preparing for official travel domestic and foreign n.
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Preparing for Official Travel Domestic and Foreign PowerPoint Presentation
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Preparing for Official Travel Domestic and Foreign

Preparing for Official Travel Domestic and Foreign

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Preparing for Official Travel Domestic and Foreign

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  1. Preparing for Official Travel Domestic and Foreign

  2. Domestic and Foreign Travel Office Mala Seshadri Travel Manager Rosa Foote Travel Office Nancy Penson Dan Ditchman Travel Reservations Office Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 2

  3. Fermilab Contacts Your Travel Professionals • For Reservations:Nancy Penson,, 630-840-3398Dan Ditchman,, 630-840-3398 • For Foreign Travel Requests; Domestic  & Foreign Conferences:Rosa Foote,, 630-840-2952 • For Conference Travel Database; Foreign Travel, Conferences & Travel Office:Mala Seshadri, Travel Manager,, 630-840-8885 • For Travel Reimbursement: AccountingFor Employees: Lori Funk, Accounting,, 630-840-3045For Visitors/Users - Elena Farrago-Trofimuk,, 630-840-6795 • For Travel Advance- Roy Parker,, 630-840-5808 Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 3

  4. Fermilab Travel Policy All travel for Fermilab business must adhere to Fermilab's travel policies &procedures • The intent of the travel policy is to effectively plan, book and reimburse travelers for their travel expenses within DOE guidelines and procedures • Fermilab complies with the policies and regulations of Fermi Research Alliance, LLC (FRA), the Federal Travel Regulations and the Department of Energy's Order 110.3A "Conference Management" • Detailed information about the Federal Travel Regulations can be referenced at this Department of State website • Where personal travel is taken in conjunction with a business trip, all expenses related to the non-business portion of the travel will be paid by the employee Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 4

  5. Travel Policy…con’t • • Obtaining lowest available airfare (coach class) Secure reservations as early as practical. • Reimbursement is limited to business travel only • Use of Lab’s travel agency Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 5

  6. Secure Flight (TSA requirements)**NEW • Secure Flight (TSA requirements)**NEW • Questions?? • • Information: • • The airlines have asked travel agencies collect the DHS data to minimize any delay or disruption in the check-in process or at the airport. • The Travel Office will transmit the Secure Flight data elements to the airlines as a part of each required reservation • When fully implemented, Secure Flight will require all airlines to provide a passenger’s name as it appears on the government issued ID they plan to travel with, date of birth, gender, and redress number (if applicable). Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 6

  7. Profile Express (Travel Profile)**NEW • • The Travel Office will transmit the Secure Flight data elements to the airlines as a part of each required reservation • The Fermilab Travel Office will require all Fermilab travelers and Users to enter their own travel profile in the New Profile Express database.  • This database is secure and information provided will be stored permanently for all future travel.  You can also modify your travel profile at any time. • It is the traveler’s responsibility to verify frequent flyer traveler information at the airport until all profile data is updated Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 7

  8. Travel Authorization Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 8

  9. Preparing Travel Authorization (TA) • Designed for individuals responsible for submitting travel requests. • Use the most current spreadsheet to complete your Travel request. • Bookmark the website as your favorites for the updated alerts. • • Avoid handwriting data (besides signatures) Do not use abbreviations. • Assume all fields are required. If a field is not applicable, enter “N/A.” • If you miss a field, you could delay processing of the Travel Authorization • Submit Original/Approved TA to the Travel Office • If Domestic – Submit to the Travel Reservations Office (Nancy and Dan) • If Foreign - Submit to the Travel Office ( Rosa) Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 9

  10. Travel Information Section Cost Estimate: Use information from Cost estimate worksheet. • **Required for employees and DOE funded User Travel only. • Travel Advance • Complete the Advance Requested box either with an amount or with “0” . • If no advance is requested. ( Zero= -) Travel Advance is issued only when the Cost Estimate is submitted with the Approved TA For employees only. Itinerary information: Please complete the itinerary as sample below . Use other tabs for multiple itinerary segments Comments Provided for you to communicate with the Travel Offices. If travel to any ONE foreign country is over 30 days, please note information in this section. S.A.F.E training may be required. FT office will make that determination. Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 10

