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Classroom Learning Walks

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Classroom Learning Walks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Classroom Learning Walks. The Public Schools of Petoskey. Learning Walks: A Classroom Walk-Through Model. Research Based Management By Wandering Around (Hewlett Packard and Peters & Waterman). Effects of Researched Learning Walk Models. Improved Teaching and Learning

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Presentation Transcript
classroom learning walks

Classroom Learning Walks

The Public Schools

of Petoskey

learning walks a classroom walk through model

Learning Walks:A Classroom Walk-Through Model

Research Based

Management By Wandering Around

(Hewlett Packard and Peters & Waterman)

effects of researched learning walk models
Effects of Researched Learning Walk Models
  • Improved Teaching and Learning
  • Higher Student Achievement
  • Better Student Conduct
  • More Reflective Thinking
  • Increased Communication
several types of classroom visits
Several Types of Classroom Visits
  • Formal Teacher Observation,
  • Informal Teacher Visitation, and
  • Classroom Learning Walks
classroom learning walk design
Classroom Learning Walk Design
  • A classroom visit with-
    • Focus(On several main areas)
    • Brevity(2-4 minutes)
    • Feedback(informal with staff)
    • Reflection (growth opportunity)
a classroom learning walk provides
A Classroom Learning Walk Provides
  • Another view ofeffective teachingand learning
  • Another way toconnect and communicate
  • Another lens to contemplateour common district goals in action
  • Another avenue for school improvement
a classroom learning walk is
A Classroom Learning Walkis-

Not A

Formal Evaluation

classroom learning walk goals
Classroom Learning Walk Goals
  • Continual Learning
  • Frequent, Relaxed Classroom Visits
  • Identification of Best Practices
  • School Improvement Examples
  • Increased Student Achievement
classroom learning walk four parts
Classroom Learning Walk Four Parts:
  • #1- Objective(s)
  • #2- Instruction
  • #3- Engagement
  • #4- Environment

Followed by Feedback & Reflection

1 objective s
#1: Objective(s)

Is There a Clear Objective

or Target for the Students

and the Teacher?

  • Standards & Benchmarks (GLCEs/HSCEs)
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Continual Progress Monitoring
2 instruction
#2: Instruction

Are Good Instructional Strategies Evident?

  • Research-Based

- Guided Practice & Check for Understanding

  • Various Assessment Tools
  • Differentiation Opportunities
  • Linked to District Goals for Reading, Writing, Math, Science, SS, etc.
3 engagement
#3: Engagement

Are the Learners & Teacher Engaged in the Learning Process?

  • The portion of classroom that is actively engaged in meaningful learning pursuits (target 100%)
4 environment

Is the Classroom Environment Conducive to Learning?

  • Organization for Maximum Learning
  • Evidence of Classroom Management
  • Positive Classroom Climate and Culture
feedback reflection
Feedback & Reflection
  • Give Feedback
    • Short, Personal or Staff Discussions
    • Shared Anecdotal Observations

A Reflection Opportunity- Evaluate, Apply, & Adjust Personally and /or as a Staff

purposeful reflection
Purposeful Reflection
  • Looks Back
  • Makes Sense of It
  • Learns
  • Looks Forward
  • Anticipates
  • Finds Resources
  • Gets Prepared for the Future!
the classroom learning walk
The Classroom Learning Walk

It can be an exciting

and worthwhile journey for everyone!

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Prepared by Lynn Slanec, Ed.S.