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Parallels Plesk Control Panel Roadmap

Parallels Plesk Control Panel Roadmap Todd L Crumpler Sales Development Manager, Service Provider Division, Parallels Andrey Andriatis Chief Software Architect / Hosting and Automation, Parallels Agenda Parallels Plesk (Automation in Action) History of Plesk

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Parallels Plesk Control Panel Roadmap

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  1. Parallels Plesk Control PanelRoadmap Todd L Crumpler Sales Development Manager, Service Provider Division, Parallels Andrey Andriatis Chief Software Architect / Hosting and Automation, Parallels

  2. Agenda • Parallels Plesk (Automation in Action) • History of Plesk • Strategy (Business and Development) • Timeline and Roadmap • Coming Improvements (Focus on Quality) • Plesk Billing (Next Evolutionary Step in Completing the Hosting Solution) • SMB Edition (New Business Potential for Partners) • Plesk and APS (SaaS is Here Now) • Sitebuilder (A Peak into the Future) • Conclusion Parallels Summit 2008

  3. Optimized Computing • What we do • Virtualization, Automation, • Plesk Products • For Consumers, • Businesses, Hosting, and SaaS • Differentiation • 55+ Patents Issued/Pending • Hypervisor & OS Containers • Open, Complementary • Heterogeneous Support • Full Suite of Automation • Market Leadership • #1 in Desktop Virtualization • #1 in Container Virtualization • #1 in Server Control Panels • Fast Facts • Founded 1999 • 900+ Employees • Serving 10 Million Customer End Users • Focus • Partnerships • Customer Satisfaction Consumer & Business (On Premise) Service Provider(Hosted & SaaS) Usage Model Parallels Open Platform Ecosystem APS Standard APS Catalog &Marketplace APS Ecosystem AutomationDev Platform Automation Plesk Expand Plesk Billing License Automation Business Automation Plesk Control Panel Plesk SiteBuilder Operations Automation Virtual Automation Solutions Virtualization Desktop Workstation Server Containers System Support Baremetal/Hosted X86/x64 Windows Hyper-V Linux Mac OS Xen VMware IA64 Parallels Summit 2008

  4. History of Plesk • Dec 1999 – 1st Copy of Plesk Sold (Plesk 1.0) • Jan 2003 – Plesk 5.0 Released • Aug 2003 Plesk 6.0 Released • Dec 2003 Plesk for Windows Released • Feb 2004 Plesk 7 Released • Sept 2004 Plesk 7.1 Reloaded Released • Mar 2005 Plesk 7.5 Reloaded Released • Mar 2005 Plesk 7.5 for Windows Released • Oct 2005 Plesk 7.6 for Windows Released • Mar 2006 Plesk 8.0 for Linux\UNIX Released • Sept 2006 Plesk 8.0 for Windows Released • Dec 2006 Plesk 8.1 Released • Apr 2007 Plesk 8.2 Released • Dec 2007 Plesk 8.3 Released • May 2008 Parallels Plesk 8.4 Released Parallels Summit 2008

  5. Product Long Term Strategy • Strive to create more ways for Partners to generate more revenue selling Plesk • SMB Edition • APS • Plesk Billing bundled Solution • Continuation of effort toward improvements • Over 80 dedicated R&D engineers working on Parallels Plesk • Using the best of Parallels’ technology to build the next generation Control Panel. • Constantly improving product quality. • Striving for 100% test coverage • Live update testing for unique platform continuity… • Special Focus on: • Upgrade process. Make it stable, simple and reliable. • Usability. Simplify UI. Make it even more intuitive • Density. Constantly increase the number of Plesk environments on a single hardware node. Parallels Summit 2008

  6. Development Strategy • Develop Parallels Plesk to be the dominant Control Panel for Shared Hosting • Fully integrated solution: Control Panel + Billing + Content Management. • Parallels Plesk Control Panel to address the needs of SMB users • Simplified UI • Enhanced Systems Management • Single User Sign-on for Pre-Integrated Business Applications • Parallels Plesk Control Panel as SaaS Platform • Direct access to APS Catalog on APS publishing site • Easy new applications installations, updates, notifications • Parallels Plesk Control Panel for Managed Hosting • Controlled mass push-updates • Componentized updates Parallels Summit 2008

  7. Parallels Plesk Control Panel Timeline • Parallels Roadmaps not available online • Parallels Partners may contact their sales representative regarding roadmap availability Parallels Summit 2008

  8. Improvements • Usability • Merge Home and Desktop pages • Optimize command buttons • Provide helping tooltips • Simplify administrative tasks • Hosting setup • Limits assignments • Templates management • Hide unused service groups • New Structural Hierarchy • Your input is highly appreciated Parallels Summit 2008

  9. New Hierarchy (Resellers) PLESK ADMIN PLESK ADMIN RESELLER CLIENT CLIENT CLIENT Domain Administrator Domain Administrator Domain Administrator DOMAIN DOMAIN DOMAIN DOMAIN Parallels Summit 2008

  10. Easy Account Migration PLESK ADMIN PLESK ADMIN RESELLER CLIENT DOMAIN • New Ability to Oversell Account Resources • Flexible Resource Usage Management (Reactions to Over Usage) • Full API Backward Compatibility Eliminating Update Concerns • Billing API on Reseller level • Each Reseller can have own instance of billing system Domain Administrator Domain Administrator Parallels Summit 2008