  11. Travel Information Section ...con’t • Car Rental: Justification is required for foreign car rental requests. Follow your internal policy for domestic car rentals. • Hotel: FTR max lodging rate is required regardless of whether the Travel Office books the hotel or someone else reserves lodging. • Visa Application: If official travel is in conjunction with visa application process, please liaise with the visa office and Roy Rubinstein before entering trip. Directorate Approval must be obtained prior to committing funds for travel. • Billing Details: Please provide details. • Personal Days: If combining official with personal travel enter the dates and destination. All expenses related to personal portion of travel will be at traveler’s cost. Travel Office will document the charges, if any, on the invoice. Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 11

  12. Traveler & Division Approval SectionSignatures • Prior to travel booking, the TA must be fully completed and approved by Heads • or designee. The D/S/C Head or Designee must sign in the box provided. • If D/S/C Head is same as the traveler’s supervisor, Head signs in the D/S/C Head Signature box provided. Applies to all travel( Domestic and foreign) • Travel Authorization must be signed and approved by Conference Regulator • If Domestic Conference, • CAAR as a Word doc. & Approved TA as a PDF. must be uploaded in CTD. Any questions on Domestic travel, please call Rosa Foote at x2952. • If Foreign Conference, CAAR must be attached within FTMS as a Word.doc. • Conf Regulator must verify that FTMS conference is entered correctly before submission. • If Non-Conference, Conference Regulator must include the exclusion number or N/A, sign and date. Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 12

  13. Changes to TA after submission • Once TA is submitted to the Travel Office, desired changes must be communicated to the Travel Office for further action. This applies to both Domestic and Foreign Travel. Changes may require re-approval. • Advance related changes or additions MUST be handled through the Travel Office. This applies to both Domestic and Foreign Travel. • Car rental: Addition of car rental will require approval from the Division. (This applies to Foreign Travel only). For Domestic Travel, please follow your internal D/S/C guidelines for adding a car rental. Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 13

  14. Non-Employee Travel • Non-employees on Domestic travel do not require a COST ESTIMATE. If lab funds are used, submit approved TA and contact Travel Office for reservations. • Non-employees on Foreign Travel and using DOE funds, must submit an approved TA and COST ESTIMATE. Contact Rosa Foote for details. Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 14

  15. Meals and Incidentals • • **NEW**For trips on or after 10/01/2009  you must reduce the M&IE claimed  on travel vouchers by the specified amount that GSA allocates when travelers receive meals at conferences or other events, including continental breakfasts.**  A written justification is  required if per diem is claimed for meals provided. Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 15

  16. Avis Car Rental • • Effective October 1, 2009, Avis and Budget will be the first car rental companies to prohibit smoking in their rental vehicles in North America. • Rental vehicles used in conjunction with official foreign travel require prior approval in the Rental Car Justification section on the Travel • Reimbursement of renting a GPS unit is an unallowable expense • Any incident/accident involving a rental vehicle should be reported immediately to the Fermilab Travel Office. Lab Extension(s):  8885, 3398 Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 16

  17. HotelsAirport Parking • • Hotel Reservations made by Fermilab travel Office are guaranteed.  If you are unable to honor your reservations and if you fail to cancel, you will be held financially responsible.  The phone number of the hotel is included on your itinerary for this purpose. • Hotel on-line booking reservation service fees are non-reimbursable. • • • Request your card before 11/30/09 a bonus of “5 FREE DAYS” of parking will be added to your new card!!!! • For Airport Parking Locations visit: Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 17

