virginia s regional environmental management system l.
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Virginia’s Regional Environmental Management System PowerPoint Presentation
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Virginia’s Regional Environmental Management System

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Virginia’s Regional Environmental Management System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Virginia’s Regional Environmental Management System. ECOS-DOD Sustainability Work Group Meeting March 20, 2006. Michael Murphy Virginia Department of Environmental Quality What is the Virginia Regional Environmental Management System (V-REMS)?.

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Virginia’s Regional Environmental Management System

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    1. Virginia’s Regional EnvironmentalManagement System ECOS-DOD Sustainability Work Group Meeting March 20, 2006 Michael Murphy Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

    2. What is the Virginia Regional EnvironmentalManagement System (V-REMS)? • A partnership of public, private, and community organizations in Central Virginia • The V-REMS partnership focuses on: • Addressing regional environmental priorities • Improving communication and trust • Sharing environmental best practices • Sponsored by the Defense Supply Center Richmond (DLA facility) to promote sustainability

    3. V-REMS Phases I and II Phase I– Formation, Communication, and EMS Best Practices Sharing Phase II- Collective Targeting of Regional Environmental Priorities Partnership has grown from 4 to over 30 organizations

    4. Why was V-REMS developed? • Promote trust • Foster partnering to address regional environmental issues • Improve information exchange and environmental best practices sharing • EMS targets issues on-site; REMS provides members with the tools to address regional environmental, social, and economic issues • Tool designed to anticipate community challenges and promote proactive programs

    5. DoD and Federal Facilities Cities and Counties Private Companies Regulatory Agencies

    6. How does the V-REMS partnership work? • Regular communication between partners: • Monthly phone calls • 2-3 meetings annually • Sub-group calls on specific initiatives • Intranet site to share data • Neutral facilitator sponsored by DSCR staffs partnership • Level of effort: 4-5 hrs/month

    7. Examples of Action Items from Recent V-REMS Meeting: • Apply for grant to study “NOx-eating” concrete • Hold sub-group calls to discuss innovative energy efficiency approaches • Partners exploring E85 fueling station options in Richmond area • Hold sub-group calls to discuss EMS challenges and solutions

    8. Examples of V-REMS Accomplishments Environmental Improvement • Partnership won EPA Clean School Bus USA grant • Partners reduced emissions by switching to low-VOC paint Enhanced Cooperation Among V-REMS Participants • Better trust by community helped DSCR address concerns • Partnership facilitated trust between DEQ and partners Cost Savings • Hopewell Wastewater Plant increased revenue by $500,000 and reduced stormwater pollution Improved community recognition • DSCR won 2005 White House “Closing the Circle” Award, Businesses for the Bay Award • State Program recognition for many V-REMS partners

    9. V-REMS experience and unique benefits of REMS for DoD facilities • Better relationships with community stakeholders • Targets controversial relationships (i.e. sprawl) through community outreach strategies • Enhanced mission readiness • Greater operational control and preparedness (i.e. policy, permitting) • Improved security • Enhanced control of environmental security threats (i.e. water, wastewater) • Prepared for BRAC • Reduces risk at properties, increasing viability and use “DSCR's environmental impacts clearly extend beyond the fenceline of the installation.  As such, our efforts to address those impacts should do the same.” -RDML Michael J. Lyden, SC, USN Former Commander of DSCR

    10. Keys to V-REMS Success • Voluntary • No formality or bureaucracy to partnership • Ongoing involvement and cooperation with state • Common EMS language • Regular & frequent communication among partners • Willingness to try innovative approaches, share data/information, and enlist new partners • Focuses on local environmental priorities • Partnership helps each partner achieve individual environmental and organizational goals • Measurable environmental performance indicators

    11. V-REMS—A Successful Model • Can be replicated • Has shown quantifiable performance improvement • Can be championed by public and private organizations • Operationalizes sustainability Contact with questions: • Michael Murphy (VA DEQ): • Jimmy Parrish (DSCR)