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Talking Technology Transfer

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It’s all here… Technology transfer Spin-offs and start-ups Business incubation Pre-seed and seed funding Talking Technology Transfer. Christopher D. McKinney Director Office of Technology Transfer and Enterprise Development Lecturer

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talking technology transfer

It’s all here…

Technology transfer

Spin-offs and start-ups

Business incubation

Pre-seed and seed funding

Talking Technology Transfer

Christopher D. McKinney


Office of Technology Transfer and Enterprise Development


Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

September, 2003

bringing the three functions together multiplies the opportunities for vanderbilt
Bringing the three functions together multiplies the opportunities for Vanderbilt

Technology Transfer

Enterprise Development

Business Incubation

otted serves vanderbilt in many ways
OTTED serves Vanderbilt in many ways
  • Technology services Identification Protection Marketing Licensing Management
  • Enterprise development
  • Bio-business incubation
  • Education and in-reach
  • Compliance (federal, non-federal)
  • Materials transfer agreements
  • Clinical trials agreement services
  • Sponsored R&D agreement services
relationships matter
Relationships matter…

Association of University Technology Managers

Tennessee Technology Transfer Leadership Forum

Licensing Executives Society

principal forms of ip
Principal Forms of IP
  • Patent
  • Copyright
  • Trademark/Service Mark
  • Trade Secret
why ip
Why IP?
  • IP is a form of property which is intangible yet often quite valuable
  • The “value capture” comes through leveraging IP in partnerships, joint ventures, research collaborations, licenses, and the like

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utility patent
What?- process- machine- product- composition of matter (includes software)

Patentability- novel- useful- non-obvious

Exclusive right – not an affirmative one!

Term- 20 years from filing

Challenges – must file within one year of public use, offer for sale, sale, or publication; enters public domain after expiration of patent

Variations- plant patent (asexual reproduction)- design patent (ornamental - 14 years)

(Utility) Patent
read 180
READ 180 ®

Original works of expression fixed in a tangible form, including literary, musical, pictorial, graphic, sculptural, and audiovisual works (includes software)

Right to reproduce, make derivative works, publicly distribute, perform, and display work

Registration – not necessary but useful

Term – life of author + 70 years or if “work for hire,” shorter of 95 years from publication or 100 years from creation

But… only protects expression, not ideas; does not limit independent creation

Variation - mask works


trademark service mark
Any mark (e.g., word, group of words, logo) that identifies the source of goods or services from those of another when used in commerce

Owner can prevent others from using confusingly similar marks

Common law rights – federal and state registrations available

If registered on a federal basis, term can be extended forever

“Use it or lose it”

Avoid your mark becoming generic!

Trademark/Service Mark
Gatorade ®

trade secret
Data, formulas, patterns, compilations, programs, devices, methods, lists of actual or potential customers/suppliers that derive economic value from not being generally known or readily ascertainable

Enforcement based on proper safeguarding

Cannot be used to protect matter that can be readily observed or reverse engineered

Can be a valuable form of protection if relationships are managed effectively

Trade Secret
react 350
REACT 350 ®

high points
High Points
  • Patentinventions
  • Copyrightexpressions
  • Trademark/service markgood will
  • Trade secretsecrets
bio business in the gulch


Bio-business in the Gulch

Cumberland Emerging Technologies (CET)

contact information

Contact information

Christopher D. McKinney

Office of Technology Transfer and Enterprise Development

Vanderbilt University

1207 17th Avenue South, Suite 105

Nashville, Tennessee 37212

615/343-2430 (phone)

615/343-4419 (fax)