  18. Domestic Conference Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 18

  19. Domestic - Conference Travel • • If Conference is entered and shows OPEN and available in CTD, enter: • Traveler name & Profile • Upload TA (Approved TA , pdf.) • Upload CAAR ( word doc. Only) • If a Conference is NOT entered in CTD, • Add the new conference details. (You are now entering a NEW conference) • Once the new Conference is entered and saved in CTD, Travel office receives an automated email for verification. • An email will be sent from the Travel Office to the Admin via CTD to confirm Conference • Watch for Conference CLOSE date !!! • Once CLOSED, appropriate approvals will have to be obtained for re-approval • Approved CAAR's are now sent back to D/S/C to be attached to the Expense Vouchers. • Upon Reimbursement: You must enter the audited voucher amount in CTD Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 19

  20. CAAR Form • Follow the guide in the brackets italics to fill in the form • Always use Times New Roman 11 pt as your font and size Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 20

  21. CHUBB Travel Insurance Wilma Cardona Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 21

  22. What is CHUBB? • CHUBB is the business travel insurance for employees of Fermi Research Alliance, LLC • The policy provides 24 hour accident coverage while your are traveling on a business trip • Travel coverage covers short business travel from the time you go off site until the time you return

  23. What is business travel? • Travel away from Fermilab for business related purposes • Authorized by the employee’s supervisor • Documentation supporting the employee is on business travel. It can be Fermilab travel documents or an e-mail to supervisor • Examples of business travel: • Trip to CERN to assist with an experiment • Attending a conference in Naperville • Picking up office supplies at OfficeMax

  24. Who is eligible? • All active employees • All J-1 users that have been provided documents by Fermilab • Legal spouse and dependent children traveling with the employee on a business trip

  25. What is the coverage? • Employees • Death benefit - 5 times their basic annual salary up to a maximum of $300,000 • Medical Evacuation • Repatriation • J-1 user • Death benefit -$10,000 • Medical Evacuation • Repatriation

  26. What is the requirement to be eligible as a spouse or dependent child? • Spouse • Means husband or wife that is recognized by the laws of Illinois • Dependent Child • Unmarried child dependent on the employee for support • Covers a natural child, stepchild or adopted child • Under the age of nineteen • Under the age of 25 if enrolled as a full-time student • Disabled dependent child incapable of self-support and permanently dependent on employee for support

  27. What is medical evacuation? • The emergency transportation of the insured person from the location where the insured person is injured or becomes ill to the nearest hospital where the appropriate medical treatment can be obtained • Medical Evacuation must be ordered by a Physician

  28. What is repatriation? • Transfer of the insured person from the local hospital where the emergency medial care is initially given to the insured person ’s country home country or residency to obtain further medical treatment or to recover • Repatriation also refers to return the remains of the insured person’s place of residence in the event of their death

  29. Am I covered if I take vacation days during my business trip? • Vacation time Must coincide with the employee’s business travel • Person excursion is limited to any consecutive 3 day period immediately prior to, during or immediately following business

  30. What is MEDEX? • MEDEX provides for assistance with travel emergencies • Most of the assistance they provide is with travel abroad

  31. What types of assistance does MEDEX provide? • Replacing lost or stolen travel documents, including passports • Locating the nearest, most appropriate medical care • Establishing contact with family, personal physician and employer • Translation services and referral to local interpreters • Knowledgeable legal referral • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Services

  32. How do I contact MEDEX? • MEDEX Emergency Response Center telephone number is 1-410-453-6330.

  33. What documents do employees need to carry when traveling abroad? • MEDEX Identification Card • Medical Insurance Card

  34. Who pays the insurance premium? • Fermi Research Alliance, LLC

  35. Who submits the claim? • Benefits Office will submit the claim form to CHUBB • When the claim is for an accidental death, a death certificate is required

  36. Where can I find additional information? •

  37. Foreign Conference Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 37

  38. Foreign- Conference Travel If Conference, • Use Submission Guidelines to check Due Date to FT. • Upload the CAAR in FTMS, sec II, line 27   (Word Doc.) • CAAR will be retrieved from FTMS. • Approval for Foreign Conference will be emailed through FTMS. • Watch for Conference CLOSE date !!! • Approved CAAR's are uploaded into FTMS and MUST be attached to Expense Vouchers. Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 38

