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Gregory Miller Senior Project Manager New Orleans District Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA) 103 rd Annual Con PowerPoint Presentation
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Gregory Miller Senior Project Manager New Orleans District Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA) 103 rd Annual Con

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Gregory Miller Senior Project Manager New Orleans District Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA) 103 rd Annual Con - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gregory Miller Senior Project Manager New Orleans District Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA) 103 rd Annual Convention August 20-22, 2008. Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) Closure Project Status. MRGO De-Authorization Study Authority. Public Law 109-234 (passed 15 June 2006)

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Presentation Transcript

Gregory MillerSenior Project ManagerNew Orleans DistrictGulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA)103rd Annual ConventionAugust 20-22, 2008

Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO)

Closure Project Status

mrgo de authorization study authority
MRGO De-Authorization Study Authority

Public Law 109-234 (passed 15 June 2006)

  • Chief of Engineers to develop a comprehensive plan to de-authorize deep draft navigation on the MRGO
  • Submit interim report to Congress no later than 15 December 2006
  • Refine the plan if necessary to be fully consistent with the Final Technical Report for the LACPR Plan

Conference Report

  • Include recommended modifications to the existing authorized navigation uses of the MRGO and any navigation uses that should be maintained
  • Identify measures for hurricane and storm protection
  • Develop the plan in consultation with St. Bernard Parish, State of Louisiana, and affected Federal agencies
water resources development act wrda authority
Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) Authority

Section 7013: Mississippi River Gulf Outlet

  • Directs the Secretary to submit a final report on the de-authorization of the MRGO
  • The report shall include:
    • A plan to physically modify the MRGO and restore the areas affected by the navigation channel
    • A plan to restore natural features of the ecosystem that will reduce or prevent damage from storm surge
    • A plan to prevent the intrusion of saltwater into the waterway
  • The Secretary shall carry out a plan to close the MRGO and restore and protect the ecosystem
final alternatives evaluated
Final Alternatives Evaluated
  • Future without de-authorization (No Action)
    • MRGO Channel is maintained at authorized dimensions
  • Alternative 1
    • Total closure of MRGO
  • Alternative 2
    • Phased construction of total closure structure
  • Alternative 3
    • Cease all maintenance and abandon channel
de authorization study recommendation
De-authorization Study Recommendation
  • De-authorize the MRGO from mile 60 to mile -9.4 with these features:
    • A full channel closure structure at the Bayou La Loutre ridge
    • Removal of relic aids to navigation (USCG determination)
    • Incorporation of the MRGO plan into the LACPR plan
    • De-authorization of jetties and bank protection features
  • GIWW reach (mile 60 to mile 66) and Michoud Canal sections of project remain authorized for deep draft navigation
plan selection rationale
Plan Selection Rationale
  • Cost effective while also meeting the criteria of completeness, acceptability, and effectiveness
  • Closure eliminates attempted navigation
  • Plan is politically and socially acceptable
  • Reduces adverse environmental impacts
  • Compatible with coastal restoration & storm protection goals of other Federal & non-Federal plans (reduces cost of Violet Diversion & LCA)
  • Consistent with multiple lines of defense strategy
  • Partially addressed WRDA 07 Section 7013 by modifying the MRGO channel while being cost effective, environmentally acceptable, and technically feasible
implementation schedule
Implementation Schedule
  • Sign MOA with State of Louisiana
  • Safety coordination and planning
  • Contract advertisement scheduled for 28 August 2008
  • Request & receive Right-of-Entry for construction activities prior to contract award
  • Notice to Proceed granted ~ two weeks after bid closing
  • Construction window of 200 days
  • Closure structure to be completed by 30 May 2009
coordination and related activities
Coordination and Related Activities
  • IHNC
    • De-watering, maintenance and repairs initiated 11 August 2008
    • Scheduled 60-day construction window
    • Set to finish prior to MRGO closure construction
  • Baptiste Collette Bayou
    • Controlling depth -12 MLG at mile 8.0
    • Maintenance dredging completed 4 July 2008
    • Allows traffic to continue during lock repair
  • MRGO Jetty Rocks
    • FONSI signed 21 July 2008 allowing possible rock reuse for closure structure construction
    • Contractors can prepare bids incorporating use of jetty rock
other considerations
Other Considerations

- IHNC Lock Replacement

- Emergency Response Plans

- Ecosystem Restoration Study Options

- Continue Open Lines of Communication

mrgo in relation to the new orleans metro area
MRGO in Relation to theNew Orleans Metro Area

Lake Pontchartrain

Lake Maurepas

Mississippi Sound


Lake Borgne

New Orleans

Chandeleur Sound

Mississippi River Gulf Outlet

Violet Canal

Lake Salvadore

Breton Sound

Gulf of Mexico


Site Selection

Closure Site

Closure Structure