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Close Encounters …. …of a spiritual kind. Religious Dimensions. Mystery Explain earthly mysteries: Bermuda Triangle Dogon of West Africa The Bible Atlantis/Lemuria Give us new mysteries: Flight patterns Crop circles How and why are they here?. Transcendence.

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close encounters

Close Encounters…

…of a spiritual kind

religious dimensions
Religious Dimensions
  • Mystery
    • Explain earthly mysteries:
      • Bermuda Triangle
      • Dogon of West Africa
      • The Bible
      • Atlantis/Lemuria
    • Give us new mysteries:
      • Flight patterns
      • Crop circles
      • How and why are they here?
  • UFOs transcend our perceptions and experiences
  • Free of laws of physics, time-space
  • Evoke awe, humility, faith
supernatural beings
Extraterrestrials have abilities, and powers, that transcend nature

Contactees/abductees sometimes develop similar powers

Six Extraterrestrial “types”:

Supernatural Beings
the greys
The Greys
  • Four feet tall, hairless, sexless, big eyes
  • Zeta Reticululs
  • Barney Barnett, Betty & Barney Hill
  • Linked to technolgy, alien abduction, medical experimentation, hybridization, government conspiracy

The Blues

  • Similar in appearance to Greys, but with blue tint to skin
  • Arrived shortly after Greys, 1947
  • Warned US government of evil intentions of Greys, were rejected
  • Went to Arizona, allied with Hopi Indians
  • Robert Morningsky & Sky Warriors - “The Terra Papers”
  • Highly spiritually evolved, benevolent, fourth dimensional beings
  • Physical appearance either none (only speak through channels), or “nordic” – blond, beautiful
  • Barbara Marciniak, Billy Meier
  • Earth reaching point of spiritual transformation – Pleiadians will help

The Pleiadians

  • Extraterrestrial entities channeled by Barbara Marciniak
  • Similar message of personal responsibility, we are god, etc.
  • Added element = extraterrestrial origins of humans – created by aliens to fulfill spiritual destiny.
  • We have forgotten our destiny, however, and been led astray by poorly evolved aliens who fear our potential.
  • Bad aliens are in league with American government – a theme we will see more of in next section of our course.
  • Pleiadians are here to guide us back to spiritual path

Other Alien species

  • Lyrians – channeled by Lyssa Royale
  • Sirians – water-based, spiritual, concerned with humans, dolphins, whales
  • Orion Empire – Council of Light, Evil Orions
  • Reptoids/Reptilians – reptilian, possible masters of “Greys”, ancestors of humans, intent on conquest & stopping human spiritual evolution
  • UFO shape symbolic of perfection
  • Extraterrestrial societies vastly superior: free from poverty, violence, prejudice, etc.
  • Technology vastly superior: UFOs, etc.
  • Pursuit of perfection = religious goal


Mission of Extraterrestrials often understood as one of salvation – from nuclear, environmental disaster, or from spiritual lapse

Salvation needs supernatural (alien) aid

Salvation comes from outside, not inside




Like mystical experiences, close encounters (esp. of 3-5th kinds) transform effected individual

Person must reevaluate whole worldview, belief systems, religious faith, personal history

Become set apart, ostracized due to new faith – often “witness” to new truth

  • Who are we, why are we here? Traditional religious answers now found inadequate by some
  • Traditional Scientific answers also found inadequate
  • Extraterrestrials add new dimension to quest – combines “science” i.e. alien DNA, etc. with religion
  • Places human evolution in cosmic framework
mystical experiences
Mystical Experiences
  • Six basic elements of close encounter of 3rd or 4th kind:
    • Solitary
    • Isolated location
    • Wise superior beings take initiative in contact
    • Light is dominant symbol
    • Sexual element
    • Absence of natural sounds
mystical experiences14
Mystical Experiences
  • Reason one: von Daniken’s thesis – when mystics thought they were talking to supernatural beings, they were really talking to aliens
  • Reason two: Extraterrestrials are wise spiritual beings, like gods, so human spiritual response to them is similar
  • Reason three: human mind capable of producing certain mental stimuli, variously interpreted as contact with gods, or aliens
abduction experiences
Abduction experiences
  • John E. Mack
  • Harvard psychologist, Cambridge psychiatrist
  • Pulitzer Prize winner
  • Reluctant believer in alien abductions
  • Claims alien abductions have religious implications
religious transformation of consciousness
Religious transformation of consciousness
  • 8 ways abduction experiences trigger spiritual transformation:
  • Pushing Through – overcoming victim emphasis
  • Aliens as Intermediaries – coming to see aliens as halfway between human mortality & divine consciousness
  • Homecoming – sense of joy at relatedness to extraterrestrials – genetic link
religious transformation of consciousness17
Religious transformation of consciousness
  • Past Life Experiences – under hypnotic regression, abduction experiences traced back to infancy, plus memories of earlier lives
  • Altered view of human identity – humanness centered in
  • consciousness, not biology
  • Transpersonal experiences – identification with other
  • species – aliens, animals (dolphins, whales)
religious transformation of consciousness18
Religious transformation of consciousness
  • Double Alien/Human Identity – sense of double identity: fully human, but also alien – self as other, abduction a positive experience despite temporary fear
  • Collapse of Space/Time Dichotomies – past, present, future collapse; near/far dichotomies collapse – monistic sense of time/space emerges
responses to religious dimensions of ufo phenomeon
Responses to religious dimensions of UFO phenomeon
  • Many UFO enthusiasts simply reject religious dimensions in favour of pure science/technology emphasis
  • Others explore spiritual dimensions, and become convinced that extraterrestrials have spiritual agenda
  • In latter case, religious texts become source texts for showing ongoing interest of extraterrestrials in our spiritual evolution
  • For small minority, spiritual dimensions of UFO experiences become central focus of organized religious convictions – UFO groups, next week!