  39. FTMS - DOE RequirementSection I • Tips: • Put SC for all travel • This designates Office of Science • Social Security number use last 4 digits • Ability to add more than one passport • Visa Information – Do add any information in this area • Local Org/Dept Code Travelers site specific Organization or department code • Facility- Designates facility at which traveler works - within their site • Local ID-Travelers Local ID (badge) number Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 39

  40. FTMS - DOE Requirement Section I- con’t • Tips: • If not a Fermi Employee-use appropriate Employee Type • Work Phone and Work Fax number are required fields • First Email address is always the Traveler’s Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 40

  41. FTMS - DOE Requirement Section II • Tips: • Actual departing date from home city – Matches TA Departure Date Return Dates • Arrival date into home city (U.S. soil) - Matches TA Return Date • If Non-DOE funded - leave Program Office blank • (Non-DOE funding is U.S. based) • All Foreign Funding (non U.S.) is now captured as Sensitive in FTMS (*) • Org. Code -always SC • Benefits to Government must be filled • Add Attachments Here • For Medical Always “YES” Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 41

  42. FTMS - DOE RequirementSection III • Tips: • Use USMISSION Geneva for all CERN Trips • If Destination Country is Sensitive this is “Yes” • Embassy Assistance- Leave all fields blank Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 42

  43. FTMS - DOE Requirement Section III , cont… • Tips: • Host Information & After Hours cannot be the same • Hotel city should be listed if different than business city. • Date visited is first day you visit the facility. • S.A.F.E training required for stay over 30 days. Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office

  44. Travel To Russia & Ukraine • Enter Airline details in Section II • In the interest of safety of our Travelers, all travelers to the Russian Federation and Ukraine must provide an international cell phone or Blackberry number on all foreign travel requests • If going as a group, one number can be used for all travelers Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 44

  45. Voucher Submission Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 45

  46. Preparing Travel Expense Voucher • Voucher Settlement Upon completion of the trip, the Travel Expense Voucher and receipts must be forwarded to the Accounting Dept at MS 112 for settlement/payment. The Accounting Dept will not finalize settlement/payment unless the original copy of the approved Expense Voucher and copy of final Travel Authorization is submitted. • Copy of the final Approved TA • Original Approved Expense Voucher • Receipts • Supporting Documents • Approved Conference Approval form (CAAR) • Signature requirement. Approver of Expenses must sign and date. Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 46

  47. Preparing Travel Expense Voucher con’t… • If meal expenses are included in the Registration fees, the MI&E rate is reduced. See link provided in the Expense Voucher tabs of the TA • When some or all of a traveler's meals are provided either by the host or included in the registration fees, the per diem rate is reduced, regardless of whether the traveler chooses to eat the meals provided.  A written justification is required if per diem is claimed for meals provided. • **Effective 10/01/2009 - Continental breakfasts are considered breakfast for rate reduction purposes.  Meal reimbursement is reduced by a portion of the daily per diem rate in accordance with current standard meals and incidental expenses (MI&E) breakdowns per the Federal Travel Regulation for domestic areas, which can be accessed at the GSA Domestic MI&E website and the GSA Foreign MI&E website.  • If an optional banquet or meal fee is charged at a conference, this fee is considered a personal expense. Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 47

  48. Trip Cancellation • When cost is incurred on a cancelled trip, mark "X" in the box in section F of the voucher. Provide a brief reason for cancellation. This will generate a "TRIP CANCELLED" message at the bottom of the Voucher page. • Send cancelled voucher to Accounting along with proper receipts and required documentation. • Cancel all travel arrangements in compliance with the terms of hotel, airline, limousine etc. Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 48

  49. FTMS Closeouts - Foreign • • Closing out a trip request within the Foreign Travel Management System (FTMS) is required consistent with DOE Order 551.1C, which directs that the required documentation be submitted to closeout the trip in FTMS within 30 calendar days of return. • If trip is100% non-DOE or foreign funded then an email should be sent stating “This trip can be closed. No voucher is required” to Fermilab Travel Office Fermilab Travel Office 49