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Foreign Travel Voucher Preparation PowerPoint Presentation
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Foreign Travel Voucher Preparation

Foreign Travel Voucher Preparation

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Foreign Travel Voucher Preparation

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  1. Foreign Travel Voucher Preparation An Overview

  2. Prior to the Trip Print copies of travel spreadsheet Provide large envelope for spreadsheet and receipts Instruct traveler to log daily expenses Traveler to return completed spreadsheet and receipts to fiscal staff

  3. Preparing the Voucher For trips longer than 7 days write “see attached worksheet” on travel voucher For shorter trips use the regular travel voucher

  4. Travel Expense Spreadsheet

  5. Readying Receipts Step 1: Sort the receipts by date Step 2: Number the receipts Multiple expense categories on one receipt should be numbered 1a, 1b, 1c etc. Example: Three days of lodging would be 1a, 1b and 1c and a meal or taxi charge would be 1d All receipts should be cross referenced by number on the spreadsheet

  6. Readying Receipts Step 3: Receipts smaller in size than 8.5 in. by 11.0 in. should be taped, without overlap, on sheets of paper 8.5 in. by 11.0 in. in size. This is a requirement of the Microfilm Dept Step 4: Receipts or any other relevant information only on the face of the page. Nothing on reverse

  7. Readying Receipts Step 5: Show the conversion calculation and rate used for each major item such as lodging or major meal or other expense Step 6: For receipts in languages other than English, label main items such as lodging, meals, internet or taxi

  8. Conversion Calculation Step 1: Wherever possible, obtain the dollar amount from credit card statement Step 2: Foreign currency transaction fees charged by credit card companies can be reimbursed. Highlight these on the statement

  9. Conversion Calculation Step 3: If credit card was not used, then use to calculate currency conversions Step 4: Select the date on which bill was settled Step 5: For small expenses during trips lasting over 7 days use an average rate

  10. Conversion Calculation Step 6: has an average rate calculator. Providing start and end dates will get you the mean rate for the specified period. Do not print daily rate sheets for each day of the travel period Step 7: For trips exceeding one month, the average rate will need to be re-calculated for the next period to reflect appropriate rate changes

  11. Conversion Calculations Step 8: Indicate on the spreadsheet, the conversion rates used Step 9: Providing actual calculations for specific items, based on, saves processing time in Accounting Services as against merely providing currency rate used

  12. Meal Reimbursement Step 1: Use the web site of US Dept of State/Rates by Location to obtain the maximum daily M&IE rate Step 2: Attach a printout of the M&IE rate for the city within the country and highlight or circle the figure

  13. Meal Reimbursement Actuals of meal expenses are reimbursable and daily meal expenses should not exceed the M&IE ceiling Incidentals are taxi or train charges, telephone, Internet or laundry expenses

  14. Questions?