ics 131 social analysis of computerization l.
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ICS 131: Social Analysis of Computerization PowerPoint Presentation
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ICS 131: Social Analysis of Computerization

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ICS 131: Social Analysis of Computerization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ICS 131: Social Analysis of Computerization. Lecture 6: Social Aspects of Technical Issues - Software Packages. Announcements. Discussion sections today and Friday. If you are in the Monday section, you are encouraged to attend section today or Friday. Add Cards.

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ics 131 social analysis of computerization

ICS 131: Social Analysis of Computerization

Lecture 6:

Social Aspects of

Technical Issues -

Software Packages

  • Discussion sections today and Friday.
  • If you are in the Monday section, you are encouraged to attend section today or Friday.
add cards
Add Cards
  • Last check, 137 people enrolled
    • 47 Mon, 44 Wed, 48 Fri
  • I can sign a few add cards at the end of class if anyone needs signatures.
discussion section
Discussion Section
  • Make sure you are enrolled in one of the three discussion sections.
  • At least two people in this class are not registered for lecture, but only for section.
first set of short assignments
First set of short assignments
  • Should be ready for pickup today.
feedback on first set of short assignments
Feedback on first set of short assignments
  • On the whole, good.
  • Most people turned in all of the summaries, and had the requested content.
  • Biggest problem was with the summaries - not just rephrasing of abstract/conclusion
  • Also, make sure to tie second paragraph back to the reading (rather than “This reminded me of a weird looking dog I saw this morning. Wow, was it weird looking. Is that 150 words yet?”)
  • Technical points - staple the papers, have the summaries in the correct order, spell check first
negroponte reading
Negroponte Reading
  • If you turned in the Negroponte last Friday, please turn it in again on Friday. Since we’ll be grading it next week, if you don’t turn it in on Friday, you won’t get credit.
general questions
General Questions?
  • Also, specific questions can be asked in the discussion section.
key ideas
Key Ideas
  • Many factors affect how people use software packages beyond the functionality of the software itself.
  • Understanding these additional factors can help you make software that works well (and is used a lot.)
how today is different from the lecture on code a week ago
How today is different from the lecture on code (a week ago)…
  • The code lecture was about how/why people write code.
  • This lecture is about how/why people use code.
trying something vs adoption
Trying something vs. adoption
  • Factors that influence how someone first undertakes a certain behavioral pattern (such as software use) do not correlate fully with factors that determine whether or not that behavioral pattern becomes habitual.
factors that affect whether people try a software package
Factors that Affect Whether People Try a Software Package
  • Advertising
  • Word of Mouth
  • Expected Functionality
  • Social Implications
  • Learning about it from TV/Radio/Product Placement/magazines/etc.
  • Good part - expose willing purchasers to content that will make their lives easier/better.
  • Bad part - paid for by companies who are legally obligated to increase shareholder value, rather than to make purchasers lives easier/better.
word of mouth
Word of Mouth
  • Learning about something from friends, family, etc.
  • Good part - trusted source, first-hand experience
  • Bad part - Limited scope, since people only share what they already know with people they already know. (Works fairly well coupled with people’s exploration of software functionality.)
expected functionality
Expected Functionality
  • Derived from advertising, word of mouth, packaging.
  • Good part - helps people use things the right way
  • Bad part - Largely limited by what people already know or can learn in 30 seconds or less.
social implications
Social Implications
  • Will this make me cool/efficient/effective?
  • Will it allow me to integrate with other people like me?
  • Is it in the right language?
  • Is it made for the correct platform/OS?
  • Can I afford it?
  • Do I have the necessary capabilities (net, etc.)
  • Is it available for purchase near me?
  • Can I try a demo?
  • With other software
  • With other aspects of lifestyle
  • Many of the same factors apply again here, but also…
    • Usability
    • Functionality
    • Unexpected Benefits
  • Can I get things done in an efficient and enjoyable manner?
  • Design - Herbert Simon - producing preferred situations (is it better than the old way?)
  • Is the real functionality as good as (or better than) the expected functionality?
unexpected benefits
Unexpected Benefits
  • E.g., Roomba as cleaning partner
startup cost of a new technology
Startup Cost of a New Technology
  • Both a barrier to adoption and a cause of irrational persistence.
combining software packages
Combining software packages
  • Source of originality/complexity
  • Suites - made to work together
  • Global problems vs. local problems
topic for discussion
Topic for Discussion
  • Pick a software package of your choice.
  • Question:
    • Aside from functionality, what factors of that software influence its distribution and adoption?
  • Discuss with neighbors - 5 minutes.
today s guest speakers are
Today’s guest speakers are...
  • Baniani, Borzoo
  • Hill, David Lancing
  • Min, Kyunghwan
  • Chan, Chi Fai
  • Teoh, Andrew Yu-king
  • Kim, Jason Minjae
  • Delapp, Ryan Lee
  • Chiang, Benjamin

…come on down front!

next class
Next class
  • Social Aspects of Technical Questions - Networking
  • Readings: Watts, Greenhouse
  • Second Set of Reading Summaries due!