the birthday party n.
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The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party

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The Birthday Party

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  1. The Birthday Party By: Mark Halstead

  2. The Birthday Party By: Mark Halstead

  3. There once was a little boy named Jake. He was turning ten years old. Jake had a great family. He had two brothers and two sisters, along with his parents.

  4. Jake had a older brother and a younger brother. One brother was seventeen and the other one was eight. Jake’s sisters were older than him, one was eleven and the other one was fourteen.

  5. When Jake woke up, he went downstairs and saw presents. Jake wanted to open his presents, but his mom said not now.

  6. My birthday

  7. Jake’s birthday was on a Saturday, so he didn’t have to worry about school. Jake’s mom said that he could bring twenty friends over for the party.

  8. Jake’s party was at Chucky Cheese at 2 p.m. Jake was as happy as a kid in a candy store. Jake loves to play games.

  9. Jake’s friends got there, and they were racing in the jungle gym. Jake and his friends won four races.

  10. When they were done racing, Jake asked his mom, “When are we having cake?” Jake’s mom told him, “We are having cake at 4 p.m.”

  11. While Jake and his friends waited for it to be 4 o’clock, they went and played games. Jake played the Jackpot game, and he got a jackpot of tickets.DING! DING! DING!

  12. Jake won 100 tickets, and he wanted a singing fish that was 500 tickets. So, he kept playing games to get the tickets. Jake had 313 tickets when he ran out of tokens. He went to his mom so he could get more tokens, but she didn’t have anymore.

  13. Jake was upset at first, but his friends said they would help him get the singing fish by giving him tickets. After everyone gave him tickets, he was rolling in so many tickets- enough to get the singing fish. When he got the singing fish, it was time for cake and gifts. Then it was time to go home. Everyone said goodbye, and they went home happily.THE END.

  14. My name is Mark Allen Halstead JR., I live in New Castle and I’m a senior. I’m in masonry at Lawrence County Career & Technical Center, and my home school is New Castle Area School District.