Cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
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Cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 Shaun Chappell Support Professional Microsoft Product Support – Desktop Microsoft Corporation Cookies in Internet Explorer 5.5 Introduction Purpose of the WebCast What will be covered? What are cookies? Different types of cookies Security

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Cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5Shaun ChappellSupport ProfessionalMicrosoft Product Support – DesktopMicrosoft Corporation

Cookies in internet explorer 5 5 introduction l.jpg
Cookies in Internet Explorer 5.5Introduction

  • Purpose of the WebCast

  • What will be covered?

    • What are cookies?

    • Different types of cookies

    • Security

    • Importing and exporting cookies

    • Other information

    • Questions

What are cookies what are they for l.jpg
What Are Cookies?What are they for?

  • Cookies allow Web pages to “change state”

  • Cookies save time

What are cookies how much space do they take up l.jpg
What Are Cookies?How much space do they take up?

  • Cookies are just text files

  • Cookies have a maximum size of only 4 KB each

  • Cookies are limited to twenty per domain

What are cookies a cookie example l.jpg
What Are Cookies?A cookie example

  • Cookies are named in the following fashion: (username)@(domain)

  • The information in a cookie is understood by the Web page that created it

Where are cookies l.jpg
Where Are Cookies?

  • Cookies are stored, by default, in the C:\Windows\Cookies folder

  • Cookies can also be viewed in Temporary Internet files (on the Tools menu, click Internet Options, on the General tab, click Settings, and then click View Files)

  • Cookies can be viewed by double-clicking them

Different types of cookies per session cookies l.jpg
Different Types of CookiesPer-session cookies

  • Whenever a cookie is created, it may have an expiration date

  • If a cookie does not have an expiration date, it is removed when all copies of Internet Explorer are closed

  • This is known as a per-session cookie because it only exists for one session

Different types of cookies some cookies stick around l.jpg
Different Types of CookiesSome cookies stick around

  • A cookie can be given an expiration date by the Web page you are visiting

  • When the cookie has expired, it is deleted

Cookies and security default security settings l.jpg
Cookies and SecurityDefault security settings

  • Remember that many Web pages use cookies

  • For each security setting, you can select Enable, Disable, or Prompt (but no default security setting changes an option to Prompt)

Cookies and security you can make the choice l.jpg
Cookies and SecurityYou can make the choice

  • You can customize which Web sites you trust, which ones you distrust, and the default security for everything else

  • This can be applied to more than just cookies

Cookies and security the four web content zones l.jpg
Cookies and SecurityThe four Web content zones

  • Internet

  • Local intranet

  • Trusted sites

  • Restricted sites

Cookies and security customizing zones l.jpg
Cookies and SecurityCustomizing zones

  • You can customize each zone by clicking the Custom Level button

  • To see the zones, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options, and then click the Security tab

Cookies and security custom security l.jpg
Cookies and SecurityCustom security

  • You can change the cookie security for each zone

Cookies and security trusted and restricted sites and cookies l.jpg
Cookies and SecurityTrusted and Restricted sites, and cookies

  • You can add a Trusted site or Restricted site by clicking the Sites button

  • Allows you to decide cookie preferences for each zone

Importing and exporting cookies introduction l.jpg
Importing and Exporting CookiesIntroduction

  • Why would you want to import and export?

  • What other Internet browsers can you import from?

Importing and exporting cookies how to import and export l.jpg
Importing and Exporting CookiesHow to import and export

  • On the File menu, click Import and Export to start the Import/Export Wizard

  • What other Internet browsers can you import from?

Cookies in internet explorer 5 5 other information l.jpg
Cookies in Internet Explorer 5.5Other information

  • Deleting Temporary Internet files does not remove cookies

  • To delete Temporary Internet files:

    • Click the Delete Files button on the General tabor

    • Select the “Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed” option on the Advanced tab