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Citizens of the World

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Citizens of the World. Presented By: Adrienne Reininga, Aimé Castillo, Hayley Steffen, & Aidín Castillo. Our Charge. Assessment of Global Citizenship as a Potential GE Component:

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citizens of the world

Citizens of the World

Presented By:

Adrienne Reininga, Aimé Castillo, Hayley Steffen, & Aidín Castillo

our charge
Our Charge

Assessment of Global Citizenship as a Potential GE Component:

  • To conduct analysis of the arguments that support or hinder instituting a global citizenship component
  • Compile student feedback and input
    • How it is compatible with the existing diversity requirement?
    • How will it effect time to degree?
  • Make recommendation on the types of courses or other experiences that may fulfill this requirement


“Is internationalizing the campus so important that students should pay the cost of $15,000 for an extra school year?”

“When you go abroad you become the ‘other’, even if you are a white student in Switzerland. And that is more valuable than sitting in a class room.”

“Planning for an education abroad experience is like planning for O-Chem.”

“Global awareness needs to be more than studying abroad, it needs to be at the heart of curriculum.”

what is global citizenship
What is global citizenship?

“Knowledge and skills for social justice, community building, and environmental awareness around the world”

-UC Davis Academic Senate Committee on

International Studies and Exchanges


Why Internationalize?

“And what better place to prepare those world citizens, people who can see bridges instead of boundaries, than at our colleges and universities? I hope that a global perspective will eventually permeate our curriculum and our discussions and that the day will come when all of our students will be able to have an experience in another culture”

-Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef (2004 Convocation speech, “Crossing Boundaries Imagined and Real”)


our approach
Our Approach
  • Interviewed faculty, staff and students.
  • MyUCDavis survey (undergraduate students).
  • Four focus groups.


chancellor s fall conference recommendations
Chancellor’s Fall Conference Recommendations
  • Establish a GE requirement.
  • Fulfill with a Study Abroad experience or an Escape Clause— “off-campus experience”
  • Appoint a Task Force
  • Integrate into the entire undergraduate curriculum.


faculty staff and student interviews who attended the chancellor s fall conference
Faculty, Staff and Student Interviewswho attended the Chancellor’s Fall Conference
  • Trends:
    • Everyone we interviewed agreed that a global perspective was a valuable component.
    • Nearly everyone thought the GE needed to be revamped


faculty staff and student interviews who attended the chancellor s fall conference1
Faculty, Staff and Student Interviewswho attended the Chancellor’s Fall Conference
  • Concerns:
    • Time to degree
    • Number of units required
    • Problems already with the GE, especially Writing Requirement
    • Study abroad may not be a feasible option
    • How to make students see this as an opportunity not a requirement?


student voice
Student Voice

“General education courses are something all students have to face sometime in their college careers. Concerns over having to take classes that can be completely unrelated to a student’s actual major is a legitimate worry, but it doesn’t have to be”


Student Voice
  • Diversity:

“We can’t expect people to understand international diversity if they aren’t aware of diversity issues on our campus”

“If you can’t get them to step outside of their box, at least you can get them to look out of the window of their box”

“This will allow people to interact with people outside of their own bubble…it will pop their bubble”


student voice2
Student Voice
  • Reasons for internationalizing UCD:

“Is internationalizing UC Davis, just a marketing strategy?”

“If the point of GE is to make students well rounded, then the definition of well rounded should include international awareness. The administration could voice its importance by making it a requirement”

“Ethnic studies should be a requirement like the Subject A. Students should be mandated to take it in order to graduate”


student voice3
Student Voice

“The effectiveness of this GE component will depend on its structuring”

  • GE component should not increase the number of units
  • Courses offered under this component should be carefully selected so as to meet with the intended goal of the GE.


how important do you think it is for students to graduate with a global perspective
How Important Do You Think It Is For Students To Graduate With a Global Perspective?

n= 2,348


this is important and should be a future requirement most likely meet the requirement by
This is important and should be a future requirement.Most likely meet the requirement by:


Total: 1,346

This is important, but I would have difficulty incorporating it into my studies. While difficult, most likely incorporate by:


Total: 1,565

This is NOT important and should be left as an elective optionI don’t think this should be required of me because:


Total: 1,392

cise proposal for global citizenship ge
CISE Proposal for Global Citizenship GE
  • Add 3 units to GE requirements
  • Study abroad experience
    • Courses approved for GE Global Citizenship offered by the UC Education Abroad Program, UC Davis Summer Abroad, UC Davis Quarter Abroad, International Internships, or non-UC study abroad programs


  • An approved course offered on campus
    • Focus on international or transnational phenomena
    • Courses discussing movement of people or political/ social movements beyond national borders
    • Courses in international law, global economics, world history, global politics, immigration, world agriculture, etc.

(Thanks to CISE GE task force)Aidín

  • Global citizenship would be valuable to the undergraduate experience
  • Action Plan:
    • Restructure the entire GE
    • Avoid increasing units
    • Restructure the diversity requirement so that the diversity req. and global citizenship component have clear and separate goal
  • Urge the committee to continue to seek the student voice
  • Do not compromise the intent of this component
  • Sponsor: Dr. Gail “the great” Martinez
  • Professor Dan Simmons
  • Diane Adams
  • Professor Peter Schiffman
  • Professor Dan Potter
  • Professor Charles Lesher
  • Vice Provost Fred Wood
  • Professor Ann Orel
  • Professor Dennis Dutschke
  • Professor Eric Schroeder
  • Steven Baissa
  • Professor Jay Lund
  • Professor Kathryn Radke
  • Carrie Devine
  • Angelina Malfitano
  • Eric Zamora
  • Professor Robert Blake
  • Professor Jeannette Money
  • Gillian Butler
  • Eisha Zaid
  • Dr. Wesley Young
  • Professor Jade McCutcheon
  • Professor Bill Fleenor
  • Professor Mimi Jenkins
  • All the Students who participated in our focus groups