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The T.E.A. Party PowerPoint Presentation
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The T.E.A. Party

The T.E.A. Party

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The T.E.A. Party

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  1. The T.E.A. Party Taking Everyday Actions

  2. Main Menu • Tatchin Bio • Campaign Manager and Worker's Bio • Party Platform • Behind the Circus

  3. VOTE FOR TATCHIN Chelsea Tatchin graduated from Harvard Law. She was accepted to Princeton, Yale, and Stanford, but decided that Harvard was the best fit for her. Tatchin has served in the Air Force, fighting for our country. In her free time she has volunteered at several shelters. She even founded Tatchin Helping Handings, giving under-privileged children a chance to learn. Chelsea would love to be the first female president. Don’t forget- Vote Tatchin  Main

  4. 3 AMIGAS…. Maria, campaign worker number one, works with Chelsea at Helping Hands. She also attended Harvard Law. Natasha, campaign worker number two, sells reality. She lives with her husband and two kids. She attended Yale. Kathleen, campaign manager, just recently resigned from her job at the Helping Hands, and is working as a Public Offender. She attended Yale Law School. Main

  5. Party “It seems that the two main political parties have very black and white stances on things. The T.E.A Party, however, is trying to reach a sort of gray perspective so that the American people will be more provided than divided.” Main Platform

  6. Behind the Circus • Former ringmaster for world-wide-known circuses such as the Ringling Bros. And Barnum and Bailey, instructs would-be trainers to hook, electrocute, and tear skin from disobedient elephants. • The Barnum Circus hold animals in poorly ventilated boxcars for six hours or more without water. They are now being charged with murder of their dead lions. • Monkeys are being beaten endlessly with fists, wooden sticks, rocks, metal rods, or electrical shock devices. • Main