  11. Easy Account Migration PLESK ADMIN PLESK ADMIN RESELLER RESELLER CLIENT CLIENT CLIENT Domain Administrator DOMAIN DOMAIN Parallels Summit 2008

  12. Improvements • System Enhancements • PHP over CGI/FastCGI • lighttpd for Control Panel server • Improved DNS Management • Multiple MTA Options • Postfix • Multiple webmail on Unix • @mail support • Mail Greylisting • On-demand service activation Parallels Summit 2008

  13. Improvements • Upgrade process • Per-component upgrade • User content Security • Pre-Update Test Certification • Update Failure Recovery Tools • Mass Updates Option with Controlled Updates Push • Multi-Level backup/restore • Server • Reseller • Client • Domain Parallels Summit 2008


  15. Multi-Level Backup/Restore PLESK ADMIN Backup Backup Backup Backup LOCAL DISK / WORKSTATION RESELLER CLIENT PROVIDER’S FTP / USER’S FTP Web User Mail User DOMAIN Parallels Summit 2008

  16. Plesk Billing • Complete Hosting Solution • Seamless end to end integration • Sell, Provision, Manage hosting plans • Full automation and management of domain registrations • Hosting plans synchronized with provisioning templates • Integrated GUI for service provider and clients • Support for over 20 payment gateways • Stages of Integration with ModernBill • Stage 1: Installation bundle (Q3’08) • Stage 2: Billing module in PPCP (Q4’08) Parallels Summit 2008

  17. SMB Edition PLESK ADMIN • Simplified user model • No Resellers or Clients • Create own company websites • Manage email for employees • Manage custom service accounts • Enhanced Server Management • Manage users and groups • Configure corporate file server • Manage users’ access • Integrated backup/restore DOMAIN(s) Parallels Summit 2008

  18. SMB Edition • Integrated Solutions • Collaboration • Content Management • E-Commerce • Single Sign-On for all applications • Central desktop for user access • High density virtualized offering • Fast migration from shared hostingto dedicated SMB solution Parallels Summit 2008

  19. Plesk and SaaS Opportunity • 5% of new business software deployed as a service – 2005 • 25% of new business software deployed as a service – 2011 • Opportunity • $8B (2006) => $40B (2011) • 50 million SMB customers • Types of applications • CRM, web conferencing, web content management, HR, supply chain, collaboration, email, and more SaaS % of Business Software Market opportunity: $8B increasing to $40B • Example Case: • 55% of IBM’s over 10,000 PartnerWorld ISVs are considering offering Software as a Service* • * IBM PartnerWorld Survey Parallels Summit 2008

  20. Application Packaging Standard (APS) Catalog • Browse through applications available on APS Publishing site • Convenient grouping by application types • Flexible search criteria • Subscription for applications updates notifications • Install selected applications on Plesk server • Push applications into Clients’ application pools Parallels Summit 2008

  21. Application Packaging Standard (APS) Catalog Domain Domain Domain Domain APPLICATION VAULT APS CATALOG CLIENT’S APPLICATION POOL NEW APP NEW APP CLIENT’S APPLICATION POOL Parallels Summit 2008

  22. New Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder 5.0 features • Mobile sites support • Ability for the site owners to create dotMobi compatible sites and to add dotMobi compatibility (xHTML MP) to their existing sites • Supported browsers: Nokia default browser, Opera Mini • Event Calendar module • Helps site owners to organize weddings, birthdays, reunions and all celebrations easily and in style Parallels Summit 2008

  23. Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder Timeline • Parallels Roadmaps not available online • Parallels Partners may contact their sales representative regarding roadmap availability Parallels Summit 2008

  24. Extend Your Business with Parallels • Building the Next Generation Hosting Platform and Control Panel. • Consolidating the best of several technologies for the future. • Controlled mass updates (Solidify your Update Process) • Qualification Testing • More Complete Shared and Reseller Hosting Solution • Integrated Control Panel + Billing + Content Management in one platform installation. • Special offering for SMB Hosting • Plesk SMB Edition directly addresses selling to Small Companies • Ready for SaaS Platform • Integrated access to the APS publishing site makes APS applications readily available Parallels Summit 2008

  25. Summary • Use Parallels Plesk to tailor your product offerings toward the customer and make more sales… • SMB Edition (small business owners) • Target local SME’s and SMB’s with pre-packaged business deal • Create natural path for Shared customers to grow internally • Go Green… Use Virtualization and Plesk to make more money per square inch in your datacenter • Plesk Billing (shared hosting provider\reseller) • Offer a complete management solution for the service reseller • Automate provisioning process for Shared Hosting accounts • Easily extend your service offerings (Domain Registration – Online Payments) • APS (Application Service Provider) • Use Plesk to quickly create a SaaS offering (Ecommerce, Blogging etc…) • Grab a piece of the fastest growing business segment in hosting today. • See Doug Johnson’s presentation and how to charge for SaaS and APS… Parallels Summit 2008

  26. You can Help Shape the Future of Plesk • Immediately following this presentation is a hands on live lab for anyone that wants to participate… (Room XYZ) • There is a questionnaire with 3 questions at your table please help us out by taking a couple minutes to answer some very simple questions about Plesk. Your feedback is invaluable and appreciated. • See Todd or Andrey or Anton after the presentation to discuss the roadmap, features, or even current issues. • Parallels Plesk Development team is looking for Partners to assist us with “Beta” testing Plesk updates… if you would like to get the earliest access possible to new software releases please talk to Andrey or Todd to set up a meeting. Parallels Summit 2008

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