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Construction Supervisor: Session 10 PowerPoint Presentation
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Construction Supervisor: Session 10

Construction Supervisor: Session 10

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Construction Supervisor: Session 10

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  1. Construction Supervisor:Session 10

  2. Construction Supervisor Unit Review • Concurrent Themes: • Safety • Communication • Leadership • Decision making • Company Policies and Procedures An AGC Construction Learning Tool

  3. Session 1Construction Supervision • Understand construction supervision • Identify common themes associated with supervision responsibilities • Organize and prioritize supervision responsibilities • Demonstrate leadership and motivation characteristics • Build relationships using your leadership styles • Display your competence to others An AGC Construction Learning Tool

  4. Session 2Company Responsibilities • Identify the hierarchy of supervision positions on the job and in your company • Understand the intent of your company mission and values • Apply company values to create and sustain a work culture and establish expectations • Interact with Human Resources in hiring, evaluating, disciplining and terminating workers • Recognize diversity in our workforce • Eliminate discrimination on the jobsite • Eliminate sexual harassment on the jobsite An AGC Construction Learning Tool

  5. Session 3Safety • Discuss how safety affects a company’s competitive position and profitability • Recognize stress characteristics and their impact on safe performance • Identify hazards and plan ways to eliminate or reduce them • List the direct and indirect costs of an accident • Discuss how EMR rates affect your company’s ability to compete • Understand OSHA administrative requirements • Recognize the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on productivity and safety An AGC Construction Learning Tool

  6. Session 4Communication • Recognize the supervisor’s role in the flow of communication on the job • Eliminate barriers to effective communication • Recognize and define the different forms of communication commonly used by construction companies and supervisors • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication • Use electronic communication devices effectively • Effectively listen • Handle confrontations effectively • Give orders and provide instruction An AGC Construction Learning Tool

  7. Session 5Problem Solving and Decision Making • Accurately identify problems • Develop a problem-solving attitude • Identify potential solutions to problems • Seek opportunities for improvement • Use the seven-step decision-making process An AGC Construction Learning Tool

  8. Session 6Planning and Scheduling • Define the importance of planning and organizing your work • Develop a work plan using the eight-step planning process • Utilize schedules to identify activities, durations, and activity relationships for planning purposes • Develop a bar chart • Develop a short term production schedule An AGC Construction Learning Tool

  9. Session 7Improve Productivity • Make decisions that impact the productivity on the job • Measure the productivity of your crew • Improve the labor productivity on your job • Improve the equipment productivity on your job • Improve productivity of suppliers and specialty contractors An AGC Construction Learning Tool

  10. Session 8Cost Awareness • Understand how a construction estimate is put together • Understand the differences between conceptual and detailed estimates • Perform quantity takeoffs from a plan • Use unit prices to control labor and equipment budgets • Control the impact of material costs on budget constraints An AGC Construction Learning Tool

  11. Session 9Contract Documents • Utilize different contract documents to define roles and responsibilities of those on a construction project • Manage change orders and make them a profit center • Understand different time impacts that can affect your schedule and work planning • Understand that the dispute resolution process emphasizes the resolution of disputes at the lowest possible level An AGC Construction Learning Tool

  12. Careers in Construction • Currently 818,000 jobs in the construction industry • Skilled trades • Supervisors • Managers • Job opportunities for all classifications are excellent • Growth projected at 11% An AGC Construction Learning Tool

  13. Construction Workforce Career Path • Job Opportunities • Who is included—craftworkers, supervisors, managers • Career Path • AGC and Other Education and Training Opportunities An AGC Construction Learning Tool