ksa parks accommodating the next generation l.
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KSA Parks: Accommodating the Next Generation PowerPoint Presentation
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KSA Parks: Accommodating the Next Generation

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KSA Parks: Accommodating the Next Generation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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KSA Parks: Accommodating the Next Generation. KSA Sports Subcommittee Dee Price, Dick McGucken, John Kaskie, Janet Maloney, Chris Manthei Bob Rehak. July 16, 2009. 10 New Acres at River Grove. Approximate area available for development. Kingwood Service Association. Five Objectives.

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ksa parks accommodating the next generation

KSA Parks:Accommodating the Next Generation

KSA Sports SubcommitteeDee Price, Dick McGucken, John Kaskie, Janet Maloney, Chris Manthei

Bob Rehak

July 16, 2009


10 New Acres at River Grove

Approximate area available for development

Kingwood Service Association

develop a master plan that

Five Objectives

Develop a Master Plan that…
  • Allocates and guides development of new acreage at River Grove Park
  • Optimizes use of all land at DR, RG, NP
  • Upgrades facilities where possible
  • Accommodates community needs
  • Respects KSA’s ability to raise funds

Kingwood Service Association


Work to Date

  • Collected data from leaseholders
  • Solicited input from community groups
  • Debated ways to allocate space
  • Worked with sports groups to define characteristics of showcase facilities
  • Outlined three alternative plans
  • Presented options to Parks
  • Issued Request for Proposals
  • Received and reviewed four
  • Selected recommendation
  • Parks Committee approved recommendation

Kingwood Service Association


Next Steps

  • Immediate
    • Approve funding for development of Master Plan
    • Establish parallel entity that allows people and corporations to make tax deductible gifts of land or money to the effort
    • Begin master planning process
  • Before 2010 Budget Process
    • Establish target budget
    • Develop phasing schedule that accommodates our ability to raise money

Kingwood Service Association

kingwood sports groups ksa does not accommodate

Appendix A

Kingwood Sports Groups KSA Does Not Accommodate
  • Sports Activities Provided by Other Not For Profit Organizations in our Community (Service Provider)
      • Youth Football (Kingwood Football League)
      • Youth Flag Football, Youth Roller Hockey, Youth/Adult Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Girls Softball, Day Camps in Summer (YMCA)
      • Youth Rugby (Kingwood Rugby Club)
  • Sports Activities Not Provided by any Organization in the Kingwood or Surrounding Community
      • Adult Flag Football (Kingwood Adult Softball discontinued in 2006 due to insurance costs)
      • Adult Baseball
  • Sports Activities provided by For-Profit Organizations in the Kingwood Area
      • Youth Basketball (Competitive Basketball League)
      • Fun Fair Positive Soccer

Kingwood Service Association

requests for land by current sports groups

Appendix B

Requests for Land by Current Sports Groups

Kingwood Alliance Soccer Association

  • Requests KSA reassign the unlit soccer field at Deer Ridge leased by Texas Heat Wave to KW Alliance
  • Reports KW Forest Cove Baseball have authorized adding lighting to their poles to light soccer field
  • States that growing demand is necessitating need for additional lit fields

Kingwood Adult Softball Association

  • Requests 2.5 acres of additional land at Northpark to build second Adult Field
  • Agrees to work with Kingwood Girls Softball and KSA to develop integrated/shared softball complex
  • Supports development of unallocated field space for community use
  • Funds available to reimburse Texas Heat Wave for infrastructure investment (KASA share)

Kingwood Girls Softball Association

  • Requests additional space at Northpark to build more fields
  • Agrees to work with Kingwood Adult Softball and KSA to develop integrated/shared softball complex

Kingwood Horseman’s Association

  • Requests additional land at Deer Ridge for walking and grazing of horses
  • Requests return of the unlit soccer field which was part of its original lease

Kingwood/Forest Cove Baseball

  • Requests additional fields and upgrades to existing fields to make them regulation size

Kingwood Service Association