIBT
  • What Other Services Can CIBT Provide?CIBT can assist with a number of services related to international travel. For a complete list of products and services, please visit the website that was created for Fermilab:
  • Can I Refer a Traveler to CIBT Directly?Absolutely. CIBT can work directly with Fermilab and those who support them. If you do refer a traveler to CIBT directly, please provide them with the Fermilab Account number (42387) and CIBT's toll free number for clients (see previous page). You can also refer travelers through the use of the web link which takes you directly to our website using your account number. This feature allows travelers to go directly to our site and access the Fermilab account without knowing their account number. The web link is:
  • Does Fermilab Benefit from Any Discounted Rates?Yes. CIBT and Fermilab have negotiated rates that are significantly discounted. Fermilab travelers who access CIBT's information with their account number from the website will be identified and will automatically receive these rates.
  • How Does a Traveler Pay for CIBT's Services?CIBT will ask all travelers to provide their corporate credit card number to charge for visa and passport fees. CIBT will return an itemized receipt to each traveler with the traveler's passport.

Fermilab Travel Office

travel approvals
Travel Approvals
  • You must receive documented country clearance and a full approval from DOE prior to taking the trip. 
  • An email from approving requests for foreign travel is sent to all travelers that use FTMS. 
  • FTMS #, Destination, Dates of Travel is specified in this email. 

Fermilab Travel Office

travel planning27
Travel Planning
  • Please notify the Omega Travel Office if combining personal/vacation travel with official travel

Employee is responsible for all

expenses not related

to official


Fermilab Travel Office

revision request form
Revision Request Form

Contact the Foreign Travel Office for Revision to trip if trip is already submitted.

Fermilab Travel Office

foreign travel revisions
Foreign Travel Revisions…

After TA is submitted:

  • Please notify the Foreign Travel Office with the changes requested
  • Please use the Revision Request Form and follow the steps needed to complete process
  • The Revision Request Form should be used on all Revisions unless the Travel office determines otherwise

Fermilab Travel Office

settlement post trip expense voucher


Settlement-Post Trip Expense Voucher

Travelers: Upon return, submit the following to accounting at Mail Station 112 :

  • Copy of final approved Trip Authorization
  • Copy of approved CAAR form (if Conference)

(Approved TA and CAAR forms are found in FTMS Section II under Attachments)

  • Expense Voucher
  • Receipts
  • Supporting documents

Fermilab Travel Office

close out paperwork
Close–out Paperwork…
  • Closing out a trip request within the Foreign Travel Management System (FTMS) is required consistent with DOE Order 551.1C, which directs that the required documentation be submitted to closeout the trip in FTMS within 30 calendar days of return.
  • *Future Foreign travel maybe denied approval until all outstanding trips are closed
  • All DOE, non-DOE, foreign funds from the Audited voucher must be entered in the Post trip closeout in FTMS

(For Directorate travel only – FT office will enter the amounts)

  • Enter Abstract for OSTI Reporting. It should include the major highlights and benefits of the trip as well as the locations and results of any meetings held. You may type or paste in this field

Fermilab Travel Office

ftms post trip closeout
FTMS Post-trip closeout
  • After the Abstract is entered send only the audited voucher via email to Rosa Foote to facilitate closeout.
  • Do not send the audited Voucher until the audited amount and trip details are entered in the Post-trip Closeout screen in FTMS
  • If trip is100% non-DOE or foreign funded then an email should be sent stating “This trip can be closed. No voucher is required-



Fermilab Travel Office

travel office s role
Travel Office’s Role

Travel Office is now located on the 4th floor WH4SE - MS 207

Phone: 630-840-3398

Fax: 630-840-5075

We offer hands on training to new FTMS users.

Please email Mala at for more information

Fermilab Travel Office

points of contact
Points of Contact
  • Mala Seshadri – Ext. 8885 - Travel Office Manager
  • Rosa Foote – Ext. 2952 - Foreign Travel Office
  • Nancy Penson – Ext. 3398 - Travel Booking Office
  • Dan Ditchman – Ext. 3398 - Travel Booking Office
  • Lori Funk – Ext. 3045 - Employee Reimbursement
  • Elena Farago-Trofimuk Ext. 6795 - Visitor Reimbursement

Fermilab Travel Office